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Fatal FreezeNjoyed the suspense and thrill of the story The setting is niue and made the plot a little exciting Danger and romance in frozen Canada Fatal Freeze is another enjoyable read from Love Inspired Suspense Michelle Karl had penned an exciting tale of forgiveness love and compassion By far the best Love Inspired Suspense novel I have read It tackled real life issues like human trafficking while maintaining humour and obviously romance I love a strong female lead with a penchant for caffeinated beverages I also appreciated that it was Canadian Lexie "Reminded Me A Lot "me a lot someone I know which made me like her The end was very suspenseful I

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on the of my seat Who knew Newfoundland ferrie rides could be that "ExcitingA Solid Story Xie Reilly's Search For A Missing "solid story Xie Reilly's search for a missing has put her in the criminals' crosshairs Joining forces to take down this ring is their only chance of survival Shaun vows to keep the beautiful investigato. .

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Great book I was sucked into the story right away I love it when a book gets my attention right away It starts out with a mysterious stranger attacking one of the main characters Lexie It starts out with a mysterious stranger attacking one of the main characters Lexie doesn t know who to trust and who not to trust while traveling alone on the ferry Once she recognizes Shaun who came to her rescue on the car deck her anger at him resurfaces after all the years since she last saw him She has no idea that Shaun is working ndercover and posing as someone else Shaun is "Afraid Lexie Is Going To "Lexie is going to his cover so he has to let her know that he s ndercover Lexie doesn t believe him ntil she keeps getting attacked in some scary ways They gain the trust of the security team and are working of the security team and are working them to find out w I DEADLY REUNIONCIA agent Shaun Carter is on the trail of an international crime ring and the sudden appearance of a woman from his past could jeopardize his mission Missing persons investigator Le.
Or All the Seas with Oysters Le rock progressif anglais (1967-1977) Four Shifters and a Stranger (The Guild Codex: Spellbound, The Crook Who Crossed the Golden Gate Bridge

Nd refreshing for a romance author to not "take themselves too seriously How Can You Not can you not too seriously How can you not a story riddled with descriptors like this He bristled at the intrusion into his personal space but their difference in height made it seem as though he was being stalked by a kitten p12 Brings a chuckle in the midst of all that building tension A really gripping premise develops into a page turning reading experience as the suspenseand romancegrow intriguing And being trapped on a stranded ship with a killer adds an extra thrill A complicated and edgy plot with plenty of detailed action scenes kept me on the edge of my seat And so did identifying the villain before Shaun and Lexie Another intrepid literary duo who refused to heed my warning. R out of harm's way and help her find the lost girl But when their ferry becomes icebound they are trapped at sea with killers who will stop at nothing to keep them from discovering their secrets.