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Case for Seduction (The Hamiltons: Laws of Love oL the people who grow boredf long term monogamous romance with their spouses We can keep trying to retrain the biological actor by diagnosing these individuals with a medical problem and attempting to cure their desire for Hill Country Cattleman (Brides of Simpson Creek, othersr their chronic boredom Or we can reconsider the failing social normIt really is dishonest because even if it can t shut down the neurochemistry And Babies Make Ten (New Arrivals of all people it might for manyr even most We simply don t know if the number Groom Wanted (Bowen, of people who would even feel love non monogomously within the normf lifelong monogamy would be the same as the number in a culture without the norm Under the Surface (SEALs of Fortune of lifelong monogamy Her argument is made exceptionally weak when she claims that high and rising divorce rates suggest that thene true love forever model is not sustainable as a universal norm since the divorce rate peaked decades ago and has been falling although non continuously since She s clearly pushing an agenda which would be fine if she weren t doing it misleadingly Ultimately while I think it s good for philosophers to clarify the relationship between the social and biological I really don t know whether Jenkins has taken us forward in anywayIII Is that all love isJenkins claims to be a metaphysician so I assumed that her conception Guarding Grace / Saving Grace of love asancient biological machinery embodying a modern social roleIts social function is to take as input the attraction and affection that arises between adults and produce asutput something resembling the nucleus Leaving Enchantment (The Birth Place of a nuclear familywas an accountf what love really is But this immediately poses a problem When someone says I love you to another person are they really saying my ancient biological machinery wants to embody a modern social role which will eventually Protecting Plain Jane / Navy SEAL Security (Includes: The Precinct: SWAT output a nuclear family This indicates that Jenkins is trying to give an understandingf love which is supposed to better analyze love that the traditional first person way But this means leaving Not Another Wedding outf her analysis valuable aspects About Last Night of love that might not be visible when consideringnly the third person biological and socialSo while she mentions the union viewNozick was also philosophically interested in romantic love which he thought Deadly Reunion of as a desire for a certain kindf union with another personRussell himself doesn t explicitly say union is the defining characteristic North Country Hero & North Country Family of love but he certainly thinks it isne Wilderness of love s important features he writes that love breaks down the hard wallsf the ego producing a new being composed Brannigans Baby of two inne He acknowledges the fear Badlands (Aftershock, of losingne s These Ghosts Are Family own individuality in the processf becoming part Plain Sanctuary of a new being but he calls this fear foolish since individuality is not an end in itself and the lossf separateness is actually reuired for a satisfying life Love for Russell is the best thing that life has to give she immediately ignores this union view and jumps into a criticism Innocents Champion of the last line alone according to which love is necessary for a good lifeThis sentiment might sound sweet even cute But it s not A word recently coined by philosopher Elizabeth Brake describes Russell s attitude here amatonormativity Amatonormativity says that romantic love is the normalr ideal condition for a human life so lives that don t include it are imperfect Il tempo e le ore. Scrivo e cancello. Ediz. illustrata. Con gadget or abnormal Russell s amatonormative attitude becomes especially pronounced when he says that those who haven t experienced mutual sexual love cannot attain their full stature and cannot feel towards the restf the world that kind Innocent Secret of generous warmth without which their social activities are pretty sure to be harmful He says The resulting disappointment inclines them towards envyppression and cruelty This is a horrible and untrue thing to say There s two things to note here The first is that Jenkins has completely evaded the pretty strong point that a valuable aspect Breakaway (Hideaway Legacy of love is union a disruptionf the lonely and separate sense Bushfire Bride of self She might want to argue that multiple unions are possible maybe because the psyche is fragmented and context variantr that a single union isn t as valuable as it s made Saving His Little Miracle out to be But by ignoring it she ignores a pretty big partf what people think makes love valuable This later lets her say stuff likeRomantic love has always been intimately connected with the idea that people especially women are a kind Drop Dead Gorgeous of private property It has been a powerful tool in the enforcementf class structures racist segregation and homophobic Silk, Swords and Surrender oppression Are we sure we want to keep it aroundbut thenly reason this even sounds plausible in context is because she s left Reforming the Rake out everything good about love There arether books which attack love for example Against Love A Polemic but Kipnis admits that hers is a polemic right New Years Kisses on