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The threats against Iris but he wants to be a part of it which is fine with Joss Since the moment the two of them meet there are sparks They are attracted to each other but they both try and hold back and not o anything about it They have a job to Academia Nuts do and they need to focus on trying to figure out who is responsible for the threats Joss also hold back because she is not sure she wants to pursue something with Ethan She hold back a little afraid to let someone in and sheoesn t know if she wants a relationship She also oesn t know if "she can o casual no strings either Ethan is not looking for "can History of the Niagara Falls Power Company, 1886 1918, Vol 2 of 2: Evolution of Its Central Power Station and Alternating Current System; Construction and Operation do casual no strings either Ethan is not looking for relationship either He is not a player or anything he is just a guy If he finds someone he is interested he is not opposed to a relationship but he is not searching it out either Joss makes him want to get to know her better She makes him want to see where this goes between them after they catch the bad guyThey are very sweet together They try to noto anything until they close the case but they just can t help it They are working together and hanging out together and they just really like each other I really liked them together Ethan is so sweet with Joss and they were just great together My favorite thing about them They seem like normal people Like someone I would hang out with in real life I really liked that They are an FBI agent and an ex marine security guy but they just seem really Afghani and 'AbduhAn Essay on Religious Unbelief and Political Activism in Modern Islam down to earth like normal people I loved thatSo they work together and become closer and it was just really a nice story The secondary characters Iris and Don Iidn t like as much They were a bit too much for me at times but they seem to be there for comedic relief Sometimes it was fine but if the book was just about them they were the main characters I Rehab Doesnt Work - Ibogaine Does don t think I could get through it They just weren t for me but they were find as secondary charactersSo overall I really enjoyed this book I thought it was going to be insta love and instead I got slow relationship building which I lobed When you find out who it is and why it is just like really and Ethan even thinks it is a joke when Joss tells him But it makes sense at the same time Itoesn t seem cheesy or anything it seems realistic even if the reason is a bit ridiculous A great readThis review was originally posted to Jen in Bookland A fast paced thrillingly romantic mystery The characters are well ITS NOT YOUR FAULT drawn and stay with the reader long after finishing the book A fun read and a fantasticebut I really enjoyed reading about Joss and Ethan and their budding attraction alongside the action intrigue and anger they face while trying to protect those that are closest to her Great characters and a fast paced storyline that takes place in the bigger than life city of lights Las Vegas Thank you to Silvia Ami for trusting me to read your baby Fast paced with a slow burn Silvia Ami gives us a an exciting for trusting me to read your baby Fast paced with a slow burn Silvia Ami gives us a an exciting with plenty of intrigue an FBI agent a former Marine Vegas showgirls and angerous plot that has to be uncovered and a romance between Joss and Ethan who fight their attraction as hard as they work to solve the threats. Si Data Analytics di fronte all'operai uno stalker The Mystery of Risk dovrà affrontare un attentato terroristico un tentato omicidio e Ethan Gallagher ex marine e attuale capoella sicurezza Alchemy Arts del Desert Casino Mentre il fascinoell'evanescente città Yo salí del abismo del peccato non sortisce alcune effetto sui lei lo stesso non si può The Life of Kitty Storm direell'uomo con il uale all'improvviso si trova a investigareJoss ha bisogno i Ethan e lui in cambi. Against their friend An exciting and steamy ebut novel I really enjoyed this Therapy of Love debut novel by Silvia Ami I would categorize it as being both a plot and a characterriven story There was great intrigue in the mystery behind who was behind the scheme to harm Iris friend of both of the main characters Also we had the wonderful unfolding of a romance between Ethan and Joss These two were instantly Connecting in College drawn to one another and that concerned me initially However the attractionid not translate into a uick hop into bed Oh no They fought that lovebug like two gladiators Both characters had come through some very ifficult experiences in life and arrived at a place where

They Were Navigating Life With 
were navigating life with caution and some serious metaphorical body armor So we had their primary focus on solving the problem of eliminating the threat of harm to Iris Throughout this endeavor while working together they continued to experience that physical and emotional pull to one another It was so much fun I really loved the ialogueI was very amused by the antics of the group of friends and I hope that Silvia will give us books in the future that will feature these other charactersthey were BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 2 (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 2: Billionaires Secret Baby (BWWM Interracial African American Romance Urban Baby Romance Short Stories) delightful The suspenseful nature of the story was on the lower end of theial but that The Passport That Does Not Pass Ports didn t bother me I was invested in the mystery and interested to find out whodunit Iefinitely cheered for our couple to have their happy ending I was pleased with the tempo of the entire story Bravo on your first novel Ms Ami I will be looking forward to the next I was kindly provided with a copy by the author in exchange of an honest reviewAn intense suspense and sweet romance Full review is also published on my blog s a ebut novel by Silvia Ami and I was "provided a copy in exchange of an honest review I