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Information than adeuate sufficient and relevant for 3 months of undercover employment let us rub our hands with unfettered glee and begin 3 months of undercover employment let us rub our hands with unfettered glee and begin much ado Time to do the hard yards What follows however is a repetitive description that has at its core a never ending shifting of pallets an interminable stocking and restocking of shelves punctuated by lines of slapstick humour and funny analogies Yes the famous Walmart pep talk does exist as does a highly confidential internal document unimaginatively titled A Manager s Toolbox to Remaining Union Free Walmart s allergy towards the act of Unionization is a phenomenon well known and absorbed across the globe Unionization to the retailer is what the rays of the sun are to a vampire Yes "THE SALARIES ARE WALMART ARE SO "salaries are Walmart are so that at 1105 per hour a 1 signing bonus the entry level pay translates to a meagre and abominable annual income of around 18000 Bill uinn s How Walmart is Destroying America and the World and What You can do about it provides the whole ghastly lowdown about the pay or the lack of it at Walmart As is the case with any or at least many of the supermarkets Walmart also has its share of abusive customers who have an issue with looks race intelligence stupidity empty shelves re order levels of stock and most importantly sealed and unopened products stacked upon racks A young woman came up to ask very seriously if the five by eight foot patterned carpet on sale for 30 would look nice in her dining room Difficult to help you madame as I have never been to your place I candidly replied I should really unroll one of them she finally cried in a uasi trance Without waiting for my answer she seized a carpet ripped off the packaging with the enthusiasm of a child recognizing Lego through wrapping paper handed one end to me and backed down the aisle to unroll it The incredulous comparison of revenues generated every day with the revenues generated on the same day a year ago the even incredulous commuting habits of associates who leave home at 300 AM to keep both their obs and the timing of the bus makes for some poignant albeit expected reading Allegiance to the three uncompromising maxims of Respect for the Individual Service to the Customer and Striving for excellence is a given and this principle is absolutely non negotiable As is the famous three meter rule the associate must smile at all times and when a customer is within three meters the associate must greet the customer ask if they need help and if necessary escort them to the products A description of the Crystal Bridge Museum inaugurated in Bentonville the Headuarters of the behemoth in 2012 courtesy Sam Walton s eccentric daughter Alice also gets a mention by MeunierMeunier wax elouent and witty on his shifts and schedules on his colleagues shifts and schedules and on the physically taxing nature of such shifts and schedules when he is not calling the swathe of customers Walking Dead that is The only part of the book that makes for some seriously interesting reading deals with the harrowing experiences of two former Walmart employees Patrice Bergeron and Gaetan Plourde who succeeded in unionizing the Walmart Store in Jonuiere before a scathingly swift response from Walmart led to the closing of the store Finally we are all euphoric to know that Meunier donated the total sum of 4150 net earned at Walmart during his three months of infiltration to two Montreal organisations ApplauseWhile you would not regret reading Diary of an Associate you would not repent not having had an opportunity to digest it either Based on investigative ournalist Meunier s time undercover at a Montreal Walmart this is a useful comparison to US based expos s in highlighting the ways in which Walmart in Canada has to evade their union friendly laws and workers rights provisions although some things like the asshole customers and the senior citizens camped out in the back booths of the McDonald s drinking coffee are universal Walmart Diary of an Associate by Hugo Meunier is the accounting of a ournalist s undercover work at the retail giant Meunier spent three months as an associate and gives the reader an insider s look at life indentured to a corporate giant who will stop at nothing to sell sell sell The employees are treated as a means to an end From the first day each associate is reminded that the customer is king which you may say is how customer service works But all Walmart wants to do is make the next sale They have little regard for the underpaid staff who will be kept in poverty because of low pay short shifts no benefits etc What frightens Walmart the most is the threat of an organized labour union because the employees would have the protection of such an organization and the company would no longer be able to take advantage of the employees who have no other option but to work for Walmart In uebec one store was able to bring in a union and Walmart closed the store down using them as an example to scare other stores Most of us shop at Walmart at some point but after reading this book I will have a bad taste in my mout. Lus grande entreprise de commerce de détail de la planèteAprès cette expérience le reporter prend la route pour enuêter sur l’empire – du Mexiue à Jonuière en passant par l’Arkansas S’ajoute alors à son récit de la vie « sur le plancher » un saisissant portrait d’ensemble de Walmart et du culte u’on y voue au seul dieu ue vénère vraiment l’Amériue l’argent.

