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They Call Me Alexandra GastoneAlexandra is a sleeper agent into a CIA agent s home She has been osing as the man sAlbert s granddaughter for seven years and is deeply ingrained in her new life to the oint that she is starting to develop real feelings for Albert and her boyfriend Grant However it is becoming increasingly difficult to juggle both lives When Perun decides to activate her to kill a man and bring her grandfather down w Alexandra has to make a difficult decision that could change everything This was a fast aced novel that I could literally not stop reading Alexandra is very impressive in her skills and dedication to the Perun cause However when she begins to Doubt The Group S Intentions She Makes the group s intentions she makes for lots of Zeugen aus der Todeszone problems I fell in love with Alexandra from the firstage and I was able to connect with her struggle to maintain her mission while also keeping those she loved safe I also loved Albert The thing that I loved about this book is it seemed realistic when showing the struggles that the main character went through Usually these books start with the main character having been indoctrinated to the oint that she or she has turned into a cold killer but Alexander s struggles seemed to me a realistic icture of what it would be like to be in that situation The book had twists and unexpected turns the author did a great job of making you connect with the main characters and the ending was a cliff hanger that obviously makes way for a second book I highly recommend this book and think this is a wonderful debut from an author that will The Transformation of Intergovernmental Satellite Organisations: Policy and Legal Perspectives produce great books in the future I received this book from NetGalley as an ARC for an honest review I received a free copy of this book from theubisher via NetGalleyWhile enjoyable this book sadly didn t meet my expectationsYou can read my full review on my blog A solid debut that has both heart and smarts Clever solidly The Marine's E-Mail Order Bride paced and with a killer voice THEY CALL ME ALEXANDRA GASTONE is a blast to read Bring on the seuel I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest reviewMelina was being transformed into Alexandra through learning her mannerisms andlastic surgery She was to be a spy for her country She was also beaten so it was believed that she had been in a car accident She was to Albert Gastone s granddaughter He was a member of the CIA although he could retire Alexandra who was really Melina now had a really great boyfriend and was Dervishes and Islam in Bosnia: Sufi Dimensions to the Formation of Bosnian Muslim Society popular Melina was a caringerson Even though she was not supposed to she formed ties She also had kept her Sugar in the Social Life of Medieval Islam patriotism for her country until she found out that who had trained her wasn t who theyortrayed to be She also couldn t see Albert hurt She grew through this story from the twists and turns She even learned how to love again I loved this story but hope another book will be written to find out about her further adventures I highly recommend it 45After having the book blast on They call me Alexandra Gastone a couple of months back I was immensely intrigued by the synopsis In this day and age the story line is anything but far fetched and it definitely drew a cord watching the unrest in the Middle East that has been brewing for such a long timeOf course the book is not referring to this conflict specifically though it may have draw inspiration from it in A New Kind of Public: Community, Solidarity, and Political Economy in New Deal Cinema, 1935-1948 part Rather It sets a very strongortrait of the thoughts and feelings a young woman has being raised with ideals and saddled with a mission that may not have her or a much wider Henri Matisse: Drawing with Scissors populace s best interests at heart A reminder if you will of the heart ache that vengeance and misguided ideals can bring and that we cant see both sides of the same coin at onceThey call me Alexandra Gastone starts with Milena aka Alexandra or Lex for short Lex has beenlaced as an undercover sleeper op in a important Hexe position at only 7 years old Her goal is to grow into arime Eumenes of Cardia: A Greek Among Macedonians position within the countries intel and gather it for her own Though doing something for your home country is not as simple as it is cracked up to be when motives are unclear and you suddenly get faces with hurting theeople who have The Battle of Borodino: Napoleon Against Kutuzov played a role in your life for as long as your own blood family hasLex is a very interesting character I adore the fact that she is smart enough to uestion yet loyal enough to hold on to her ideals She is not reckless or stupid but she is damaged giving her some definite flaws Overall she is a greatersona to read through and I find myself drawn to the realism that comes with her thought Religion in the Ancient Greek City patterns and actions Family is what could motivate a man to knowingly. When your life is a lie how do you know what’s realAlexandra Gastone has a simplelan graduate high school get into Princeton work for the CIA and serve her great nation She was told the lan back when her name was Milena Rokva back before the real Alexandra and her family were killed in a car crashMilena was trained to be a sleeper agent by Perun a clandestine organization from her true ,

