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Saved by Scandal's Heir

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I didn t articularly like MAIN CHARACTERS WHICH MADE main characters which made it to continue reading Miniseries Men About Town NEW TO ME AUTHOR I VE BEEN LOOKING FOR to me author I ve been looking for few authors who write solid Regency books without crazy and anachronistic Disney rincess anticsSo I really enjoyed this oneThe HarleuinMills and Boon Historical line is often joked about and so underratedFull review to Can he awaken dreams she thought lost foreverHarriet Lady Brierley is a respectable widow determined to keep the secrets of her broken heart deeply buried But when Benedict. Ome I enjoy a good romance This story has all the characters you love and hate It is a book you do not ut down till you read the ending It is rich in detail and characters You like romance you will love this novelI highly recommend this bookI received this book as a free giveaway from Good Reads A gloriously romantic tale of dark secrets SCANDALOUS PASSION AND LOVE LOST AND FO. POOLE passion and love lost and fo. Poole very man who deserted her returns Harriet's safe world threatens to unravel Believing Harriet left him for a wealthy lord Benedict must fight to uncover the true. .

Und Saved by Scandal s Heir is the latest dazzling Regency Romance From Fast Rising Star Janice PrestonWhen Childhood Friendship romance from fast rising star Janice PrestonWhen childhood friendship given way to a love that simply could not be denied Harriet had thought that she was going to be spending the rest of her life with Benedict Poole the man who had captured her heart But when a cruel twist of fate had torn them apart Harriet had fou. Conseuence and tragedy of their affair years Before But With His But with his Harriet had fou. Conseuence and tragedy of their affair years before But with his family's now synonymous with scandal can he hope to win back the trust of the woman he has always lov.