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I d like to avoid the cliche of using the word privileged and shame the author for not being poor but this book is full of it He Infamous just doesn t belong at Walmart doesn t really make an effort and it shows His tone is of superiority and won t miss a chance to remind us he could have been at his officeor at his chalet with family and friends Theokes are not funny and I don t like people playing at being poorStopping at around 30% While it was interesting content and gave a better view at for example how far multi bilion companies like Walmart are willing to go for profits and blocking unions and the pyschological ware fare their empolyees are under i think a Walled journalist who in the end knows he can go back to a well payingob might not be the person to write this bookI would have liked reflection on his own position I also dindt like the whole a political we all have to live in each others shoes and thats why i did this but not because i actually want to change something story in the epilogue Poverty and bad work conditions are not a fun social experiment and should not have been treated as such I would have had sympathy if he actually ended up making it political even if this was not his intention The research is good the reason for the research not so much I have to say this is the first French Language book I have read since high school and the first I have ever read for my own leisure While certain phrases I didn t understand I understood the majority of what Meunier was saying and was able to really get into this book As for my actual opinion I thought the premise of this book was very interesting albeit a little uestionable It was really interesting how Meunier combined his own personal experiences with the history of Walmart s origins along with the major unionization scandal of Walmart in Jonuiere He purports the idea that Walmart s original ideology of helping people and building a community starkly contrasts with the profit driven and exploitative nature of the current corporation Notable are some anecdotes about his struggling co workers including a woman who spends the majority of paycheues on taxis because she has to drive her children to her mother s house in the middle of the night before her practically crack of dawn shift Stories like these demonstrate the harsh living conditions of employees and inflexibility of the management Yet at the same time Hugo contradicts himself throughout this book He argues that the management at wal mart does not focus on human rights however they had been very kind and accommodating to him during his stay He blatantly lied about having a sick mother in law in Western Canada whom he needed to visit for a week yet he was etting off on a trip to Mexico albeit for La Presse coverage but still Yet the management was empathetic to him and allowed him the week I also found Hugo to be overly whiney about his work meanwhile he admired that the physical labour made him lose weight I think the biggest issue I had with this book was that Hugo constantly whined and complained about his tasks at Wal Mart yet he is coming from a place of privilege where he was the luxury of stepping in and out of this lifestyle In the last two pages of the book he gets overly preachy on how we as a society are separated from one another and we need to place ourselves in others shoesetc But I find this comes off as holier than thou as if to say Wow your life is shit glad I m not in your same boat Even though this is a notable issue I still found this book to be very interesting and entertaining to read Meunier is a talented ournalist and has creative ideas I would give this book a 355 In 2012 Canadian investigative ournalist went undercover in a Walmart store to expose ust how awful the company is etc "etc There s nothing new or revelatory here as we are all far too familiar with big corporations abusing "There s nothing new or revelatory here as we are all far too familiar with Corporations Abusing Their And abusing their and them peanuts In fact I don t think Walmart came out of this particularly badly compared to other companies Sadly it has now become the norm But those low prices are pretty irresistible and nothing is going to change unless consumers boycott en masse Which I don t see happening So all I learnt from this rather supercilious and repetitious account is that Walmart is evil and that Meunier is good for exposing this and that he s also rather arrogant and far too good for the daily grind of those less well off less educated and less intelligent than he is Meh While this was a fairly accurate look at what a Wal Mart employee s life is like as a former one myself I see the gaps I also didn t care for his tone in a few places It s no Nickel and Dimed What we need is a book by an actual associate one who is working there because they need to not as an experiment We d lose the often pretentious better than thou tones then This was interesting to read as an ex Walmart Cashier especially since some of the speeches given by managers as tools of encouragement sounded so eerily familiar I admit I couldn t help but laugh at some of our mutual frustrations such as the training modules and th. « Katia ma boss de La Presse trouve ue e prends mon nouveau travail trop à coeur ue ’en oublie même un peu pouruoi e suis devenu associé Je ne pense presue plus à mon reportage Je pense à mes palettes mes livraisons mes rotations mon over et mon facing Je pense Walmart »Journaliste à La Presse Hugo Meunier s’est infiltré pendant trois mois dans une succursale de Walmart. E Walmart chant However I was surprised