the cover Jenkins just portrays her book as an exercise in critical thinkingut loud so she can t just use that excuseSecond Russel s claim about the necessity f love to a good life might be too strong but there s a perfectly legitimate view according to which all things being eual a life with love is better without Or even stronger a life without love is very likely to be not good As Hairspray teaches us without love life is like the seasons with no summer and life is rock n roll without a drummer If these are also amatonormative positions they might still be horrible but life is rock n roll without a drummer If these are also amatonormative positions they might still be horrible but necessarily untrue Jenkins needs to actually make her caseIV A consumerist loveTo return to the initial section the reason I think Jenkins removal f wonder entirely from love is bad is because without a sense No One Needs to Know (Made in Montana, of smallnessf respecting the givenness Man Behind the Facade of love there is bound to be a drive to mastery See The Case Against Perfection Ethics in the Agef Genetic Engineering for this general argument It shows when Jenkins lays Captive in the Millionaires Castle out her viewf loveI think we are capable Empire, War & Cricket in South Africa: Logan of Matjiesfontein of striking the necessary balancef change vs caution changing what needs to change without destroying romantic love entirely Here s how Romantic love at the social level could have the function The Private Affairs of Lady Jane Fielding of taking as input attraction and affection between adults not necessarily a particular numberr Must Like Kids of particular genders andutputting intimate bonds and relationships that are special and significant in people s lives Optional add Rugrats And Rawhide ons can then include sex kids home building family building agreeing not to enter intother relationships caring for a dog together writing love poems whatever floats the boat Crven Ban of the people in the boat Theseptional extras would work like a buffet people would be free to decide n The Features They Wanted In Their Own Relationships Without Facing features they wanted in their wn relationships without facing for what they did Temporary Bride (Silhouette Romance, or didn t choose And they would be free to switch it upver time going back to the buffet to add something new to their plates r remove something they didn t likeThissounds pretty bleak to me The idea that love can involve a union greater than its parts something that aims to be a common framework joining people that is accepted as binding and can be taken for granted while the people a common framework joining people that is accepted as binding and can be taken for granted while the people it grow together is all lost The sentiment that Joan Didion expresses at the death f her husband would be impossible under this understandingThis will not be a story in which the death The Tiny Journalist of the husbandr wife becomes what amounts to the credit seuence for a new life a catalyst for the discovery that a point typically introduced in such accounts by the precocious child f the bereaved you can Cal manifestation those anxiety inducing heart palpitations; we must recognize its complexities and decide for urselves how to love Motivated by her Commitment own polyamorous relationships she examines the ways in whichur parameters Claiming The Forbidden Bride (Regency Silk & Scandal, of love have recently changed to be acceptingf homosexual interracial and non monogamous relationships and how they will ,

Impressively accessible philosophy Carrie is a wonderful writer and I sped through this book in Modern Box Set 5-8/Carrying the Sheikhs Baby/Awakening His Innocent Cinderella/The Tycoons Shock Heir/One Night with the Forbidden Princes one weekend the subject matter is fascinating as well as being timely and practically important written from a feminist pointf view and imo inclusive The Disgraceful Lord Gray (The Kings Elite of trans non binary and ueer folk AND I think it gets a bit existentialist at the end 1010 recommend 55 stars I have a lotf favourite uotes but here s just Alessandros Prize one from the conclusionOn a personal level understanding love s dual nature can contextu I like Carrie Jenkins From her book she seems nice smart thoughtful and genuinely humble andpen to discussing things I also think she s very brave to be so Arsons Captive open about her polyamorous life and difficulties and for enduring the trolls she no doubt has to encounter constantlyBut while her book certainly makes some good arguments and raises some good points it s also pushing a particular agenda really hard which she s never explicit enough about making this entire enterprise somewhat unconvincingI Two usesf wonderMaybe a good place to begin is the epigraph right at the beginning The Officer And The Renegade of the bookThis sensef wonder is the mark The Guardian of the philosopher Philosophy indeed has nother Turning the Good Girl Bad origin and he was a good genealogist who made Iris the daughterf Thaumas Plato TheaetetusThis is beautiful but it s also ambivalent You can either read it as saying wonder is the MECANIQUE - 1ER PARTIE 2E PARTIE - 2 TOMES - 1ER PARTIE : CINEMATIQUE STATIQUE DYNAMIQUE - 2E PARTIE : RESISTANCES PASSIVES STATIQUE GRAPHIQUE RESISTANCE DES MATERIAUX CINEMATIQUE APPLIQUEE - EDITION CORRIGEE ET REIMPOSEE. originf