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Rule by SecrecyIsm ranges from the far right to the far left showing aspects of a common analysis and critiue of real problems His arcane references may inspire further study of obscure but often important subjects Have you ever wondered why so many conspiracy theories exist Have you ever thought that there are conspiracy theorists than knowledgable people in America Have you ever complained that the rich keep getting richer and the poor keep getting poorer Have you ever heard the poor efend the wealthy and wonder why Have you ever wondered if today s mindset was prevalent À quoi rêvent les algorithmes during the 1930 s would we have nation highway systems orams that power massive areas of the country OrAre you making less than 100000 annually yet you feel that the rich should not pay taxes Do you complain about things like food stamps and public welfare even HEAP while you take the BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 40 (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 40: Billionaires Secret Baby (Interracial African American Romance Urban Baby Romance Short Stories) dependent examptions or claim child care expenses on your annual tax statement Have you never realized that these tax exemptions are in reality public welfare have you actually looked into how little someone is forced to live on if they have lost their jobs and run out of unemployment without realizing your tax exemptions offer than their annual income Have you listened to Newt Gingrich complain that those participating in the occupy Wall Street protests are using parks and rest rooms that theyidn t pay for hmmmm if you agree than something is wrong taxes pay for these parks and restrooms Have you ever complained about your neighbor receiving foodstamps that he Spare the Child: The Religious Roots of Punishment and the Psychological Impact of Physical Abuse doesn teserve because he makes so little in his annual income that he Managing Activism A Guide to Dealing with Activists and Pressure Groups doesn t pay income tax without thinking that if he owns a home he is paying local county and town taxes or when he shops he is paying sales tax Have you ever complained that people expect too much without thinking that a first time elected official Congress or Senate starts with an annual salarry of 174000 plus benefits and expenses the same public officials that want to cut spending for the poor OrAre you a person who complains about anything thateals with the poor whicle claiming to be a Christian Do you read the Bible and skim over the words that 10% of the crops are to be set aside for the poor Or Are you simply a person who sits back and wonders where Faith Into Action: Thoughts on Selected Topics did this mindset come from Read this book buton t stop there read the books from the bibliography and Alien Generals Chosen Brion Brides do so with an open mind stop accepting and start uestioning Let s get this out of the way first This book is Conspiracy Theory 101 from start to finish It s also probably mostly bullshit For that reason it s hard to review or rate Have you ever wondered What secrets connect Egypt s Great Pyramids the Freemasons the Illuminati and the Council on Foreign Relations Of course you have This uestion burns at the core of every sentient human being I have to admit I m torn between giving this book one star or five As a thought exercise it s fun as hell and there s undoubtedly some spooky unexplainable things covered in Rule by Secrecy But let s put Jim Marrs into perspective here His website and his own other writings reveal he s a firm believer in a plot involving the US government to stage the 911 terror attacks Tell me something someone please If our government was competent enough to fake something like that why couldn t they fake finding a nuclear bomb in Ira or even airty bomb or hell even a bunch of blow Academic Motherhood: How Faculty Manage Work and Family darts tipped with Ebola Something to justify it You know a couple of covert CIA agents plant a nuclear bomb in a bunker and all of a sudden the war seems justified and everyone calmsown It Alcohol Fuel: A Guide to Making and Using Ethanol as a Renewable Fuel d certainly go a long way toward promoting this terrible conspiracy Marrs sees everywhere God it would have been so easy to pull off and a brilliant if totally amoral tactical move Certainly it would have been easier to keep uiet than the full conspiracy Marrs believes has been hidden from us Which brings me back to Rule by Secrecy The same people Marrs believes that rule the world and planned 911 are connected through the CIA Johnson who killed Kennedy the Council on Foreign Relations a few elite banking institutions and universities the bloodline of Jesus Templars Nazis the Russian Revolution the American Civil War the Vatican and oh aliens Who built and or inspired the building of the Pyramids in Egypt By Freemasons Or something I could add Papa Smurf to the list and it wouldn t be any less surreal or plausible It s all far far too complex Nothing like this could ever be kept secret Surely even the evil overlords of this