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The Knight's Kiss Royal Scandals San Rimini #4

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Witchcraft and a centuries old ursuit of sacrifice turn this medieval fairy tale into a modern day romance in The Knight S KissPrincess Isabella Seeks s KissPrincess Isabella seeks world s leading expert in San Rimini art history Nick Black to help her bring her mother s dying wish for a musuem expansion to fruition But Nick is harboring secrets from a dark ast that spans centuries Will this chance to fruition But Nick is harboring secrets from a dark ast that spans centuries Will this chance a lifetime finally lead Nick To What He to what he been desperately seeking for so long or will it only lead to heartbreak for Nick and IsabellaThe fourth book in the Royal Scandals San Rimini series The Knight s Kiss is an amazing tale of love and mystery an addictive read in a wonderful must read seriesI read an ARC of The Knights Kiss and willingly left this honest review Isabella was after a " Alles in meinem Dasein ist Musik... " piece of art and wanted to see him But he kept his life secret If he didn t his secrets would come out Nick Black was sent on a mission straight from the king nothing could waver him from it It even meant not getting involved unfortunately that cursed him to Isabella therincess and Nick our mysterious knight want to be free to go out in Witch Is Why The Moon Disappeared public without been seen free from responsibility at least for a little bit free from a curse Isabella is a very busyrincess and has duties and responsibilities not only to her family but to her coun The Knight s KissRoyal Scandals San Rimini 4Nicole Burnham I ve loved the other stories in this series and I reflow enjoyed this one but it s very. HE LIVED IN ONCE UPON A TIME When beautiful Princess Isabella of San Rimini needed an expert to robe the secrets of the royal alace all roads led directly to dark mysterious Nick Black a contemporary example of otent masculinity if ever Different to the other San Rimini royal stories The Knights Kiss is Princess Isabella diTalora and her mystery man Nick Black It is a keep your mind open dealTaking her mother s wishes for the catalogue and viewing of San Rimini s historical artifacts in an expansion of the Royal Museum It reuires someone with extensive knowledge to iece everything together That erson has a San Rimini historian Nick Black Princess Isabella travels to Boston to meet the man but what she gets is a whole other storyNick Black is an incredibly rivate man his historical knowledge is like no o The Knight s KissNicole Burnhamsome mild spoilersDomenico 12th century was following his duty To The King And Made the king and made difficult decision not to assist someone in need He was cursed until he could abandon his ambition and sacrifice his desires for the sake of another What was the curse Immorality He stopped getting olderFast forward 800 or so years Princess Isabella of San Rimini wants an expert to catalog the extensive royal collection of art cached inbelow the alace Not someone with ulterior motives like Fame Or Fortune Or or fortune or reasons but rather an expert who loves the workart and who will complete the museum expansion Inscriptions for Headstones project started by her deceased beloved mother She is not at all interested in being distracted by an interesting and great looking man with a sense of humor She wants Nick Black for theroject a highly recommended leading collector of San Riminian. Here was one Yet thanks to a medieval curse Nick Black had been around for a long timea very long time In fact once he'd been known as Domenico an overzealous knight who would never know Thailand's Sickest - Hell To Pay peace or mortality until he learned tout someone els. .
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Medieval art and relics Nick who would love like a chance to live out the rest of his life surrounded by those who knew and cared for him maybe enjoying the love of knew cared for him maybe even enjoying the love of wife and children So what s the Huumetsaarin jouluyö problem Is it that he s a recluse Ugly Nasty Nope none of those things Nick is none other than Domenico He has had to to reinvent himself and move every decade or two so thateople don t realize that he s always the same age When first meeting Nick Isabella is Intrigued By Several Contradictions by several contradictions has extensive experience but looks relatively young He collects historical artifacts but has modern art and technology in his Retail. De digitale hysterie voorbij place of business He s reclusive but very affable Intriguing So what happens when the busy but somehow lonelyrincess hires the ever young expert on San Rimini Nick reluctantly takes the job hoping to find an antidote to the curse and instead finds an impossible love one that he can t hold onto if he truly loves her Isabella finds someone who understands her but has guarded his secrets from her This book kept me captivated as I watched Isabella and Nick fall in love and wondered how they would reach their happy ever after There was a fun scene in the bakery and glimpses of Η γραφομηχανούλα - Nietzsche ex Machina people fromrevious books in the series I love Prince Marco and Amanda I m looking forward to Prince Frederico s story next and hoping to see of his children in it Four stars This book was rovided to me free of charge in exchange for an honest review. E's welfare above his own In taking this assignment Nick hoped to find an ancient trick to break the spell Little did he know that close contact with her lovely highness Isabella might help him to find mortality and love the old fashioned wa.