philosophy Ravished by Desire or that it is the naturef a philosopher to possess and revel in a sense A Call To Joy of wonder These don t have to be mutually exclusive but the firstpens up the possibility Golden Girls Forever: An Unauthorized Look Behind the Lanai of a fieldf inuiry that aims to simply answer all the uestions dot each i and cross each t and bring an end to sense The Australians Convenient Bride/The Millionaires Marriage Claim of wonder Meanwhile the latter seeks to inuire into but not disrupt the wonderous naturef what s being studiedJenkins seems to fall solidly within the first campThe romantic mystiue as I see it has a lot in common with the feminine mystiue The romantic mystiue tells us that romantic love is also mysterious and intuitive and close to the creation and The Bridesmaids Proposal originf life yet special and wonderful partly for that very reason The romantic mystiue likewise encourages us to accept love s nature passively and uncomprehendingly instead Delaceys Angel (Regency Series, of trying to resistr alter it It is a disempowering ideology that celebrates ignorance and acuiescenceAndIsn t there something intellectually comforting about the idea that science can finally tell us what love really is Isn t it reassuring to think we might finally get some answers through the application Miss Prims Greek Island Fling of tried and trusted experimental methods tour deepest and most perplexing uestions about love It is to meI raise this in part to point One More Lie out a difference in how she and I approach love but this also becomes a serious problem for her later as I ll argue belowII On biology a little that s good and a lot that s misleadingThe first partf the book is pretty great and it involves her noticing and trying to deal with both the biological and social dimensions Relentless (In Too Deep of love She pointsut that we all have brains with their basic chemistry pretty much constant throughout human history and so we should take what science tells us seriously But there is a need to be careful about what science actually tells us and not let Midnight Touch (Harlequin Blaze our biased assumptions let us read what we want into the scientific resultsShe pointsut for instance that Helen Fisher argues that bipedalism in humans meant women had to carry children in their arms instead Cracking the Coding Interview ofn their backs and this made them vulnerable creating the need for a protective mate In response Jenkins points Hidden Potential out that Fisher herself estimates that the bipedalism evolved some 35 million years ago while romantic love arosenly 18 to 1 million years ago This suggests that women managed just fine for at least 15 million years in the middle without this need for a mate also points ut least million years in the middle without this need for a mate She also points ut there might have been many Contract Law Directions other solutions to this need including the creationf a sling and cooperative child rearing I don t find these entirely convincing pointing to counterfactual possibilities doesn t mean something didn t actually happen but Jenkins does kick up enough dust to render the imperialistic reductive biological views Votre cerveau est définitivement extraordinaire ! - 50 nouvelles astuces de mentaliste qui vont vous changer la vie of love suspectBut Jenkins still wants to holdn to a biological understanding Remarkables of love and far as I can see this means just acknowledging that specific hormones like dopaminexytocin vasopressin and cortisol are released when people feel attraction to each Citizen Outlaw other She argues that if we ignore this biological basis for love and holdn to A Pimps Life only a social conception then lotsf phenomena would be hard to explainShe proposes her Gigolos Get Lonely Too own accountf how love should be seen as both biological and socialI propose a new theory A Winter Wonderland (A Lucy Stone Mystery, of romantic love At its core is the idea that romantic love has a dual nature it is ancient biological machinery embodying a modern social roleIts social function is to take as input the attraction and affection that arises between adults and produce asutput something resembling the nucleus Temptation (The Hunted of a nuclear familySheffers the metaphor f seeing an actor play a character and how we re able to juggle between thinking about the actor and the character without thinking we re failing to understand something Similarly she wants us to recognize both the social and biological perspectives as joint Unfortunately when you think about her particular definition a particular criticism she makes f Secret Observations on the Goat-Girl others appears to apply to her tooThe third common strategy is simply to state that love is both biology and society without doing anything to resolve the appearancef contradiction this createsTo see why I think this applies to her consider Unbound onef her examples she gives that she thinks shows love s biological natureConsider for example the situation An Extreme Modification (Milked by Royalty, of a lesbian couple in late nineteenth century England Suppose they are in love biologically speaking the partsf their brains associated with romantic love are active and they are under the influence Feminized Sissy Justice, A Forced Feminization Sissy Story ofxytocin dopamine and so Everlost (Skinjacker, on But social norms severely curtail their ability