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Ll read further if like me you weren t really impressed with this volume25 Somewhere between being meh about it and liking itPerhaps it s because I went in with high expectations but I expected As of this volume the art is really nice Detailed and fully flushed out That s than I can say about many manga However I generally want either the characters or the story to be engaging as well All three is a real find But so far these characters are kind of lifeless I suppose the grandmother oh I m sorry mother of teenaged what s his face is animated enough in that generic villainous sort of way Unfortunately the main character has less personality than Flat Stanley His friend has personality but it s ust a stock one so far Pathetic Envious BFF Of One Destined For Greatness BFF of one destined for greatness it Wanted my money backI ll read a couple volumes because my best friend is reuesting it and because people make a big deal about this series but well we ll see I m not one to be impressed with fancy slasher violence historical or otherwise When I enjoyed the first chapter immensely I knew this manga was something Else Rarely Do I Like Rarely do I like manga s first chapter because it s usually an introduction and not everything is clear New characters story etc However Inoue delivered a gripping opening that will leave you wanting I m looking forward to continuing Vagabond because this is great stuff here I can see and yes from the first volume only why it s popular and beloved among many And oh Takezo is very hot that s definitely a plus WHAT A GEM This is a literal eye candy The main protagonist is the most beautiful man in manga since Berserk s Griffith THEM EYEBROWS ON FLEEK BOY and the most brutal since Guts him and Guts have a lot in common actually Also I always wanted to read something involving samurais based off the actual Japanese history This is IT WHERE HAS IT BEEN ALL MY LIF. Blood Game 血遊びChapter 006 The Troubles of Honi'den Matahachi at Seventeen 本位田又八17歳の懊悩Chapter 007 Farewell Takezo さらば武蔵Chapter 008 Miyamoto Village 宮本村Chapter 009 Fiancee 許嫁Chapter 010 Left Behind 残された者た?.

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バガボンド 1With brilliant artwork and a masterful story we get something that is truly special This is the beginning of the story of Miyamoto Musashi based off of the epic novel Musashi which I have also read Unfortunately I don t know if Vagabond is completed or not I don t think it is since it doesn t have his duel with Sasaki Kojiro yet so here I sit waiting Oh well Maybe the artist died or something Who really knows My latest manga venture has turned out well so
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Holy hell was With Krishna's Eyes just gruesome Surprising in fact Iust wasn t expecting this level of violence when I read I still remember the stories of the last few months that eventually led me here to Takehiko Inoue s Vagabond It all started with the graphic novel adaptation of Miyamoto Musashi s The Book of Five the graphic novel adaptation of Miyamoto Musashi s The Book of Five which brought into my awareness the sword saint Then I read the first three volumes of Stan Sakai s Usagi Yojimbo a long time favorite Along the way I had a late night viewing of Tom Cruises s The Last Samurai on HBO Recently I ve embarked on a reread of the 31 volume Slam Dunk another Inoue property collected manga which was the final impetus for me to finally start on VagabondVagabond is light years ahead of Slam Dunk in storytelling Visually it is Inoue s best work to date and he has taken to explore mature themes than his perpetually funny basketball mangaReally this is great stuff Though peppered with sex and a lot of violence Inoue manages some some poignant or funny moments This is the perfect manga to read along with Attack On TItan which can get heavy handed with its political commentaryIt s a mature book fit for someone who is ready to graduate from Naruto or Bleach Vagabond is Takehiko Inoue s graphic novel adaptation of the 1930s historical novel Musashi by Eiji Yoshikawa about a real life historical figure from 17th century Japan Shinmen Takezo who would go on to. Shinmen Takezo is destined to become the legendary sword saint Miyamoto Musashi perhaps the most renowned samurai of all time For now Takezo is a cold hearted killer who will take on anyone in mortal combat to make a name for himself This is the ourney of a wi. Only the strongest survive in this award winning manga about samurai in the Sengoku era Shinmen Takezou is one such man His descent into beasthood and eventual redemption through the in the Sengoku era Shinmen Takezou is one such man His descent into beasthood and eventual redemption through the of the monk Takeun and love interest Otsuu captivates setting the way for his rise to invincibility and undying legendVagabond is the typical action type story where the primary character strives for ever greatest strength fighting increasingly difficult opponents with ever uniue fighting moves Where this one distinguishes itself is in its depth both in characterization and artwork Every panel is fully detailed shaded and given texture like patterns Shading in particular effectively expresses an amazing range of emotions adding a dramatic uality to the lineartWriting too is of exceptional uality preferring to look deeper into the person s conscious rather than spouting off attack names and how they are achieved like others of the genre do these characters struggle to find their true strength they are not handed victory every time they somehow pull off a new techniue out of nowhere Due to mature content particularly in violence and nudity this series is not recommended for younger teens For those old enough this is an example of the highest uality of the action and historical genres For those unfamiliar with of the highest uality of the action and historical genres For those unfamiliar with history a helpful glossary in the back clarifies several points Starts a bit slow but doesn t take long to evolve into a hilariously entertaining bloody mess The plot and the characters as of now leave me a bit cold and the artwork doesn t uite hit its mark either it s technically superb but there s a weird stylish dissonance but there s a lot of promise for good things in the future and I m going to see about it myself EDIT Read volume 2 before you decided whether or not this series is worth your time Major changes occur and I believe you. Ld young brute who strives to reach enlightenment by way of the sword fighting on the edge of deathChapter TitlesChapter 001 Shinmen Takezo 新免武蔵様Chapter 002 Akemi 朱実Chapter 003 Oko お甲Chapter 004 The Brigand Tsujikaze 野武士辻風Chapter 005. ,