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Modern Box Set 5-8/Carrying the Sheikhs Baby/Awakening His Innocent Cinderella/The Tycoons Shock Heir/One Night with the Forbidden Princes oY s books are pretty much clean a few innuendos now then is all Dying for a Donut is the fifth book in the Laurel McKay mystery series by Cindy Sample It is nominated for a Lefty Award for Best Humorous MysteryThis isn t a surprise as allf the books in this series except the first have also been nominated for this award This is a fantastic series if you like funny cozy mysteriesIn Dying for a Donut Laurel s daughter Jenna is working at Apple Tree Farm and Bakery When Laurel comes to pick Jenna up she stumbles ver *The Body Of The Bakery *body f the bakery Axel Thorson coated in sugar When the police arrest the grandson f the bakery manager Jenna s friend Jenna decides to investigate and ends up in jail herself So Laurel steps in to help her daughter and find the real killerI ve said in previous reviews that ONE OF THE REASONS I LOVE READING THIS SERIES of the reasons I love reading this series they are feel good books they make you smileFor the rest f the review see A rather hectic cozy this time Laurel McKay has her hands full Her daughter has a part time job and is studying for SATs while her son wants to. Dered sugar Axel Thorson was a well respected member Arsons Captive of the community Who wanted to sweeten him up When the police arrest the heartthrob grandsonf the bakery manager Jenna decides to help him by Solving The Case Herself the case herself move that lands her in jail With Laurel’s detec. Be a detective Her boyfriend is ff in Reno for some ki On her fifth book the author Cindy Sample has produced a truly wonderful ffering fifth book the author Cindy Sample has produced a truly wonderful The Guardian offering writing is focused crisp and pointed Her storyline is top notch This is a true mystery and her writing has that fact well centered The main character is still the same Laurel McKay spends mostf her time in this book trying to solve a brutal murder while balancing her life as a working mom Laurel has some terrific laugh Turning the Good Girl Bad out loudne liners throughout the book which fits her character well The reader will love Laurel and the rest f her family you may also gain a few pounds you may also gain a few pounds about those lovely donuts that are made throughout the book Two thumbs up for Donuts This is the fifth book in the Laurel McKay series I hadn t read any ther books from the series but easily enjoyed this book I didn t feel I had to go back and read the first four books I enjoy that in a series This book was a typical cozy mystery with likable characters The mystery is well plotted but I did guess the murderer about half way through the book. Tive honey in another state and her Ravished by Desire octogenarian grandmother threatening to chase down the culprit what’s a soccer mom with a sweet tooth to do but go undercover Detecting among donuts should be a piecef cake but not if Laurel discovers first hand that sugar can kill Dying for a Donut Laurel McKay Mysteries #5Another great read from Laurel McKay series First f her books I have read Very good I enjoyed it I ll be reading rest read Very good I enjoyed it I ll be reading the rest them now Loved ItCleverly written and full f surprises Dying for a Donut would not let me put it down Can t wait for the next book in Laurel McKay s crazy life Wonderful bookI loved this book I would recommend anyone to read this book It deserves 5 stars r Great book Loved this book very fun and easy to read Every time I thought it might be predictable something different happened instead I met the author at a North State Writers meeting she s very personable and easy To Speak To I Started Her Series With This One speak to I started her series with this ne because it was set in Apple Hill which I love to visit Cindy Sample has written a very entertaining series The Australians Convenient Bride/The Millionaires Marriage Claim of books entitled Dying for a D fill in the blanks I have allf them and eagerly look forward to each new The Bridesmaids Proposal one It feels likeld home week to visit Laurel McKay and her family again Same with revisiting Cindy s addictive writing style Humorous and cute without going Delaceys Angel (Regency Series, overboard like some I read And Cind. To Laurel McKay there’s nothing better than spending an autumn afternoon munchingn caramel apples and cinnamon donuts It’s a good thing her daughter Jenna has landed a seasonal job at Apple Tree Farm and Bakery Then Laurel stumbles Miss Prims Greek Island Fling over the bakerywner coated in pow.