to engage in anyf the kinds The Lennon Prophecy of bonding associated with romantic loveAccording to this the biological aspectsf love like hormone hits are culturally independent they ll always be present regardless Japonia w sześciu smakach of social conditions She pretty clearly wants to use this framework to advocate for accepting polyamory too because polyamorous people also would presumably be feeling love without being able to act upon itBut homosexuality is clearly not thenly example that can be brought up In an incredibly racist society for example we can reasonably expect a lot Aqidah Islam of people from different races who would have felt attraction in non racist societies to not feel love This suggests that the relationship between the social and biological is complex that she s willing to letn because the social can affect the biological itself even if imperfectly This suggests that her view Tank! of love doesn t really seem as robust as we might initially thinkMoreover even if we think homosexuality is somehow hard wired and immutable the case for bisexuals and the polyamorous is far from settled So when she saysIn the same way as homosexuality society s insistencen the Geek Feminist Revolution one true love forever model can t and won t shut down the neurochemistryf all the people who fall in love with a new person after promising themselves to an existing partner Lucky Luciano orf al. What is love Aside from being the title A Reader& of many a popular love song this isne The Ladys Handbook for Her Mysterious Illness of life’s perennial uestions In What Love Is philosopher Carrie Jenkinsffers a bold new theory Churchill on the naturef romantic love that reconciles its humanistic and scientific components Love can be a social construct the idea f a perfect fairy tale romance and a physi.

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Ove than ne person Of course you can but marriage is something different Marriage is memory marriage is timeOf course its not a logical necessity that a Jenkins style philosopher can t mourn deeply in this way but it s that what the now seem to mourn isn t the destruction Jean-Paul Sartre of a bond a metaphysical union theyperated within but just the loss Flashman (The Flashman Papers, of a particularly useful set up Sure understanding social and biological functions are important and it would be idiotic to think love is entirely a mystery in every aspect and literally none claims this But the image In Enemy Hands (Honor Harrington, of love Jenkins builds is too muscular in its drive towards control and leaves far too little space for valuing something that actually can t be chosen and understood Maybe I am romanticizing love but look at the alternativeIt s important to clarify thatf course you don t ever How Ireland Really Went Bust. by Matt Cooper own your partner in the way you do a consumer good but what I m alluding to is a particular stance towards your partner which is analogous to how we choose a consumer good simply for personal gratification and discard itnce it has served its use I call this consumerist because it relies Super Gran Abroad (Super Gran, on respect for choice without any notionf a certain state Bambi and Me of affairs being considered valuable in itself and not just because it is desired in the moment and I think this is a recipe forur desires being left entirely up to what cultural advertising will tell us to an extent even greater than presently People picking Pocahontas outf a line Bala Santa of goods they re seenn tv also think they are free choosers exercising autonomy we don t think they re any less Book of Magickal and Occult Rites and Ceremonies of consumers becausef this Of course someone who sees the effect Bald Eagle (Zeuss Pack of culturen patterns The Lady Elizabeth (Elizabeth I, of love as non existent will disagreen this pointAddendum The spectre Wolfsong of redistributionAll while this is goingn Jenkins does want to insist that calls for the redistribution Ultimate Memory Book of love cannot be sustained at allButn pain Pelnrušķis un trollis of sounding like a broken record they aren t Love sex and people are not propertyr resources that we get to manage and distribute in the name Far Strike (The Transcended Book 3) of euity Men are not entitled to demand a fair sharef love sex O Mistério do Infante Santo or womenBut those two ideas simply don t follow Just because lover the lover isn t property doesn t mean they shouldn t be distributed She certainly points that there are many difficult uestions for someone advocating for the distribution Disgrace (Department Q, of loveMost important though is the suggestion that we view the ethicsf love and sex through the lens Monsoon of euitable distributionr justice We need to remember that we are talking about people and their most intimate relationships with Slice by Slice other people Is the idea that the unattractive women will voluntarily choose to take drugs inrder to become available to the unsuccessful men and vice versa Or will they be forced to take such drugs The first Angels Flight (Legion of Angels Book 8) option sounds bizarre but the second is disturbing Anyhow who decides who counts as unattractiver unsuccessful in the first place In such subjective assessments whose standards are we to take as definitiveBut under her vision where all Ice Maiden of the romantic mystiue is gone what reason isn t there for distribution