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The Boys of SummerTurity beyond his years and a creepy knowledge of events that have not happened yet Twenty five years later history begins to repeat itself and the boys now men must face the conseuences of their actions and itself and the boys now men must face the conseuences of their actions and for how they ve spent their lives The Boys of Summer #BY RICHARD COX IS DIFFICULT TO UALIFY IT IS #Richard Cox is difficult to alify It is fiction science fiction historical fiction and fantasy incorporating political economic and religious philosophies It reminds me simultaneously of Stand by Me 1986 The Omen 1976 and The Truman Show 1998 The Boys of Summer deals in free will and predestination asking whether the individual can rewrite the ending And maybe the beginning Cox s plot feels labyrinthine but this is deceptive It s really Inside the Asylum uite simplenfurling at a steady pace while Cox insidiously doles out puzzle pieces A subplot involving a Wichita Falls detective whose wife has the same diagnosis as Todd had catatonic schizophrenia executes the rare feat of enhancing the main plot It meshes seamlessly The story moves back and forth in time from the afternoon of the tornado to events immediately following Todd s re emergence into the world and the reckoning for those events twenty five years later The ominous weather forecasts that begin each section of the novel are an inspired touch It is possible to go crazy from the heat Cox is particularly good at channeling early adolescent angst Darth Vader turned out to be Luke s father Princess Leia was his sister Todd thinks when he awakes and the whole world seemed to have lost its mind These boys are complex authentic and relatable The lone girl in the group Alicia is a well developed. T in a way he can’t ite grasp For Todd it's a struggle to separate fact from fiction as he battles lingering hallucinations from his long sleepThe new friends Todd makes in 1983 are fascinated with his experience and become mesmerized by his strange relationship with the world Together the five boys come of age during a dark fiery summer where they find first love betrayal and a secret so terrible ,
You re gonna have suspicion about the way this thing is gonna end and you ll think to yourself No no way is he gonna go thereSPOILER He goes there This book had cool ideas but ltimately half way through the characters and plot started feeling consumed and overwrought by the same ideas leading to a disconnect with the book in general That might have been the intention but it led to the book not leaving so much of an impression on me overall This one washit and miss 25 Stars Some of the sections were so good I enjoyed most of the characters and the idea of the story was great I even appreciated how much the author seemed influenced by Stephen King But then so many other things were justuggghhhhh The constant references to The Boys of Summer lyrics The wink wink comments the characters made about being in a book Even the way it ended with that ACTUALLY being the case each chapter was full of promise that then would trail off I sped through it ickly and was entertained but I m not sure I would read another by this author SCIENCE FICTIONFANTASYRichard CoxThe Boys of Summer A NovelNight Shade BooksPaperback 978 1 59780 878 1 also available as an ebook 436 pgs 1599September 6 2016 The tornado that struck Wichita Falls Texas on April 10 1979 serves as the catalyst for this coming of age story The Boys of Summer Texas on April 10 1979 serves as the catalyst for this coming of age story The Boys of Summer Bobby the jock Jonathan the brain David as in King Adam the born again and Todd the cipher nine and ten years old when the storm alters the trajectories of all of their lives Todd is so traumatized by the tornado that he enters a catatonic state When he surfaces four years later he possesses a ma. Both a haunting coming of age story set in North Texas against the backdrop of a deadly tornado and a character driven deeply affecting supernatural thrillerIn 1979 a massive tornado devastates the city of Wichita Falls Texas leaving scores dead thousands homeless and nine year old Todd Willis in a coma fighting for his lifeFour years later Todd awakens to a world that looks the same but feels differen. Character but seems to serve merely as a token female Her significance is nclear As adults these characters are less well defined with the exception of King David who shed his Texas accent and sheath of Middle American fat and his antiuated social conservatism who is terribly definite motivated by the ltimate in insider information Wichita Falls itself gets knocked hard by Cox Riven with class issues the town is portrayed as a cultural wasteland populated by rednecks and few wealthy pseudo religious hypocrites On the other hand his of the 80s is atmospheric with its references to the multi sided dice of Dungeons Dragons Atari video games and Don Henley lyrics Cox is capable of arresting imagery During the 1979 tornado the sky looked like it had fallen to the earth The bleached white hot sky of the Wichita Falls summer resembles overexposed film Cox has created a strange and intriguing mix of elements which with liberal se of foreshadowing engenders genuine curiosity and keeps the pages turning I am flummoxed but happily so still at a loss as to what The Boys of Summer is I do know that it is compelling and a little maddening and the space time continuum has been spectacularly compromisedOriginally published in Lone Star Literary Life The book had a good premise and fine start From has #been spectacularly compromisedOriginally published in Lone Star Literary Life The book had a good premise and #spectacularly compromisedOriginally published in Lone Star Literary Life The book had a good premise and start From I don t know what the author was thinking It felt cliched and hollow There was good potential in the early pages and then it floundered The writing style left much to be desired of the characters as there wasn t much to care about them Switching time frames and character perspectives can work but not in this boo. Hey agree to never speak of it againBut darkness returns to Wichita Falls twenty five years later and the boys now men are forced to reunite and confront the wounds from their past When their memories of that childhood summer refuse to align with reality the friends embark The Shadow at the Bottom of the World upon a search for truth that will threaten their lives and transform theirnderstanding of each other and the world itself forever.