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Emma Chadwick s father was bad at money so Emma takes a job at a gaming hell in order to make some cash Roderick so Emma takes a job at a gaming hell in order to make some cash Roderick owner of said hell has got the burning loins for his new bookkeeper Eventually they make out on a card table because gaming hell and they realize their mutual boners have grown feelings Gross 1 This was a pretty delightful romp 2 Sure the prose is a touch purple and could use some editing but I enjoyed how things developed romp 2 Sure the prose is a touch purple and could use some editing but I enjoyed how things developed could have used of Emma deciphering the hell s books and also a closure to the case of how and why his former bookkeeper had embezzled monies but I was overall impressed with the balance of family and work and socializing and secrets and feelings It just felt interesting mostly 3 Also I m already many chapters into the seuel so4 So it appears all three books in this series are intertwined in finishing the second it reminded me of things to say about the first SO NOW I M BACK TO SAY In the fury of starting the second book and attempting a review I forgot to mention how fun the ending of Luck is No Lady is While at a ball Emma challenges Roderick to a game of cards and Emma wagers her job at the hell Roderick wagers for her hand and then Emma has to struggle hard to lose and it was just ind of fun and silly and DELIGHTFUL The whole thing is Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow kind of like that actually moments of frothy fun with a bit of uneven pacing some awkward prose and the need to forgive a few things Sweet and uncomplicated There was no silly drama no meanness between the main characters it was all straightforward Sometimes that s just what you want after some of the drama llama situations other books come up with that cause severe eye rolling issues Now this isn t disgustingly sweet or filled with lots of poetry and love sonnets spouted between the two main characters Their attraction starts by accident continues at work and grows through mutual interest and admiration I liked the romance and both characters Roderick is on the edges of accepted society and a bastard by birth but he sind and not a villain just a businessman Emma is the self appointed matriarch and patriarch of her family shouldering the burden of her dead father s debt and trying to provide a season in the ton for her two younger sisters She s smart and acts normally The only person I disliked was the youngest sister Portia She was a bratty brat. You should not have issed me she replied breathlesslyI do a lot of things I shouldn't It does not mean I won't do them againGently bred Emma Chadwick always assumed she'd live and die the daughter of a gentleman But when her father's death reveals a world of staggering debt and dangerous moneylenders she. That lived to be sullen and ungrateful I wish she d been a mute Ok so the book itself wasn t that bad I liked the somewhat unexceptional beta hero and the story was ok even if I don t buy the main conflict big sister sacrificing herself so that younger sisters can make advantageous marriages while she burdens all responsibilities including finding a blackmailer I have issues with that because clearly the sisters were mature enough to deal with this and most importantly I didn t get why she herself wasn t married at 25 It s never explained why she is a wallflower despite her beauty and everything Really this book isn t bad But what really incensed me enough to write a review was the extract from the second book In this book one of the sisters is idnapped and sold at a brothel I thought her own story would then be about overcoming that trauma but boy was I wrong Her story takes places at the same time at this one so there are entire passages and short chapters repeated word for word But what really pisses me off to no end is the way her ordeal was used view spoilerThe hero has Some Big Bad Secret big bad secret resulted in serious issues he can t be near people can t bear to be touched etc He freuented a brothel to have them teach him to accept being touched and is one day invited to a special event at said brothel This special event is the auctioning of a virgin sacrifice the heroine and the Madame thought it would be a good thing for him to finally be the teacher to someone else But wait it gets worse The heroine was idnapped drugged examined to make sure she really was a virgin and then subjected to the ordeal of standing in front of a room full of drunk men who bid for her Of course the hero steps up to save her and brings her back to his place And what is her first reaction when she finally wakes up practically naked and in a stranger s bedroom SHE ASKS HIM TO BE HIS MISTRESS No panic attack no screeching no nothing She just calmly asks him to take her because her reputation is surely ruined anyhow so what does it matter And if that wasn t bad enough the hero Brings Her Back To The her back to the for their first time What a prize that one hide spoiler I d like to take a moment to thank the book gods and express my appreciation of my bookworm instincts I ve been toiling through some unsuccessful reads since Friday night and its been Must risk her good name and put her talent for mathematics to use taking a position as bookkeeper at London's most notorious gambling hell Surrounded by vice and corruption on all sides it is imperative no one discovers Emma's shameful secret or her reputation and her life will be ruinedBut Roderick Bent. ,

While since I ve read a 5 star book I mean 4 stars are great but nothing beats the exhilarating feeling you get when you finish a 5 star read And boy did this book blow me away It had everything I look for in a memorable book a tortured hero a strong heroine a great romance sexual tension and a healthy dose of some good old fashioned angstWhat s even surprising is the fact that this was a flippin wordy book and I generally don t like those bit there I was reading those detailed scenes and being aware of the fact that I should be losing interest but enjoying them thoroughly It was like some ind of out of body experience Apart from the surprises I loved the fact that the heroine was a nerd She loved maths and used it to save herself and her sisters from the trouble the were in I eep saying this but this is the year for strong heroines for me Numbers never lied or caused disappointment There was infinite beauty in the consistency of mathematics This here was what she understood Back to the storyThe heroine Emma finds herself the guardian to her 2 younger sisters after the death of their father their mother having dodd a few years prior Their father left her heavily in debt the lost worrying of the debt being to a pugilist turned bookie by the name of Hale Emma s most important goal is to have her sisters marry so that when Hale finally finds her they are unaffected by the backlashTo help with their financial situation she finds work at a gaming hell as a bookkeeper under an alias Which brings us to Roderick Bentley the own of the gaming hell and the bastard SON OF AN EARL SHUNNED BY of an earl Shunned by society he lives in between 2 worlds His voice when he spoke was laden with raw sensuality You want to give yourself to me then you give it all If We Do ThisI Will Not Hold Back do thisI will not hold back is all or nothing sweetheart What starts an employer and employee relationship between Emma and Roderick uickly becomes so much There was so much yearning in this book Emma who realised her intense feeling for Roderick holds back because she fears any association with him would affect her sisters coming out into society And while Roderick feels just as deeply for her he struggles with feelings of unworthinessI thoroughly enjoyed this gem of a book and then next book is sounding just as promising as the first I think I may have found myself an automatic buy author. Ley the hell's sinfully wealthy owner awakens a hunger Emma cannot deny Drawn deep into an underworld of high stakes gambling and reckless overindulgence she soon discovers that in order to win the love of a ruthless scoundrel she will have to play the gameand give in to the pleasure of falling from grace. Luck Is No Lady

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