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Til Death Do Us Part (Vows, #1)To take a huge step with someone else Nash a sweet man who you ll wind up feeling so much for everything gets turned upside down again Between the intensity of Henry and his companions trying to stay alive on a deserted island the heartbreak Sam goes through thinking he s lost Henry and finally the upheaval once they are reunitedI absolutely could not ut this story down It was Utterly Captivating And Made For An Amazing Read Even Though captivating and made for an amazing read Even though the majority of the story Sam and Henry are apart the way it is told with the chapters before the rescue starting off with a flashback to a oint in time in their relationship that lines up with the time from which Henry s flight crashes so for instance day one in their ast is the day they met in the Margery Meets the Roses present is the day thelane goes down is uniue and keep you thoroughly invested in the story It lets you learn about how their relationship starts and develops while at the same time showing how they deal with the resent day situation and ultimately enforcing and reinforcing "their utter devotion to each otherYou already know but this was a 5 star read for " utter devotion to each otherYou already know but this was a 5 star read for and it s also going on my Top Recommendations list I highly recommend this story for any MM romance fan and while there is not much intimate content and honestly this story works very well with the small amount it does have it is still meant for readers 18 for adult language and some light intimate scenes I really did love this story and I can t wait to keep reading the series especially to find out what happens with Nash This was a really cute story that I would encourage everyone to readIt might suffer a little bit from the unfortunate timing of the release coming so close after Keira Andrews Beyond The Sea which it ains to me to have to admit is much betterBut this one is a little bit different the romance doesn t take The Wapshot Scandal place on the island but is rather about a couple who is separated and what happens during that timeIt s an imperfect story For one the dialogue doesn t feel natural The MC is a marine biologist and so he knows a lot of sciencey stuff that comes in handy on the island The way heresents it sounds like he s reading from a text book if that were the extent of it that would be fine Some The NIGHT. Erotischer Roman people just talk like that But every conversation felt like that For example there was one conversation between the three guys on the island where they were discussing the likelihood of being found. Mmitted to each other in marriage ’Til Death Do Us Part The dream is shattered when Henry’slane crashes and he’s resumed dead But four eople Henry two other men and a child survive undetected on a remote small and insignificant island Will Sam and.

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And they were talking about where the lane went down and what the search radius be For some reason one of them happens to know what the VELOCITY OF THE PLANE WOULD HAVE of the Die fremde Stadt: Breslau nach 1945 plane would have and another knows what direction they were going because while everything was exploding around them he opened a compass app on his ipad And the final one a college student on a football scholarship just happens to remember that he once read about a search where the radius was 100000 suare miles so they figure they re within that and they ll be rescued eventually It was just stuff like that that seemed odd to meAnotherroblem was the lack of urgency I felt about the survivors on the island They all just seemed really blas about the whole thing I never felt the fear or the desperation or the struggle There was never a shortage of food no one ever got sick they never ran out of water There seemed to be very little learning curve for any of them about how to survive They just didI also didn t feel that t I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI stayed up until 230am reading this book and made it about 60% and then my body rebelled and demanded I sleep If I could have I would have read this all night I couldn t ut it downOMG I LOVED THIS BOOK Let s start with the easy stuff I have never read anything by this author before and that s always scary because you never know what to expect The summary of this book as well as others reviews led me to believe that the story was going to be amazing so I took a shot It was truly beautiful The writing was very well done The story structure was SPOT ON The characters were developed and believable As the summary says Henry and Sam are are living the dream They are deeply in love they like each other on top of that they both enjoy their jobs have a nice home and a good circle of family and friends Then tragedy strikes Henry s commercial flight crashes view spoilerdue to a bomb hide spoiler I m giving it the full five stars because I not only loved it I also think I ll remember it foreverI ve read less than a handful of books with the stranded on a desert island survival trope But I ve loved and remembered every single one of themThis one was both incredibly romantic and incredibly realistic It kept my stomach tied up in knots the entire time It brought tears to my eyes And joy to my heartAn incredible story of love loss survival and second chances. Henry’s love be able to survive as well Henry fights to endure in harsh conditions never knowing when disaster will strike Sam struggles with his loss but with help moves on with his life Will Sam be able to ut aside his new love when he reunites with Hen. ,