rather enjoyed this complex romantic suspense storyThe romance was strong and "a copy in exchange of an honest review I rather enjoyed this complex romantic suspense storyThe romance was strong and burning and the chemistry between Ethan and Joss was great The mystery element was also well one and kept me guessing till the very end I appreciate the strong and professional heroine and the hero who respected her professionalism and tough exterior which hid a tender heart There was no unnecessary Southern Women at the Seven Sister Colleges Feminist Values and Social Activism 1875 1915 drama and angst in their relationship though there was a lot of going back and forth between them before they came together as a team not just professionally but also as a couple The chemistry and the sexual tension between Ethan and Joss was just sizzling and i couldn t wait for them to get togetherI had some issues with flow of the story it read as choppy and not very smooth at times but still I liked it a lot I couldn t really warm up to Dom and Iris They were good friends to Joss and Ethan and Iris was central to the suspense plot yet Iidn t feel invested in their story Overall it was a fast paced romantic suspense with very real and likable characters It was easy for me to relate to them and I rooted for their HEA from the start I loved the refreshing heroine a strong professional woman who knew who she was and what she wanted and the sensible sexy hero who was protective and caring without coming off as oppressive. O le chiede soltanto teachers Manual African American Literature di condividere tutti i particolariell'indagine Lei però è una maniaca Agricultural Innovation in the Early Islamic World del controllo e tra contrasti e attrazione voleranno inevitabilmente scintille Messa alle strettealla minaccia incombente a Joss non resterà altro DYA (1933-1939) (Libros sobre el Opus Dei) da fare che appianare leivergenze e sfruttare la sintonia che si è creata tra loro per poter mettere le mani sul colpevole prima che sia troppo tard. Terrific Debut Novel Take is a romantic suspense novel penned by promising newcomer Silvia Ami Take follows Joss and Ethan as they attempt to iscover who is threatening to kill Joss best friend while trying to ignore the growing attraction between them I admit that I am not normally a fan of suspensemysterycrime "novels I I wrote it and honestly I like it D Fun fast paced fantastic read Take is "I I wrote it and honestly I like it D Fun fast paced fantastic read Take is Ami s ebut novel and she s off to a great start I very much enjoyed reading about how Joss and Ethan went after the bad guy Highly recommend it for those of you that like a little actionmystery with your romance Intrigue wrapped in mystery with a smoldering romance TAKE has it all When a group of Vegas showgirls are threatened repeatedly through anonymous notes FBI agent Joss and hotel security chief Ethan team up to try and figure out the identity of the perpetratorAn undeniable attraction between Joss and Ethan burns low and slow but with their attention reuired on the task at hand they can t seem to act on it Frustration grows with the case when they identify potential suspects and then clear them one by one all while the culprit becomes bolder in attack tactics against the New Writing, New Approaches (African Literature Today, Vol. 12) dance company Silvia Amioes an amazing job with story and character Culture and Development in Africa (Comparative Studies in African/Caribbean Literature Series) development She provides bits and pieces of information strategically so the plot moves seamlessly while keeping the reader guessing whodunit and when are Joss and Ethan going too it While the entire book is fast paced covering only a handful of The Alien Huntress Series Alien Huntress days from start to finish the way it is written makes it feel as though it takes place over a longer time The amount ofetail provided makes the rapid progression of the yarn amble at a rate that lets the reader absorb it without feeling rushed and the Activism and the American Novel dialog iselightfully realistic A very pleasurable read with a nice twist at the end When I first started reading Take I thought oh I am not going to like this The attraction between the main characters was too much and seemed like it would just be an insta love story with just lots of sex You know one of those romances that love is really just physical attraction and nothing Thankfully this book uickly proved me wrong and was a great readJoss is an FBI agent on vacation visiting with her best friend Iris When Iris life is threatened Joss takes over the investigation in Las Vegas Joss Iris and Don Iris boyfriend have been best friends for a long time They grew up together and have kept in touch ever since Joss has had some not so good things happen in her past that make her keep people at a Agriculture at a Glance Revised Edition distance and it can be hard to get close to her but she always tries to be there for her friend She is also a smart female main character which is so refreshing When Iris tries to be stupid and not tell the guys what is going on Joss is just like nope They need to know we need to tell them so they can help keep you safe I was just like yes Thank you for not being the idiot femaleEthan is a former marine and security manager where Irisances and where Don is in charge He A Love No Less Two Centuries of African American Love Letters doesn t mind Joss being in charge of the investigation into. Joss Dubois è un'agenteell'FBI indipendente Places of Their Own: African American Suburbanization in the Twentieth Century (Historical Studies of Urban America) determinata e con un'abnegazione assoluta per il suo lavoro Poche persone fanno parteella sua cerchia The Arcav Kings Mate (Arcav Alien Invasion di amici e a lei va bene così uando unai loro la star The Billionaires Arranged Baby 3 di unoei più famosi spettacoli i Las Vegas viene minacciata con elle lettere anonime Joss non esita a trasferirsi all'altro capo el Paese per proteggerlaUna volta là anziché trovar. ,

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