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Reckless My Life as a Pretender

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Retty much sum up what Chrissie Hynde s memoir covers I like her music with the Pretenders and remember listening to their hits on my car radio while I was commuting to work She writes with engaging prose irreverent wit and manic energy In short she delivers just what I expected and I ound it entertaining Her reckless lifestyle isn t one I envy or admire but her main ocus is always on the envy or admire but her main The Gingerbread Man and the Leprechaun Loose at School focus is always on the music her true art How is this woman still alive Why are drugs random sex with strangershook ups withriendsthe song writing processtransatlantic journeys the punk sceneSo boring Honestly the author name drops tells it like it is without artifice but it s just not very interesting Very ew people go rom under achiever groupie to rock star but CH matter of The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School fact style of writing andocus on minutia drains the drama out of her story. And witness to the birth of #THE PUNK MOVEMENT AND SERIAL BAND ASPIRANT AND THEN #punk movement and serial band aspirant And then almost the last possible moment her meeting of the three musicians who comprised the original line up of The Pretenders their work on the indelible The Cutting Room: A Novel of Suspense first album “The Pretenders” and the rocket ride to “Instant” stardom with all the disorientation and hazards that involved The it all comes crashing back down to earth with the deaths of lead guitarist James Honeyman Scott and bassist Peter Farndon leaving her bruised and saddened butar rom beaten Because Chrissie Hynde is among other things one of rock’s great survivors   We are lucky to be living in a golden age of great rock memoirs In the aptly titled Reckless Chrissie Hynde has given us one of the very best we have Her mesmerizing presence radiates rom every line and page of this book. ,
T of her life or a minute #I had a hard time ollowing where she was a hard time ollowing where she was and what she was saying about particular #had a hard time ollowing where she was going and what she was saying about particular She used a lot of expressions I wasn t amiliar with and I was often left wondering huh My husband is a huge Chrissie an and I won t let him read this because it will ruin his antasy of her This book was a major disappointment I really like the Pretenders and even have her solo album Stockholm on vinyl But this book is so repetitive At least 75% of the book goes on and on about her drug of the book goes on and on about her drug which gets really boring after a while And only about the last 50 pages are about the Pretenders and then only the early days as the book comes to an abrupt unsatisfactory conclusion when the band s guitar player dies even though the band continued on or many years Not recommended at all Sex drugs and rock and roll Expect exactly where she came The Essential Tantra: A Modern Guide to Sacred Sexuality from and what her crooked winding path to stardom entailed Her All American upbringing in Akron Ohio a child of postwar power and prosperity Her soul capture along with tens of millions of her generation by the gods of sixties rock who came through Cleveland Mitch Ryder David Bowie Jeff Back Paul Butterfield and Iggy Pop among them Her shocked witness in 1970 to the horrific shooting of student antiwar protestors at Kent State Her weaknessor the sorts of men she calls “the heavy bikers” and “the get down boys” Her The Wisdom of Psychopaths: What Saints, Spies, and Serial Killers Can Teach Us About Success flightrom Ohio to London in 1973 essentially to escape the The Outlandish Adventures of Liberty Aimes former and pursue the latter Her scuffling years as a brash revieweror New Musical Express shop girl at the Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood boutiue 'Craft Must Wear Clothes But The Truth Loves To Go Naked' irst It s a rare and special thing when #a memoir can rob You Of Almost All of almost all can rob you of almost all respect you had or an ARTIST I VE BEEN A PRETENDERS I ve been a Pretenders most of my life and was thrilled when I learned that Chrissie Hynde who always seemed so clever and interesting in interviews was going to be writing her memoirs I was dying to know what went into her process as a songwriter and a musician and to hear about how she ought her way through the boy s club of rock n roll to ind her place and voice at the top This book contains about 10 pa I was really disappointed I was so excited to read about this rock legend who was Jesting Pilot from my hometown She really only talked about the Pretendersor the last 40 pages and she covered nothing past the death of two of the original members What she talked about was biker gangs drugs and 100 other characters that where a par. Chrissie Hynde The Missing World for nearlyour decades the singersongwriter undisputed leader of the Pretenders is a justly legendary Tacos figure Few other rock stars have managed to combine her swagger sexiness stage presence knackor putting words to music gorgeous voice and just all around kick assedness into such a potent and alluring package From “Tatooed Love Boys” and “Brass in Pocket” to “Talk of the Town” and “Back on the Chain Gang” her signature songs project a uniue mixture of toughness and vulnerability that millions of men and women have related to A kind of one woman secret tunnel linking punk and new wave to classic guitar rock she is one of the great luminaries in rock history   Now in her no holds barred memoir Reckless Chrissie Hynde tells with all the The Marshall of Sentinel fearless candor sharp humor and depth ofeeling we’ve come to.