plot would be too fucking confused by their own conspiracy to ever get around to ruling the world And these organizations he implicates can barely pave roads or overthrow third world governments without a subseuent Senate investigation *Nevermind that many of his arguments are based onocuments that are long since proven *that many of his arguments are based on ocuments that are long since proven be hoaxes or lies his arguments are based on ocuments that are long since proven be hoaxes or lies strings together bits of actual fact with fanciful storytelling to make it sound like the Bush family sold gas Greenes Farevvell to Follie Sent to Courtiers and Scholers, as a President to Warne Them from the Vaine Delights, That Drawes Youth on to Repentance. Robert Greene. Vtriusq[ue] Academia in Artibus Magister. (1617) directly to the Nazis to fulfill an alien agenda as ancient as Christ Rule by Secrecy is fun but maybe not entirely sane Conspiracy theories like this are terrifying but comforting They let us pretend there s something than human hate and incompetence running the world It s a lot comforting to think LBJ was cunning enough to get away with killing Kennedy than to know how terrified and confused Johnson really was at the time It s comforting to think there s a conspiracy than to think nobody in the entire world really has a handle on things Rule by Secrecy would make a great movie but Ion t know that it flies as research or a provable thesis I Dare To Be Hero do wonder though if Marrs isn t aisinformation agent working for some shadowy intelligence service This kind of stuff is great for getting people to look in all the wrong Sedition and Alchemy: A Biography of John Cale directions That s why the CIA invented Scientology Now that would be a great fucking storyNC I cannot say enough about the late great Jim Marrs I have read a few of his books Great legacy of books he graced us with Lots of information of how the shadowy world worksReligion could be Re Legion Return of Rome Rising from the ashes Like a Phoenix What is considered pagan by religion was just culture There was no religion in the ancient past only culture Now those ancient cultures have been hacked as in severed and now religion calls them cults So culture became cult when religion was bornAny type of order where one human hasominion over another is against universal law Order #is against nature nature is chaos Beautiful chaos There are no straight lines in nature nature is not #against nature nature is chaos Beautiful chaos There are no straight lines in nature nature is not one becomes part of a collective wearing a uniform and following orders one is. Llers; Morgans; Rothschilds; Secrets of money the Federal Reserve System; Empire building; The Royal Institute of Internat'l Affairs round tables; Rhodes Ruskin; Skull Bones; Tax exempt foundations alphabet agencies; It's news to us; Commentary The fingerprints of conspiracy Report from Iron Mountain; Persian Gulf; Who pays the tab; Vietnam; JFK opposed globalists; All the way with LBJ; Trading with the enemy; Korea; Rise of the Nazi cult; Theosophists Thulists other cultists; The Leader arrives; Hitler's support group; Hitler's fortune turns; Japan against the wall; WWII; Business as usual; WWI; A stimulus for war; The Russian Revolution; The rise of communism; Commentary Rebellion revo. Spoiler alert According to Marrs the Secret of Secrets at the very top of the conspiratorial pyramid is the knowledge that humankind is not alone in the universe and nonhuman intelligences most probably had a hand in our creation Th I almost forgot this one Thanks Nathan This book takes the concept of conspiracy theory to an entirely The (Underground) Railroad in African American Literature different plane of existence It starts in the presentay Council on Forein Relations Bilderburgers Trilateral Commission etc and goes back through time all the way back to Mesopotamian culture and ideas of aliensI have to admit that I really had to process this one for a couple of Handbook for Teaching African Literature African Writers days It tripped me out a little bit but it s an entertaining read and Jim Marrs is a likable author whooesn t hit you over the head with anything No matter how seriously you take it you will think about things from a Indiras Objective Agronomy MCQs for Agricultural Competitive Examinations different perspective I thought that this book was brilliant though very controversial it gives an insight to how blind we can all be sometimes Think about it we as humans realized that we could manipulate each other thousands of years ago hence marking the beginning of Secret SocietiesI know it s what you choose to believe but for those of you who are curious look up the factsI m not going to spoil the book for anyone who hasn t read it but ill give you an example of what the surface is all about So we have a great Crime possibly one of the greatest crimes ever The Holocaust BUT there is ALWAYS another side to an eual sign so we have The Holocaust Nazi Third Reich rightNow get this President John F Kennedy Lee Harvey Oswald Doesnt make sense such a great President that can never be over shadowed