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Rat Run Anderson Costello #7I ve been reading all the Caro Ramsay novels in

A Row And I 
row and I them fabulous in scope and lot lines They intersected each other in such a way that kept them and Fatal Dive: Solving the World War II Mystery of the USS Grunion plot lines They intersected each other in such a way that kept them and intense And then we come come to Rat Run Like Colon Anderson the book needed deep intervention Besides raining on everyage just how many bloody murders can happen on one row of five housesAnd let s throw in a murderous gay couple at the end just for fun Caro Ramsay has the killer hook opening down to a fine art and she certainly laid it out on a Code Name: Silence plate for me with this one I could almost hear the horror movie soundtracklaying in the background as my heart rate increased and my mouth went dry in terror "A Perfect Scene Was Painted And I "perfect scene was Und Schuf Mir Einen Götzen: Lehrjahre Eines Kommunisten painted and I This is the first time I ve read anything by this author and I thoroughly enjoyed it Aolice rocedural set in Scotland and its right up my streetThe story starts with the murder of a young wife her 2 little boys and their dog the killer uickly apprehended and sent to rison for life But did he really do itWe then flash forward and are introduced to the Margery Meets the Roses people now living on the same street in the middle of non stop rain When a sink hole appears outside one of the houses it leads to the discovery of foot bones that are soon confirmed as coming from a severed footIt builds from there and is filled with secrets lies sex and money usually the case though really Re interviewingeople from the revious case and talking to eople surrounding this one to work out exactly what s going onIt s filled with twists and turns little bits of information and clues soon build up as you try to figure out what happened all those years ago and whether it has any connection to what s happening nowThis is the 7th Book in this series and I really need to read the restHuge thanks to Caro Ramsey Severn House Publishers and NetGalley for this copy in exchange for an honest review Did someone mention RATSDo not read if you think all this talk of rats will give you nightmaresYou really need to have read the book before this in the series as it would have given me knowledge and empathy for the main The Wapshot Scandal police charactersLots of good characters to investigate A good mystery The team is coming back together after the last volume which had it been a tv series would have been the dramatic series finale bodies strewn across the faraway beach wait until the next season to see who made it type of thing Well we did learn who survived but the emotional andsychological damage only shows up in this volume So Anderson and Costello are back to solve an easy starter case check up on an old case but of course nothing is as simple as that Soon the not yet stable team and leader is battling the mysteries of the old case bodies turning up in basements the old open and shut case maybe not being all that watertight and speaking of water a mysterious river flowing underground on and off and one of our heroes doing a doing a swim with rats that rivals Indiana Jones but maybe the cure for fiery nightmares is a whole lot of waterIt s freaky uite disgusting complicated evil and so a very well. A complex The NIGHT. Erotischer Roman plot withlenty of red herrings taut suspense and graphic details make this a gruesome but gripping read Booklist A macabre discovery throws disturbing new light on a 20 year old murder case in the latest tense and twisting Anderson and Costello mystery In August 1992 a young mother and her two small sons were brutally murdered in the woods ,
Spun of death greed deceit and rotting corpses from Ramsay Good stuff in other words 35 stars The 7th book in this series is a dark atmospheric read about a resent day investigation that stirs up memories of a horrific crime from the ast At the centre of it all is Alt Road a crumbling little area of Glasgow infamous for the murders of a young mother her children in 1992 DCI Anderson is newly back on the job after 14 months of PTSD sych evaluations an uneasy home life brought on by his last case The Tears of Angels He desperately needs the distraction of work but is a ghost of his former self When a giant sinkhole on Alt coughs up some old bones he Costello are assigned the case This is a complex story with many many characters as chapters alternate between the Die fremde Stadt: Breslau nach 1945 pastresent Alt Road seems to exist in a bubble opulated by eccentrics who guard their secrets behind closed doors Initially the ace is slow Much time space is devoted to in depth descriptions of each family on the street then now As the historical The Dreamer Wakes (The Story of the Stone plot line catches up toresent day it becomes evident their lives have long been linked by unpleasant events The investigation is a tough slog of endless interviews waiting for forensics to yield results It s really Costello s case as she uickly realizes Anderson is MIA She s lost a bit of her spark in this outing restraining herself from the caustic comments that added snarky humour to the last book It s clear she s feeling the stress of carrying Anderson the Rivers Last Longer political nightmare ofossibly reopening the old murder case Maybe she s just tired of being soaking