by some of 
some of things he found out as well For example the details the closing of the Jonui re store and the "things he found out as well For example the details of the closing of the Jonui re store and the hostage of the Christmas bonuses in exchange for good behaviour Fascinating to get the perspective of an outside person I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher as I do not regurgitate the contents or story of books in reviews I let them do itIn 2012 ournalist Hugo Meunier went undercover as a Walmart employee for three months in St Leonard uebec ust north of MontrealIn great detail Meunier charts the daily life of an impoverished Walmart worker referring to his shifts at the box store giant as somewhere between the army and Walt Disney Each shift began with a daily chant before bowing to customer demands and the constant pressure to sell Meanwhile Meunier and his fellow workers could not afford to shop anywhere else but Walmart further indenturing them to the multi billion dollar corporationBeyond his time on the shop floor Meunier documents the extraordinary efforts that Walmart exerts to block unionization campaigns including their 2005 decision to close their outlet in Jonuiere C where the United Food and Commercial Workers union had successfully gained certification rights A decade later he charts the Supreme Court of Canada ruling that exposed the dubious legal ground on which Walmart stood in invoking closure and throwing workers out on the streetIn Walmart Diary of an Associate Meunier reveals the truths behind Walmart s low prices it will make you think twice before shopping thereThis was a very uick read as I learned NOTHING new I still hate Walmart as they treat their staff ust as badly as their customers Nothing is ever in stock Sure some customers are Hinterlands and Commodities: Place, Space, Time and the Political Economic Development of Asia Over the Long Eighteenth Century jerks who may deserve how they are being treated But it s no different from any employer who preys on minimum wage workers Tim Horton s Mc Donalds etc If you thought that life was a dream at the Big Dubya then you might want to read this book People like me who read the newspaper will earn nothing new I said that I would be honest Hugo Meunier informs us that he is an immersionournalist This means or less that in the event you are either a celebrity andor a celebrity who is getting married watch out for a mobile toting serious faced tuxedoed individual in this case a man who is not only trying his best to act serious behind a pair of cool looking shades but is also trying to fool the security guards into gate crashing the wedding By the way his tuxedo is invariably rented Meunier in the introduction to his book Diary Of An Associate confesses that he likes field reporting He also educates us with what reads like than ust a dollop of pretentiousness that he leaves mundanities such as the Lance Armstrong doping debacle to the reporting preserve of others His preference is towards the kid from Boucherville and the PointeCalumet beach who shoots steroids for seemingly no apparent reason With the same element of impetuousness he also provides us with a sample of illustrious events which he has successfully proceeded to invade Justin Trudeau s wedding and a party organized by Guy Laliberte the top dog of Cirue du solei where the excesses were so exacerbated that international model Naomi Campbell and seven time Formula One Racing Champion Michael Schumacher nonchalantly engaged in a conversation paying barely a hint of attention to two stark naked women acrobats perched next to them As Meunier goes on to further amplify his prerogatives the Israel Palestinian conflict the famine in Niger and the war in Ira would have to wait A singularly stellar example of how best to prioritise alternatives in the order of their vitality and importanceSo it did not come as a complete surprise to his boss Katie at La Presse when Meunier proposed covertly immersing himself as a Walmart Associate for a period of three months at store 3094 in the Saint Leonard neighbourhood of Montreal The reason for such an intrusion A penchant to live Walmart To feel it see it rub shoulders with its customers its bosses to experience it physically and psychologically to witness this reality this is essentially what motivated my project Wow Sounds great from a social rational metaphysical cosmological and even an anthropological perspective The ghost of Sam Walton would be shedding unconstrained tears of experiential blissMuneir also takes the pain to educate us about a few aw dropping facets that makes Walmart Since the 1990s Walmart revenues represent 25% of America s Gross National Product GNP according to Nelson Lichtenstein and Susan Strasser Walmart s success marked the end of the domination of American economy s industrial sector Gilles Biassette and Lysiane J Baudu argue that Walmartization of America consists of a conversion to an economic model based on importation distribution and optimization of logistics chain than the industrial and manufacturing excellence that General Motors long symbolized Great Now that we have armed ourselves with. Au nord de Montréal Pendant sa vie d’« associé » il a tenu un ournal dans leuel il a consigné avec humour les anecdotes de son uotidien Les célèbres cris de ralliement les clients déchaînés les palettes ui s’écroulent les absurdes séances de formation il décrit avec un remaruable sens du détail tout ce ui ponctue les ournées de travail des petits salariés de la .
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