House a spy it could give him the fortitude to look her in the eye and retend he cared The little bit of olitics and world building surrounding the countries unrest is cleverly done and there is a good diversion of other characters to keep the story from becoming bogged down or to dark I could really find myself feeling for Grant and got uite attached to AlbertThe story is told in First Person all from Lex s La Partera: Story of a Midwife perceptive It s a contemporary YA thoughrobably better suited to the mature YA reader due to violence and the subtle emotional undertones There is romance too though it does not overshadow the other aspects and weaves In With The Main Story with the main story d layed a art for so long who was I A spy A granddaughter A high school student A friend A liar A traitor I was all of these eople and the contradictions where starting to rip me apartThere where uite a few lot twists and revelations shifting the story toward completely different outcomes in total contrast to what I had expected It s also one of the reasons I have given it a high mark It s incredibly well done The storyline flows nicely and keeps you engaged throughout to find out what will happen nextOn that note a word of warning Even though this book ends at a good spot it also does on a major cliffhanger I am very curious what is to come still and can only image what T A Maclagan will conjure up next I believe the series will have 2 Reduced Laughter: Seriocomic Features and Their Functions in the Book of Kings parts and there are uite a few directions it can takeWould I recommend itAbsolutely It s a refreshing story with loads oflot twists espionage a good dash of romance and action Check out this and other reviews on my blog Here s to Happy EndingsAlexandra Gastone has a seemingly great life to all those on the outside She has a boyfriend she does well in school and she lives with and is close to her grandfather who works in the CIA She is on track for college Princeton is the This Deleuzian Century: Art, Activism, Life plan and she herself wants to work for the CIAHowever everything is not uite what it seemsWho is Alexandra reallyIt turns out Alexandra Gastone is really a spy from Olissa where she was born and raised Her true name isn t Alexandra Gastone at all but Milena Rokva who is a sleeper agent and has been sent to America to infiltrate the CIA within five years Only thatlan doesn t seem to hold any because she is told that she will need to begin now not in five yearsSo how does this go for Alexandra Does she betray the grandfather she has come to love as her own family What about the amazing relationship she has with her boyfriend Will she allow the Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion, Volume 27 people she cares about most to get hurt or does she decide to take matters into her own hands and come up with a different solutionThis book is truly unlike anything I ve read While I don tarticularly read a lot of thrillers or spy books I found They Call Me Alexandra Gastone to be a real treat It is full of action suspense and yes even a little romance the relationship between Alexandra and her boyfriend Grant is adorable and I loved them as a couple I had grown to care about the characters in the book a lot especially Grandpa Albert who was such a sweet caring man who would do anything to make his granddaughter happy You could tell they had a great relationship even though Alexandra wasn t who he thought she wasThe entire lot of this book was so well written and you could tell that the author TA Maclagen definitely ut a lot of time and research into the subject matter of the book While the book does end on a cliffhanger it seemed fitting for it to end that way because it leaves room for a seuel and for the storyline to continue It was definitely a surprising book and one that I have to recommend to anyone who loves YA fiction even if the genre itself isn t something you d normally reach forNote I received a copy of this book from the ublisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review It has been uite some time since I really enjoyed YA And this one did it somehow Or maybe I m such a sucker for wonderful grandparents storyAnother thing going for it is the subtle antipropaganda indoctrination which one can see around the text No longer a child I now knew why I d been shown the images and I also knew they weren t all true cWarnings should go with this 1 The olitical background here is abismal America is a bodygard to some invented Olissa country It s bodygarding its citizens uite a lot in some cases supposedly straight to death But in death they are allowed to keep their cultural diversity Which is totally generous They were just a bodyguard of sorts It. Omeland of Olissa There Milena learned everything she needed to infiltrate the life of CIA analyst Albert Gastone Alexandra’s grandfather and the ranks of America’s top intelligence agencyFor seven years “Alexandra” has been on standby and life’s been good Grandpa Albert loves her and her strategically chosen boyfriend Grant is amazingBut things are about to change Perun no longer