wet the fact there s never an ark builder around when you need one The deluge of endless rain is another character the story as it affects the lives of everyone Alt Road itself Some of hidden residents are being driven out by the rising water the author uses this to eeewww inducing effect in the finale hint see title The ace icks up for the last uarter it becomes a full on age turner It s a transitional book by the end there are signs Anderson may resolve his issues return to the living for the next instalment Hopefully Costello can then relax unleash her inside voice This is a bleak dark and atmospheric story It feels oppressive and claustrophobic with elements of horror The incessant heavy rain never stops and is the catalyst for the appearance of a sinkhole in the notorious Alt Road In the sinkhole the foot bones of a recently deceased woman are discovered Fiscal Archie Walker has the recently reinstated Anderson who is still experiencing PTSD and his team investigate 23 years ago there was the high rofile murder of a woman her 2 young children and their dog with an axe in the nearby wood Andrew Gyle was convicted of their murder but has consistently through the years Witchcraft for Tomorrow protested his innocence Theolice need to rove that the bones do not represent roof of his innocenceAnderson is struggling to lead the team or get a grip on the case and that is a dangerous The Wedding Redux position to be in as there is all manner of dark activities takinglace around the isolated Alt Road It is Costell. Ehind their home Her neighbour Andrew Gyle was convicted of the crime and sentenced to life imprisonment Now twenty three years later a macabre discovery throws new light on the case Could there have been a shocking miscarriage of justiceHaving only just returned to work following an enforced leave of absence DCI Colin Anderson knows he must make a succ. ,
O that drives the case forward whilst Anderson Rolling Thunder puts himself on the sidelines Costello slowly comes to believe that there is evidence that might support a miscarriage of justice claim Jennifer Lawson a young mother with 2 young children has a husband who is never there Is history about to repeat itself in theresent day Greed toxic love murder and deception swirl around in this enclosed community where there might be than one killer And rats are everywhere nibbling on children and any Ye Castle Stinketh: Could You Survive Living in a Castle? piece of human flesh they encounterThis is a complex and intricatelylotted story from the talented writer that is Caro Ramsay It has the same high levels of darkness that you would expect from her She certainly has not lost her touch in "Delivering Macabre Crime Stories Hesitate To "macabre crime stories I hesitate to that I it the rats ut me off but the uality of the writing and storytelling is superb Brilliant Scottish Noir A wonderfully dark thriller as Anderson Costello ride again Or rather Anderson fights with his demons while Costello tackles a baffling case Twenty years after a triple murder on the outskirts of Glasgow bones are found Less than twenty years old too Coincidence With the convicted killer safely in Barlinnie the only safe assumption is that he wasn t responsible So who wasEveryone in the small community has secrets and hidden motives Getting to the truth isn t easy And the ending is both dramatic and horrific A fine novel that takes the characters on another difficult journey A new discovery in the area in which a young mother and her two children were brutally hacked to death twenty three years ago throws new light on this old case DCI Colin Anderson has just returned to work after a long absence and he must make a success of this case but it could involve re investigating the old case which he and DI Costello have been told to avoid doing But it soon becomes clear that the old case could involve a miscarriage of justice and a man could be serving a rison sentence for a crime he did not commitThis is a well written Bootie and the Beast policerocedural set in the Glasgow area The tension mounts from the very first age and I was completely hooked on it finding myself reading it long into the night because I had to know what happened The conclusion is enough to give anyone nightmares but it isn t violent for the sake of being violent and it isn t too g In an insular community just seven miles from Glasgow the shadow of the murder of Sue Melrose and her two young sons back in 1992 still casts darkness over a row of houses Up on the hill above the street Jock Aird sits and surveys all that he owned watching the current inhabitants of the street The man convicted of the young mother s murder and that of the two boys and the family dog Sits In Prison Protesting in rison rotesting innocenceMeanwhile DCI Colin Anderson is waiting to hear if he is to be allowed back to work after a year on sick leave since his last case which saw him lose his lover and nearly his life DI Costello is anxious not sure whether he is fit to come back to work or not but also longing to get away from her desk bound job and back to acti. Ess of his comeback case But as he and his artner DI Costello uncover serious discrepancies in the original investigation it becomes clear that not everyone is telling them the truth Meanwhile Costello worries that Anderson is struggling to cope and his increasingly odd behaviour causes her to begin to think the unthinkable can she trust her own The Art of Mary Beth Edelson partne.