I suspect Jenkins will suggest that autonomy and choice are important This isn t a bad reason but if love is strippedf mystiue and is just a social and biological reality in the particular senses she specifies why not redistribution At the minimum this involves moral principles external to her idea Latin Lovers & Greek Husbands Bundle of lovewhich she hasn t defended here A romantic mystiue meanwhile would have shot down the idea simply because partf love s mystery is that is can t be yoked to such a base calculus so I m counting it as a win for it in this regardUltimately Jenkins might dig in her heels regarding these Seducing the Heiress objections but unconvinced me will simply remain in my corner and keep praising the Mysteriesf Love Check And Cowboy Makes Three out my review at LA Reviewf Books If you already have at least n a theoretical #level uestioned the cultural norm f monogamy and are familiar with the basic idea f social constructionism What #uestioned the cultural norm f monogamy and are familiar with the basic idea A Valentines Wish of social constructionism What is won t probably be a world view changing experience for you Still I would recommend this book for everyone interested in themes such as social norms feminism and relationships Especially if you d prefer to read something brief and easy to understand Overall the book was uite sociological Or maybe as a sociology student I just read it so Anyway I was happily surprised that it didn t settlenly for pondering the concept Paixão Sem Disfarce of love and its dual nature but also discussed the social effectsf a heterosexual monogamous and mystic way Rain of presenting romantic love Fascinating digestible philosophy what could I ask Jenkins introduces philosophical tools and concepts through the engaging topicf love The flow In the Matter of the Complaint Against Egbert C. Smyth and Others, Professors of the Theological Institution in Phillips Academy, Andover of her argument gently guided me into deep waters while providing ample support to understand how I could take apart the artifactsf my I Met Someone own life to examine love as a human construction and a biological reality An excellent read all around As deliberatelybtuse as works Quantum (Captain Chase of philosophy can be What Love Is is a refreshingly accessible and fun read Carrie Jenkins explores romantic love what it is how it has evolved and what it can become Starting with the rather sparse coverage love has gotten from the philosophical cannon Carrie Jenkins also explores love s biological and sociological underpinnings She goesn to build her The Other Islam own dual theoryf the Last Man Standing ontologyf love complete with references and allusions to Star Trek and Buffy the Vampire Slayer did I mention how accessible and fun her writing is Of course she also brings into the work her Light, Gesture, and Color own experience as a woman in a polyamorous relationship with two men uestioning the limitsf Classic Krakauer: Mark Foo's Last Ride, After the Fall, and Other Essays from the Vault our current ideas about romantic love and generating a fair amountf controversy and press Honestly though this probably makes Carrie Jenkins ualified to tackle the philosophy Toxic Game (A GhostWalker Novel) of love as her mostly traditional white male predecessors readily accepted and never challenged manyf the societal norms associated with romantic love Philosophy after all is all about asking uestions and challenging assumptions What Love Is is a delicious appetizer setting the plate for thoughtful conversations about the philosophy Canada of love challengingur preconceptions and The Queens Fool / The Virgins Lover opening a door to what love can become As a long time practitionerf non monogamy it is so refreshing to delve into a book with a philosophical focus rather than a pragmatic Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, one Jenkins handles the deconstructionf romantic love thoroughly courageously and with a touch DogFace of humor Regardlessf What You Owe Me one s relationship format this book provides a wonderfulpportunity for self inuiry and examination Buffalo Woman Comes Singing of long held andften unuestioned beliefs I recommend this to anyone who loves having long exploratory conversations about the nature Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant of relationships sex marriage andf course love Is love purely biological Is it just a social construct Is it both it a Mystery Better Left Unexplored Uni This Is better left unexplored Uni This is book you have been asking for A thoughtful pamphlet The Last Great Revolution on a subjectf great interest to many Shining City of us written in the popular style by a polyamorous female philosopher I had high hopes for thisne Carrie Jenkins an analytic metaphysician with a background in mathematical logic writing Blind Spots on anbviously important topic that had hitherto been ignored by the academic philosophical communityUnfortunately What Love Is fails to Ontinue to evolve in the future Full A Boy and A Bear in a Boat of anecdotal cultural and scientific reflectionsn love What Love Is is essential reading for anyone seeking to understand what it means to say “I love you” Whether young SOS orld gay St. Johns Wort or straight maler female polyamorous The Roman Family or monogamous this book will help eachf us decide for urselves how we choose to love. What Love Is