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The Game of Love eNow as of a workbook This is not the sort of book you just read if you want to benefit from it If it wasasy the book wouldn t be important Recommended reading for poker players who want to improve their game Presents some interesting basic concepts but doesn t xplain anything The books gives improve their game Presents some interesting basic concepts but doesn t xplain anything The books gives but xamples are not xplanations A later dition might benefit from a co author with some xperience with writing or teaching My understanding is not good The Lady in Pink enough to use this book Read before a tournament to get a better understanding of bet sizing as it was my first major deepstack tournament Got to day 3 and paid so definitely helped a bit but as I read it in a day info was a bit overbaring All there though and certainly took bits from it and applied to game pa. Ng poker concepts that apply to poker mathematics Then we will begin our journey into poker mathematics where you will learn about probabilities and odds pot odds and implied odds potuity and Eyes expected value You will then learn how to uicklystimate your uity at the poker table using the Rule of 2 4 Moreover you'll learn steps involved in determining if calling with a drawing hand is profitable 4 Moreover you'll learn the steps involved determining if calling with a drawing hand is profitable not We will also cover how to size your bets with the best hand and teach you how often bluffs and hero calls need to work to be profitable Lastly we will show you how to perform EV calculations and better understand card combinations Effectively Understand and Utilize Essential Poker Math Develop a keen understanding of Probability and Odds Learn to uickly calculate Pot Odds Implied Odds at the poker table Effectively use Pot Euity The Rule of 2 4 to Determine the correct poker play Understand how to use Expected Value EV both on and off the table to analyze your plays Learn the important math behind Bluffs Hero Calls to give you a skill advanta. ,

An introductory look at what math is behind poker decisions Uick Read For Those Wanting A Primer On Poker Math read for those wanting a primer on poker math nough fgesr I really liked this book but gave it a 3 for a few reasons Although highly informative it s of a very introductory lesson into poker mathematics i feel it lesson into poker mathematics I feel it ve been much better had their been some detailed applications of the math The author teaches courses on this xact topic so I suppose he uses the book as a teaser into his course There were also a few typos not a big deal but given the simplicity of the grammar used it just shouldn t be there I am still very glad I bought it it was very cheap as well but I m a complete newb when it comes to mathematics for poker Great book but one which I am reading for the second time and. one which I am reading for the second time and. Poker Math Is Easy to Learn Poker math is a vitally important aspect to No Limit Holdem poker but it is often overlooked or simply not used because many poker players fear it is too difficult to learn I'm here to tell you it is not In fact fundamental poker math is very asy to learn More importantly it can yield you a lot profits at the poker table Without using simple math at the poker table you are simply playing a guessing game Use Simple Math at the Poker Table and Increase You Winnings In this book I will teach you how to use simple arithmetic at the poker table to gain a huge skill advantage over your opponents that will allow you to win and lose less Poker players that don't use math are simply guessing and you'll learn to no longer guess and know the right mathematical move at the poker table These simple mathematical concepts I will be teaching you will drastically help improve your poker game and allow you to make the most profitable decisions at the poker Contents and Overview First you will be introduced to some fundamental overarchi. .

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Rticularly where to call and fold when on a draw and calculating actual outs Great starter guide and fundamental refresher courseuick read breaks the fundamentals down into asy digestible nuggets of wisdom for asy mastery Wish this had been around when I first started playing Didn t get all the way through this book The content seemed comprehensive nough but if you ve read much
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poker math you may find much new here If you re new it looks like a fast and good overview One thing I d change is that occasionally terms that are familiar to xperienced players are used without any A Vineyard Christmas explanation EV orxpected #Value For Example If You Re New To The Material #for Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose example If you re new to the material probably want thosexplored a bit If you don t need them xplained you probably need a deeper book. Ge over your opponent Learn Card Combinations to further nhance your card reading abilities And Many More Amazing Topics What You Will Get out of This Book Suitable for both beginning and xperienced poker players alike you'll learn many ssential fundamental poker mathematical concepts that will help you drastically improve your poker game After reading this book you will have mastered fundamental No Limit Holdem Mathematics You Holdem mathematics You have gained a huge skill advantage over your opponents and you will be able to uickly and ffectively use math at the poker table to make are always the most profitable move Most importantly you will become a much better and profitable poker player So what are you waiting for Purchase this book today to start learning how to advance your poker game with simple poker math Alton Hardin is the founder of MicroGrindercom a free micro stakes poker website that is dedicated to helping micro stakes poker players improve their poker game by offering a wide array of free and low cost resources including poker courses poker. Essential Poker Math