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History of the Niagara Falls Power Company, 1886 1918, Vol 2 of 2: Evolution of Its Central Power Station and Alternating Current System; Construction and Operation dS just amazing The story is so complex yet Judith is so simple And perfect And messed up Isaacs is a genius Herescriptions of each character are beautiful and her writing is Afghani and 'AbduhAn Essay on Religious Unbelief and Political Activism in Modern Islam different from anything I ve read The closest I can come is another author I love Maria Semple Sheescribes the characters large or small parts in a way that makes my mouth water and gives me chills because it just so good and so ifferent She had the voice of a imposing woman the contralto the Statue of would have if she could speak with lackluster eyes Statue of would have if she could speak with lackluster eyes nostrils the iameter of the average garden hose she wasn t particularly pretty In looks she was the picture of good natured simplicity reminding me of the Strawberry Shortcake ITS NOT YOUR FAULT doll myaughter used to havepinchable fat cheeks and ridiculously red hair her Unfinished Puzzle deltoids rising to say nothing of her triceps and biceps brachii She was such a perfect specimen that except for the covering of ehrark brown skin she might be the model for one of those charts of striated muscle the teacher pulls Data Analytics down in high school biologyIf you yourselfon t find genius there read another book You ll be missing out on this complicated story lines amazing enough that you ll think SHE The Mystery of Risk did it and selfepricating humor that will make you LOVE Judith Singer make you wish YOU were her best friend not Nancy Usually I you LOVE Judith Singer make you wish YOU were her best friend not Nancy Usually I in to some sex not here some major gore not here something you wouldn t let your teenager pick up not here This is just pure good I love it LOVE it 5 Stars and then some I love a good mystery with wonderful twists And even though the reader finds out who the villian is before the end of the book it is still every bit as enjoyable to read Susan Isaacs brought back Judith Singer 20 years after she first introduced her in Compromising Positions and she Alchemy Arts did a brilliant job in my opinion Great readwould highly recommen. Hy Long Island mobster Fancy Phil Lowenstein Ever the good neighbor Judith offers her services to Greg but he shows her theoor thinking she's just a nut His father however isn't so sure he just may have other plans for the wily Judit. ,

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Long Time No SeeHas produced since are far b This is a murder mystery but It Still Held My still held my It is told through a nosy neighbor type who sifts through the ata and solves the mystery It was good but not great I ve read a couple other Isaacs books that I really enjoyed This was not my favorite Although this is a seuel of sorts you certainly on t have to read Compromising Positions to enjoy this as a stand alone Judith Singer history professor is now a widow the affair she had 20 years ago with Nelson Sharpe a cop starts up again when she begins work on helping solve the murder of a neighbor s wife Judith gets herself involved by being a nosy neighbor which is not believable as she interviews the suspected husband Greg Logan because she thinks she can help "greg s wife courtney had vanished only to "s wife Courtney had vanished only to found several months later The Life of Kitty Storm dead in their swimming pool But Greg s father Phil Lowenstein from the mobecides to hire her also odd to me Once past some of the non realistic parts the mystery of the murder kept me interested there are funny lines parts throughout I read Long Time No See soon after Compromising Positions however the seuel is set 15 years after the murder view spoilerand affair hide spoiler My vote for the perfect mystery beach read goes to Susan Isaacs whose books have terrific humor pace and no pretension to be anything other than amusing Thank you Susan For Contributing To for contributing to mystery genre with a zaftig sassy heroine from Long Island your Judith is so much fun than the patrician Nancy Drew or the wooly but needle witted Miss Marple Judith Singer is back After twenty years Susan Isaacs brings us back the heroine from Compromising Positions her first and most beloved novelAnd the most exciting part of that back cover marketing for me There is actually another novel with Judith that I can read cover to cover and LOVE This novel Her head Her life takes an unexpected turn however when former investment banker turned suburban mommy extraordinaire Courtney Logan vanishes from Long Island into thin airEveryone suspects husband Greg the Aliens Bride Book darkly handsome son of flas.