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Wasn t the US government s fault American companies were
badly Companies behaved badly all time all over fault American companies were behaving badly Companies behaved badly all the time all over world c Yeah right2 The US guards Olissa against Ira and Russia And I won t even go into the geography of this Obviously it s difficult to invent a country and lace it somewhere not laughable Albert grinned ear to ear I got a call today Yeah It was from my friend at Princeton You got in You ll get the formal offer of adm 35 starsI started out really not liking this book because as far as the spy things go there was NOTHING aside from the very first couple of ages When I read spy novels I expect at the very least a couple things that make me think james bond or gallagher girls orsomething think James Bond or Gallagher Girls orsomething AlexandraI mean according to the title they DO call her that even if she reallyisn t doesn t really do a whole lot of that at first and when she does it s rather subdued in comparison to many different spy novels That s the Zheng Guogu point I guess Alexandra doesn t WANT to be a spy She wants to be Alexandra the granddaughter of a nice old man with a normal ish life But she doesn t have that because she works for a terrorist organization in a country called Olissa I have to be honest I don t think Alexandra is that good of a spy She makes a few royal screwups here and there which doesn t make that much sense considering the rigorous training she wasut through I was thinking when I first started that her character would be like Natasha Romanov who can seemingly do no wrong But it s okay I guess My fault for assuming things Her character does get better as the book goes along Her conflicting feelings are a major art of the story and it really is a bit of a Catch 22 which is super interesting to read about Should she serve Perun which wants her to do terrible things to eople she loves or should she betray them and face grave conseuences It only got worse when I found out exactly how she came to be an agent for Perun The Frںuhzeit Des Ostslaventums poor kid really got the short end of the stickBut like I said thelot does take a while to get to the Forbidden Knowledge point where I was really into the story I feel like the beginning was really dragging Alexandra s normal life was exentuated with only little bits of spy things sprinkled in and that really annoyed me I WANT ACTION AND HEARTBREAK AND SECRET MISSIONS AND I WANT THEM NOW I think someone else with lessrevious expectations would enjoy this book than I did because everything I was expecting really hindered my enjoyment of what the story ended up being This review has also been Whose Life Is It Anyway?: Living through your 20s on your own terms posted on Addicted to YA Fiction so check it out for reviews Disclaimer This book wasrovided by Full Fathom Five Digital via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This is a DNF review of They Call Me Alexandra GastoneSo I was kind of excited about this book and when I initially started reading I thought I would The Rumsfeld Way: The Leadership Wisdom of a Battle-Hardened Maverick probably end up finishing this ARC and giving it at least 4 stars But my excitement slowlyetered out and I realized that I didn t want to finish this bookThe main character annoyed me Milena the MC who is retending to be a girl named Alexandra Gastone tells us everything Now don t get me wrong I like getting a eek For the blood of the fallen For the blood of the living For Olissa we fight Heck yeah What a badass book Have you ever read a book that while reading it you just have that strong feeling that feeling that says YESS THIS BOOK SHOULD BE A MOVIE It was like I was watching a film throughout the book and I can t take my eyes off the screen Whether she s Milena or being Alexandra Gastone its clear that I love this character I remember this love towards a character before it was when I was reading Vampire Academy and I was obsessed with Rose and I don t want anything in life but to be friends with her Yep that s what I feel towards Alexandra or Lex Her thoughts and emotions is very genuine and I don t think there was a time in the novel when I was frustrated or annoyed by her Nope all I have is Option Writing Strategies for Extraordinary Returns pure admiration I can t evenut myself in her shoes because well I don t want to She is battling with the uestion LOVE OR DUTY The lot was so intricately done It all seems so real that even a hint of doubt didn t creep in It was so obvious that TAMacLagan researched this concept thoroughly Her characters are all well written There were turns and twists that I didn t see coming There was a right amount of drama balanced with action and romance that affected me a lot They Call Me Alexandra Gastone is such a smart book Its definitely a new series to watch out fo. Eeds her at the CIA in five years’ time They need her active nowBetween her cover as a high school girl juggling a homecoming dance history reports and an increasingly suspicious boyfriend and her mission in this high stakes spy game the boundaries of her two lives are beginning to blurWill she stay true to the country she barely remembers or has her loyalty shattered along with her identit.