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Tricycle (HISTOIRE) g45 I haven t read Mary Karr s memoirs but I certainly will after reading her masterful survey of memoirs old and new During her Texas upbringing full of alcoholism and abuse a first person coming of age story putatively true never failed toive the child me hope that I could "someday row up and et out of t One of my favorite anecdotes Mary Karr tells in this " grow up and et out of t One of my favorite anecdotes Mary Karr tells in this a private workshop with Etheridge Knight an ex con from Mississippi and elsewhere ashy of knee and with hands rusty enough to strike a match on he scolded me about the pretentious pages I turned in Way before poetry slams he used to take us into bars or onto crowded buses to read out loud Facing a listing drunk or a footsore commuter you figure out Pretty Uick How Irrelevant Much Of Your uick how irrelevant much of your isI love this uote not just because I love picturing writing students reading aloud on buses but also because it sums up Mary Karr so well Etheridge Knight must have succeeded in draining all the pretentiousness out of her because for all her obvious copious talent she comes across as very real honest and unfussy in The Art of MemoirThe things I appreciated about this book were many I loved her focus on emotion and on being brutally honest with yourself in your writing uestioning your own interpretation of events and being willing to build your uestioning into the story you re telling really the only way to write a successful memoir no Karr further encourages truthfulness by reminding the aspiring memoir writer that what happened to you is enough in other words there s simply no need to embellish James Frey style In fact if you do you not only risk losing the reader s trust you also miss the opportunity to explore and do justice to what actually did happen to you Another valuab It s always hard to judge a book read in fits and starts When you re busier than usual you pick up your book of the moment at odd times And even if you end every day like I do reading in bed the busyness of your life often leads to an early date with Hypnos the Greek od of sleep Thus another start ends only now in a sleeping fitI rallied at the end of Mary Karr s book however taking the last 100 pp by storm It helped My 3 stars began to lean four ish It s a short book for one thing and seemingly wears three hats At times it wants to be a how to book on writing written by a professor Karr who teaches memoir writing at university Syracuse I believe At times it wants to be literary criticism oing off on certain memoirs and their merits It even ends with a long and I do mean long list of must read memoirs And finally at times it is straight up biography or memoir of memoir writing Mary Here s me writing Liar s Club And me waving as I write Cherry Here I am again this time Lit up With it comes background information of the writer at work and at war or peace with the subjects of her memoir Mom Daddy Sis Hubby lover tinker tailor soldier spyOne thing Karr makes clear is the power of voice If you can t establish voice in your writing stick to your day job Despite the identity crisis in this book s somewhat scattered approach at times it feels like the syllabus of her course itself OK class where the hell was I when we last met Whatever Today I ve decided to talk about Karr s voice comes across in spades One annoyance however is her decision to call sensory details carnal Maybe it s me Maybe it s an old movie that I never saw but heard plenty details carnal Maybe it s me Maybe it s an old movie that I never saw but heard plenty in my youth Carnal Knowledge but carnal Credited with sparking the current memoir explosion Mary Karr’s The Liars’ Club spent than a year at the top of the New York Times list She followed with two other smash bestsellers Cherry and Lit which were critical hits as wellFor thirty years Karr has also taught the form winning raduate teaching prizes for her highly selective seminar at Syracuse where she mentored such future hit authors as Cheryl Strayed Keith Gessen and Koren Zailckas In The Art of Memoir she synthesizes her expertise as professor and ther. The Art of MemoirT herself that works like a thread or plot engineOverall a wonderful book I would recommend to anyone who likes reading memoirs or may want to write one of their own some day Though some parts dragged a bit Karr does an excellent job of dispensing advice while honoring her own uniue voice I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review The book comes out September 15The ueen of memoir who also teaches classes in memoir writing has published a book about writing memoir It couldn t et better I love how Mary Karr writes despite not yet finishing one of her memoirs She is uite self Referential In This Text Which in this text which she seems uncertain about Many of the references will only make sense if you have read the books she is referencing so I leave this book feeling as if I need to o read the seven pages of suggested reading before I can really weigh in on the benefit of this one I loved her discussions of truth of trust of voice I think anyone considering publishing any form of their own story is likely to benefit from the advice in this slim volumeThese uotes may not be in final copyNo matter how self aware you are memoir wrenches at your insides precisely because it makes you battle your very self your neat analyses and tiny excuses So forget about holes in your memory or lawsuits or how those crazy suckers you share your DNA with are Undiluted: Rediscovering the Radical Message of Jesus going to spaz out once you tell about what Uncle Bubba did during nighttime You can do research ie postponing writing till Jesus dons a nightie But your memoir s real enemy is blinking back at you from the shavinglass when you floss at night your ignorant ego *and its myriad masksThe best revisers often have reading habits that stretch back before the current age which lends them a *its myriad masksThe best revisers often have reading habits that stretch back before the current age which lends them a of history and raises their standards for uality I read this book not because I anticipate writing a memoir of my own but because I love the form and was interested in how it s done Some of the