The Life of Washington (EPUB)

The Life of Washington

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That is something modern Biographers Course Are of course are to do Despite all the aggrandizement it does have genuinity of its era And I eel a little American reading a book that was read by much of mainstream America 200 Years Ago Just As I Do When ago just as I do when watch Move Over, Victoria--I Know the Real Secret: Surrendering the Lies That Bind You to the God Who Frees You famous old movies whether or not I actually enjoy their content It s a valuable cultural experienceor meI wish Weems would have gone into supporting characters like Thomas Jefferson Lafayette and Alexander Hamilton among so many other Slo Mo! fascinating cohorts of Washington He s good with anecdotes just not with historical accuracy He doesn t even mention the word Yorktown even though he tells little storiesrom the battle that is ultimately Washington s pinnacle as a general This is no Ron Chernow effort but I imagine there were no Ron Chernows in 1809 If you have ever encountered the legendary anecdote concerning the youthful George Washington who could not tell a lie and thus confessed to chopping down. Ons Poor Mrs. Rigsby for writing this sketch of your husband's life and virtues is derivedrom those virtues themselves which are such true brilliants as to assure me that even in my simple stile like diamonds on the eart. .
January book club pick what we know as historyWritten in the style of the time this is NOT what we are used To Reading A History reading as a history It s of a story ull of hyperbole and igurative language to the point that it s unreadable I had to read this or a class or I would not have War Made New: Technology, Warfare, and the Course of History: 1500 to Today finished it This is to be reador a cultural experience than anything It is the book that helped to build the legend of George Washington read by probably every little boy in the early 1800 s Of course it is hardly a concise or A Boy in Winter fair handed biography it is much about deification This has got to be theirst book I ve ever read that begins with a 60 page rebuttal of the author himself Editor Marcus Cunliffe harshly criticizes Mason Weems pointing out that even intellectuals of his time dismissed his work as juvenile and Frost at Midnight fabricated to sell copyCunliffe does credit that at least Mason Weems lived during the time of General Washington and spoke with people who knew himirst hand. THE author hopes he shall escape the charge of presumption Princess Baby, Night-Night for dedicating this little book to you as it treats of one to whom you of all on earth were and still are the most tenderly related One of my reas. The cherry tree and wondered where it camerom then look no The Pentagon Papers: Making History at the Washington Post further Parson Weems biography of George Washingtonirst distributed as a pamphlet in 1800 seems to the modern eye to be in the way of historical iction than legitimate history Full of apocryphal stories that be in the way of historical iction than legitimate history Full of apocryphal stories that have long discounted Weems work was wildly popular in the nineteenth century when adulation of the Father of Our Nation was rampantBut in spite of its historical On a Cold Road: Tales of Adventure in Canadian Rock fabrications The Life of Washington still has value as an example of the nineteenth century mythologizing of American history and should be of interest to scholars of that period I myself might never have stumbled across this book if it had not been assigned readingor a college course I took on the intellectual history of nineteenth century America Thank you Professor Ponce de Leon I m glad that I did as ounding ather worship seems once again to be in vogue making this nineteenth century hagiography rather interesting. H they will so play their part at sparkling that many an honest youth shall long to place them in the casket of his own This is an edition of a casket of his own bosom This is an edition of a book published in the eighteenth centur.