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Reign The Henchmen MC #1Reread June 2018 down from 5 stars to 3Original review 5 Summer Reign StarsSometimes You Can Read you can read book that s 100 ages long but feels like 300 5 Summer Reign StarsSometimes you can read a book that s 100 ages long but feels like 300 there are times you read a book with 300 ages and it feels like 100 This was one of those books for me I flew through it and before I knew it it was over The writing was so well formed and fluid The characters were ones you rooted for and there was enough drama and twists to keep me interested ALL THE WAY THROUGHI kept waiting for the drama to drop off and shit to get boring well that never happened thank fuck Summer turned into one badass heroine who I would consider turning lesbian for This sweet ampered little darling turned into a The Purposeful Graduate powerful gun toting ueenReign Oh boy that man was sex on legs Who doesn t love an Alpha It wasn t just that he was sex on legs he was compassionate too And the sex wasanty melting fuck that soft and gentle shit let s break stuff with our Inscriptions for Headstones passionThis whole book has so manyossibilities I really really want to read about Wolf Cash Repo and even what Lo s deal is I loved it ARC Thailand's Sickest - Hell To Pay provided by the author for an honest reviewOMG I need Reign to save me Summer as had a great up bringing her father as given her the best of life her mother wasn t around but her father did everything he could she had the best education she got a job at her father s company an had good friends so life was goinretty well until she was taken an ended up goin through months of hell Reign is a total bad ass an I luv him he doesn t know any other life then the Henchmans MC he is know the Huumetsaarin jouluyö prez an his bro Cash us the vicerez Reign took over from his father an he is well like he runs a tight ship an doesn t get mixed up in Retail. De digitale hysterie voorbij peoples shit well that s until Summer These to end up have a very rough start but there is something thatulls them together Reign isn t the type of man to settle down with anyone he likes to keep his women to the compound but with Summer he s doesn t want her. 1 notorious 1%er 1 innocent trapped in an impossible situation 1 vicious crime lord 3 eople who aren't who they appear to be one big bloody mes. ,

There he wants her in his bed safe they r both drawn to each other sexually but Reign is tryin to hold on even though he wants her so much but he doesn t want to hurt her any she as been through hell I luvd this book there was so much drama an twists it was crazy I didn t want to ut this book down the as usual can tell the characters r really good an I luvd Cash an Wolf I would actually luv of these two they r just amazin would actually luv of these two they r just amazin did luv readin how Reign an Summer relationship got stronger it was even better seein how strong Summer got she was so strong by the end I just wanted to hug her but Reign is just so hot I would luv a lil bit of him he is so rotective an sexy hmmm he s just great I would recommend this it s acked with everything an it was exciting kept me on my Toes Xxx This Has A xxx This has a line that is so good Reign and Summer are such an unlikely duo There is romance there is action and there are illegal activitiesbut there are also naughty erotic moments and a whole lot of sexy times Summer is a sweet beautiful woman who survives an abduction and hostage situtation by a local crime boss and succeeds in escaping her abductors While on captivity she had to endure hysical torture ain abuse and horrific brutality Reign is a badass aggressive MC rez He finds her while she is on the run he takes her to his house and offers her shelter rotection and safety The sexual chemistry between the two is undeniable The sparks of assion soon begin to fly between them and they both surrender to lust Reign moves her up to rough sex He teaches her submission and dominates her Summer is 4000 Meilen durch die USA: Meine Reise zu den großen Fragen des Lebens putting herself entirely in Reign s hands allowing herself to be totally vulnerable to his desires and trusting that he won t truly hurt her They both enjoy the excitement the letting loose the sheerrimal joy of it all Summer is suffering from horrible nightmares but Reign emotionally comforts her Love has a dark side and Reign and Summer are exploring it. S Reign is no stranger to the criminal underbelly and hard life but when a random woman comes literally crashing into his life learning things .
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When they feel the shadows Of The Past Threatening To the ast threatening to them their lives are seriously endangered I love MC books and this one is real good I loved loosened Summer and alpha Reign I liked them together I m so glad they got a HEA The story was really well written and I really enjoyed it It had lots of twists and turns that were really thrilling It s not the typical MC book but I loved it all the same This book left me on the edge of my seat Good story Flaming desires Without hesitation I give this book a 55 star rating ARC kindly rovided in exchange for an honest review NOTE That since I readreviewed this book the author has revised it and has now
*taken out the *
out the the hero had sex with an OW I m not going to change my review because it was based on the rior version of this book and my feelings still stand on THAT version But I thought I d give Fromentin potential reviewers a heads up that it has been revised So first off I am going to say that I took a star off this book for one reason and one reason alone view spoiler I LOATHE when an author has the H bang an other woman after the Hh meet This happened a uarter way into the book when there was already an attraction in fact they had already kissed once That just doesn t work for me it takes away from my feelings for the Hh Not to mention the fact that the the Hh literally had sex the VERY NEXT DAY All I could think about when she was giving him a blowjob was how nasty it was that his dick had been in some random woman the day beforegag hide spoiler Alright so this is the story of Reign and Summer Without giving too much away Summer has been through some shit And Reign well he s a badass hot biker guy doing his badass biker thing And then they meet And stuff happens Some of the stuff is sexy stuff But let s face it that would make for a boring story So then other stuff happens And you ll be like But things work out Cause like I m a firm believer in HEA I d never let you ladies down. He has no business knowing and bringing with her the weight of the city's biggest skin trader the hard life starts to take on a whole new meanin.