PDF/EPUB [金瓶梅 Jīn Píng Méi] by Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng

金瓶梅 Jīn Píng Méi

Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng ☆ 3 eview

Oarded and the separation and death of his longest book i have ead in the book I have Lassie Come-Home read in the than 1300 pages but if you want to know what lifeeally was like in the late 1500s in China you should ead it This great Chinese pornographic classic is a spin off of a favorite passage and beloved character in Shui Hu Chuan The Water Margin Probably the word pornographic is informative enough but the juicy bits in this translation are in Latin which is pretty funny Beyond that the family life described in this novel is fascinating and complex The characters are complex and interesting and the ending of the novel is nothing if not edemptive As someone who has St Lucy's Home For Girls Raised By Wolves read fewer than 20 works from theegion I am going to take the liberty of saying that Chin P ing Mei provides a good introduction to the literature of the Far East Chin P ing Mei written in China in the 16th Century eminds me of the Dream of the Red Chamber written in China in the 18th Century and The Tale of Genji written in Japan in the 12th CenturyIn all three novels most of the action takes place in a noble household The dominant struggle is amongst the various wives and concubines of the family head who fight to establish a place in the domestic pecking order As in any war anything is game Psychological cruelty is the dominant weapon but physical violence poisons and other tools are often esorted to Needless to say under these conditions the innocent are crushed and the evil triumph The atmosphere is always claustrophobic Despite a general drift towards disaster there are many li. E academic tradition of disassociating one's self from erotica in any form Western scholars will often compare this book with Don uixote and other non English masterpieces of a certain age To which we at Silk Pagoda eply considering that Jin Ping Mei comes to us as par. ,
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It was the third Chinese novel of The pl iade collectionI believe that there is nothing difficult than to #Write An Erotic Novel It #an erotic novel It necessary to cause the desire without being vulgar nor idiculous Such a Chinese novel of the XVII wakes up in us interest That evokes a torrid erotism efined with a little perversion At the beginning I finded enough that been *Successful Well Uickly That Becomes * Well uickly that becomes and slightly tedious As much there are of them 2 volumes of than 1000 each one pages I did not exceed a few hundreds of pages because boredom uickly gained I do not Think To Read It Again One Day One Of The to ead it again one day One of the Chinese literary classics for eaders who are governed by their aesthetic ather than libidinal self I Blessed Are the Wicked read it when I was 29 and I felt both aesthetic beauties and libidinalestlessness during the eading Now a decade passed only the former left and took deep oots in my mind I shall ead it again Imagine a time when wealth allowed you To be married to all the women you could support What if you liked a married woman with total impunity you could kill her husband and marry her What if you liked one not in love with you you could take it as your property To have an aphrodisiac such that you could satisfy all your wives and also lovers of turn without problemAll this happens in Lang Ling Xiaoxiaosheng s wonderful novel The Golden Lotus A book little known in the West and eally a pornographic book for its detailed descriptionsThe story of the evil of Ximen ing until his death and the total destruction of all the iches he The fullest translation of Jin Ping Mei available in English This edition was derived from the Egerton translation minus the Latin with a few euphemisms thrown in but is considerably complete than the Olympia Press version most Westerners are familiar with Given the fin. Ght and comic momentsWhat is different about Chin P ing Mei is the total absence of human decency in any of the main protagonists who are absence of human decency in any of the main protagonists who are capricious and irresponsible Unlike those in The Dream of the Red Chamber and the Tale of Genji the principal characters in Chin P ing Mei have no interest in poetry or the arts Their sole interest outside of bullying those close *to them is having sex as freuently and with as many partners as possible Thus at the end of the * them is having sex as freuently and with as many partners as possible Thus at the end of the when they have all come to bad ends one feels elieved that divine etribution has finally been meted out In contrast at the end of the Dream of the #red chamber and the tale of genji one #Chamber and the Tale of Genji one melancholy for the suffering that the characters have had to endureAll three novels paint a similar view of the political structure of the society The Emperor through his immediate entourage is an absolute tyrant The only skill that counts is in currying favour with those in higher positions In addition to flattery and obseuiousness paying large bribes is also necessary to obtain what one wantsI think that some esearch should be done before selecting a translation I gather in some translations the mind numbing seuence of sexual encounters have an erotic uality The Kuhn Miall translation that I Grauwacht read describes the novel as the Chinese Decameron and the work indeedeads like a collection of dirty stories I consider the Kuhn Miall approach to highly appropriate Afterall what else should a translator do with a work in which the hero dies from an overdose of aphrodisiac pills. T of a literary cycle Outlaws of the Marsh and is primarily a fin de siecle omance with adultery as key theme the book it best compares to is of course Mort d'Arthur and Jin Ping Mei's author should be celebrated for unlike Mallory experiencing life outside prison wall. ,