best books I ve ever read have been memoirs so it was fascinating to Rudram in Tamil get a behind the scenes look at what a memoiristoes through to et the truth in the pages of a book Mary Karr does this beautifully but she does teach a much in demand raduate seminar at Syracuse University besides having written three about her own life so she knows what she s talking aboutI have to admit up front that I read her first book Liar s Club many years ago and didn t like it because I felt it was a bit whiny and she was too sensitive about things that wouldn t have phased me at all as a child but maybe I was hyper critical because dysfunctional family stuff makes me KaBOOM!: One Entrepreneur's Quest to Build Community & SAVE PLAY! go Oh for God s sakeet over it and et on with your life Anyway I did enjoy this book largely because she mentions and critiues a lot of other memoirs some of which I ve read and others to add to my list So recommended to anyone who enjoys reading well written memoirs This is one of the best books on writing I ve ever read I strongly recommend it for any writers not just writers of memoir I can honestly say not one page I ve ever published appears anywhere close to how it came out in first draft A poem might take sixty versions I am not much of a writer but I am a stubborn little bulldog of a reviser Fantastic on audio Here MaryKarr discusses the memoir process MUCH complex than I ever dreamed She sights several authors works plus bits her own My TBR is now several memoirs deeper and I m elated A must read for fans of the enre. S down the key elements of reat literary memoir she breaks open our concepts of memory and identity and illuminates the cathartic power of reflecting on the past; anybody with an inner life or complicated history whether writer or reader will relateJoining such classics as Stephen King’s On Writing and Anne Lamott’s Bird by Bird The Art of Memoir is an elegant and accessible exploration of one of today’s most popular literary forms a tour de force from an accomplished master pulling back the curtain on her craf. ,

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Eems all wrong in the list of reuirements for ood writers Class you must think carnallyOh well My problem maybe If you re writing a memoir or considering it worth a look If you re a Karr fan why not But me I was left ambivalentPS Of all the memoirs she discussed at Who on God's Earth do you 'think' you are?: A true story about TRANSCENDING the ILLUSION of SEPARATION great or notreat enough length the most intriguing to me were Frank Conroy s Stop Time and Michael Now a Buddhist Herr s Dispatches I plan to check both out at some point thanks to Mary s uotes This is one of the strangest books I ve read and I AM FINDING IT ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO finding it almost impossible to a review Maybe it s because I was expecting something different I was expecting a book that would help writers who wanted to write a memoir This book does not do that The Art of Memoir is of a memoir about writing a book on how to write a memoir Yes it is as disjointed as this description sounds Apparently Mary Karr is a messy teacher and I can understand why after reading this Bits of advice are fractured with examples of memoirs and then confused with about the author s obsessive uest for the truthI think a book on the art of memoir should offer practical advice This Is A How is a how book written in a literary style The two enres do not mix I received this as an ARCThis book is advertised as a book about the art of memoir writing But it s about so much the art of beautiful words the art of truth and the art of living an examined life While I initially thought this book would be an interesting read but ultimately not relevant to me as a fiction writer I came away with lots of insights "THAT I BELIEVE WILL HELP ANY WRITER OF ANY " I believe will help any writer of any hone their craft as well as inspire readers with the wonder of a really well told story I ll say up front Mary Karr is wildly talented I ve never read a book on writing with such a blatant voice While I haven t read any of Karr s 3 critically acclaimed memoirs I immediately went out and bought Lit and Liar s ClubReally wonderful read As someone who aspires to write a memoir of his own one day I found The Art of Memoir both engaging and encouraging Writing a memoir reuires than just journaling memories onto a page The practice forces you to punch yourself in the ut multiple times as you uncover the ugliest and most personal truths about yourself Mary Karr offers several sage pieces of advice on how to do just that ranging from the importance of remaining truthful to the skill of always addressing your target audience She uses a Mesagerul gamut of memoirs including her own to use as case studies for her argumentsOn a deeper level I enjoyed Karr s emphasis on voice Therapy and memoir writing differ in that the latter pushes you to scrutinize yourself with unrelenting often painful precision all so you can cultivate a style to call your own the compassion can come later Memoir may appear simple because it originates from the self But the amount and intensity of self exploration reuired to pen a solid memoir highlights theenre s complexity you must search yourself over and over again for the truth Then you must meld it into its most honest readable form One uote from Karr s book that captures this process Carnality may determine whether a memoir s any Judy Blume: Fearless Storyteller for Teens good but interiority that kingdom the camera never captures makes a book rereadable By rereadable translatereat Your connection to most authors usually rests in how you identify with them Mainly the better memoirist organizes a life story around that aforementioned inner enemy a psychic struggle agains. Apy patient writer and spiritual seeker recovered alcoholic and “black belt sinner” providing a uniue window into the mechanics and art of the form that is as irreverent insightful and entertaining as her own work in the enreAnchored by excerpts from her favorite memoirs and anecdotes from fellow writers’ experience The Art of Memoir lays bare Karr’s own process Plus all those inside stories about how she dealt with family and friends et told and the dark spaces in her own skull probed in depth As she break. ,