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Gets home from over seas and immediately sees and smells his mate He now has to figure out how to get to her "But Then When He Meets "then when he meets he smells other shifters around Kaia is a human but she s been broken by a bear shifter She never wants another relationship like that again but Sev is just too irresistible She trusts him like she didn t with Dev her x He seems to want to keep her safe and actually wants her around Especially once she meets his family which I freaking loved them They are hilarious Good times in the middle of torturous battles My only complaint is that some of it is confusing When I started the book I thought I missed the book before it But then I pieced things together as the book went on It s a mystery for that so it kept the suspense and page turning going and I really liked that but some of the beginning had me floundering So don t stop reading because it all makes sense once you read it But the plot lines are definitely uniue and I wasn t predicting anything that happened So I will definitely say goodness and I can t wait to see what will happen in the next book 45 PAWS I was offered the book by Alisha Costanzo in xchange for a fair reviewThis is a great adult urban fantasy book to read There are a lot of different supernatural is a great adult urban fantasy book to read There are a lot of different supernatural It goes on a fast pace and very ntertaining there is always something going on Sev and Kaia never had a break You won t be bored with this book There was one thing It was missing the romance I did not feel there was so much romance going on I always fall in love with the male main characters but it did not happen with Sev because there was not a lot of romance not a lot of moments not a lot of romance not a lot of moments remember But still was a very good read I was given a copy in xchange for an honest reviewThis was a great sotry Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, even though at times I was a little confused but I was drawn in from the beginning The author did an amazing job with the shifter story it was uniue in its own way Throughout the story we get glimpses of the backstory and get a sense of why hin. Hop Worse thenemy seems fascinated with the woman he can’t stop thinking about a woman determined not to trust himEverything about Sev crashes through Kaia’s carefully placed boundaries traps and avoidances Regardles. I am a newbie to the Broken World I was not sure what I was getting myself into when I started reading this book I found that I was pleasantly surprised I love I started reading this book I found that I was pleasantly surprised I love truly love it I am going to need to immerse myself into the Broken WorldI was absorbed from the first chapter the world and characters that Alisha Costanzo has created are fantastic like seriously fanfrickentastic My only problem was that it was too short I wanted so much of this magical world and it s fascinating "characters Severins Sev a wolf shifter who is a tall drink of "Severins Sev a wolf shifter who is a tall drink of with many layers layers I would love to delve deeper into Kaia is a fiery redhead who seems to attract the paranormal though she is human she is no damsel in distress Sev Audio review via A Great ReadThis is the first book that I ve had the chance to read by this author and I really loved her writing I haven t had a chance to read her Broken World series but fully intend to It is a really good shifter read although at times I felt as though I was missing something as if I had come into the middle of something I think perhaps if I had read the other books into the middle of something I think perhaps if I had read the other books the Broken World series I might not have been lost at times but the author does offer The Fix enough back story and pieces of the puzzle throughout the book thatverything makes sense if you just keep reading which is not difficult because the book is hard to put down The story really pulls you in and the characters are really great There is a ton of chemistry between the two main characters along with a good deal of action mystery and suspense I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series I was generously given a complimentary copy of this book by the author This is a fun story A werewolfshifter who was in the Navy finds his mate but is immediately put on the run with her from some very scary and crazy people There s groups of shifters that are sided against ach other Some just want to be normal with a side of being shifter Some of course want to take over Sev is our very sexy leading wolf He. For Sergeant Severins Bouvier silence means tactical planning and a large death toll and he can’t shake how danger threatens him on the beaches of Miami specially after seeing one of his associates in a local sandwich

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Gs are like they are now Severins was domineering but knew when to hold back and Kaia was independent and didn t want to get involved The chemistry between these two was hot and powerful I hope we get to see of them this was a great bookReview done by Cat for Cat s Guilty Pleasure The Broken World series is one I ve come to know and love so I was agerly anticipating the latest Installment Loving Red The Loving Red The is uite different from the previous ones but just as good if not better The richness of the descriptions of the universe Contanzo paints is one piece that stayed the same It s uniue to anything I ve read beforeKaia the heroine is broken herself and not looking "TO BE PUT BACK TOGETHER I THOUGHT THIS STORY "be put back together I thought this story as much of a journey into herself as a journey filled with action packed battles and the two made for an intriguing balance Sev the hero is the kind of guy you d want on your side of a battle He s verything that someone like Kaia needs possibly the only type of person that could break down her walls He s the poster child for someone s rockWhat was so very interesting to me was what was at the heart of the conflict had Desire in Seven Voices everything to do with K sx Dev As much as I disliked him my heart broke with her Despi I received this book in xchange for an honest review and completely honored to be the first to do so Well I do have to say this is a great story a little confusing at times but truly captivating I started it in the vening before bed and could not put it down until it was read Alisha did such a great job making this shifter romance novel to be so uniue Everyone thinks that all Shifters or shifter novels will run around the same plot and twists or ven that the basic characteristics will be the same but she blew me for a twist with using a third person type of narrative differentuniue lingo and awesome story clues While you are reading the story you are also piecing together the back history of what brought about their current circumstances I loved the mystery of it The characters we. S of her lack of interest in the majority of men the ones that did catch her off guard left a lot of collateral damage Who better than a soldier to understand that The problem is that she trusts him Just not with her heart. Loving Red Loving Red #1