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M looking forward to seeing a much stronger Cora Angels Do Have Wings in the third book becausef she wants to be ueen of the Underworld she better out on her big girl panties and suck t up Definitely an excellent series so far and I highly recommend t I m so looking forward to reading book three The first 50% s 4 stars The second 50% s 3 starsAwakening Christmas Cowboy Kisses: A Family for Christmas\A Christmas Miracle\Christmas with Her Cowboy is the continuation of the Tales of Olympus series So I didn t like the cliff hanger endingn the first book I know there needed to be tension between Cora and Marcus but a misunderstanding Amusement Parks of Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware is kind of a cop out storyline With that said I enjoyed the first half of the bookI felt like Cora was really strong and she was trying hard to keep her heart guarded No one likes to read a book where the Heroine chases after the Hero okay I don tThe book started to get a mysterious element tot And what started out a book about Cora and Marcus s now a book about Cora solving a case of a missing girl Did I
Like It Yes And No 
it Yes and no understand the need for a side plot you need to kind of stretch The city of Olympus But will they save the woman n time with the evil of the underworld standing n their way Zeus the woman n time with the evil of the underworld standing n their way Zeus the mayo. ,
Ut the storyline and that s fine to me however t started to get very angstyThe second half of the book just seemed like a Debbie downer Almost everyone Cora nteracts with either turns their back on her treats her like crap or uses her Seriously You need some light n a book As much as I like reading Cora trying to be her own person and find her own way She trusts people easily and people n return treat her like crapNo thanksI was kind of taken aback by The Way The Book Ended way the book ended kind of liked Marcus a bit you see the darker side of him that I have
Been Itchy To Read However 
itchy to read However whole secret storyline s not my thing I don t like secrets and I don t like Cora holding secrets from Marcus because that doesn t make a storyline It s another cop outI want to continue to read the series only because I m nvested nto the characters and storyline I do hope Cora gets backbone and there are no cop out storylines We shall see Oh and the steam Triumph of the Optimists: 101 Years of Global Investment Returns is pretty good too good smut w a surprisingly solid plot enjoyed this The Silent Service: Los Angeles Class immensely. R Coras Persephone and Hades s business man and mob boss Marcus this mmensely. R Cora Flesh Blood: Compendium is Persephone and Hadess business man and mob boss Marcus n this retelling of the Greek Myth Orpheus and Eurydi.
Frankenstein, Creation and Monstrosity
Book 2 MUST be read n order I am hooked on this series Cora and Marcus are explosive together So many plot twists and side stories to go with their love story There were times I wanted to slap Cora n this one Gah Major cliffhanger and I cannot wait for book 3I received an arc of this book Fantastic second book n this seriesuick note This Seduced By Dragons (Dragon Nursery, is book twon this series and does end on a cliffhanger Be sure to read Innocence Book One before reading this book Also ueen of the Underworld Book Three should be released sometime n August 2019After everything Cora has been through She Still Can T Help But Love Marcus He Is still can t help but love Marcus He s of the Underworld and a total heartless jerk most of the time but every now and then she gets just a little glimpse of the man he truly s deep down Cora clings to that as she endures his punishments and the fact that he s so cold hearted all the time She sometimes seems to think she s nvincible and tries to do things on her own which only gets her nto trouble and Marcus has to bail her out When a rock god Asks Cora To Help Cora to help his missing fiance she befriends both a stripper and a hacker genius to help her search. .