by just a manSo really its President John F Kennedy Conspiracy AssassinationMake senseRead the book The beauty of any book written by Jim Marrs is that even at a hardcover price it s well worth the investment Marrs manages to pack his books ALIEN AGENDA and RULE BY SECRECY especially full of f Marrs gets through a little over half of this bookoing a great job of exposing the new world order reminding me of a newer up to The Great Black Way: L.A. in the 1940s and the Lost African-American Renaissance date version of None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen He exposes the CFR Trilateral Commision Bilderbergers the Federal Reserve and that all roads lead to oligarchal business and banking families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers Marrs also shows the role that was played by these people in fomenting funding and profiting from both sides of almost all major wars going back to theays of Napoleon He A New Reader's Guide to African Literature doesrop the ball when he briefly Story Alchemy Authors Craft Book 2 discusses Nazi Occultism and uses idiots like Trevor Ravenscroft and Peter Lavenda as sources From there he shows the role played by Masonic secret socieities in the French revolution what is known about the Bavarian Illuminati and a few other secret societies After that he goes into Knights TemplarMerovingian BloodlinePriory of Scion territory which while that stuff is interesting and should be studied its all just conjecture Actually those topics have became a whole genre onto themselves in recent years Besides that I ve always thought that Priory of Scion lists that the authors of Holy Blood Holy Grail got ahold of were either an out and out hoax perpetrated by the authors of Holy Blood Holy Grail or put out as intentionalisinformation by somebody trying to mislead them and the public After the Merovingian stuff Marrs gets way out there by going into SitchenVon Daniken territory Here is where Marrs really loses me Maybe I missed something but is he claiming that this is the hidden knowledge that the secret societies of the world elites hold That the true origins of the human race are that we are hybridized creations of aliens from another planet Hey I m not an atheist and I believe in a lot of stuff that the average person would consider pretty far out but this is just a bit much even for me I m familar with Marrs work and he s a very well researched Oral and Written Poetry in African Literature Today down to earth guy normally so it really surprised me that he included this in Rule by Secrecy Especially considering I ve heard him on radio shows several times making fun of David Ickes wacky reptilian theories But that aside I still recomend reading this book if not buying it if you can get it for cheap because whats good in this is great Just take a few things especially the last chapter with a few thousand grains of salt If one tenth of the theories proposed in this book are true the world I once knew is gone for good Even if the other nine tenths are outright lies they still make for some of the best stories I ve ever heard I recommend that every American at least read the section on the Federal Reserve Then treat yourself to wwwzeitgeistmoviecom Sit back for two hours and prepare to have your awareness expanded Go on Try it You BWWM (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 89 (Interracial African American Billionaire Baby Romance Marriage Urban) 89: Billionaires Secret Baby (BWWM Interracial African American Romance Urban Baby Romance Short Stories) deserve to know I enjoyed Marrs Alien Agenda On the topic of UFOs there isn t much to go on except the body of literature on the subject and he gave a nicely written overview of much of that This book however a book which amounts to a history of human life on the planet from the creation by aliens of homo sapiens sapiens to the presentoes present a counterpoint to various isciplines and specialized fields which I ve actually studied Here comparing Marrs work to that of researchers and students of *The Fields Of History Theology *fields of history theology biology etc here Marrs fall far short of the materials he s attempting to handleI read a lot of weird stuff books about UFOs crytopzoology parapsychology and alternative histories Because of this I get it so far as the historically remote sections of Rule by Secrecy go I ve read much of the stuff that Marrs picks up to generate his grand narrative I could o the same thing but I The Handbook of Academic Writing d certainly not publish the result as nonfictionOf course there s a range between the certain the credible and the incredible On recent history Marrs often hits the nail on the head Importantecisions are often made with the intention of secrecy We o live in a class based society in which the economic extremes are growing extreme Global finance capital oes in fact Agricultural Machinery Mechanization determine much about the perimeters within which we live The media are manipulated in the interests those who own and finance them On the remote stuff however Marrs falls far short his facile treatment of such matters as the biblical texts Kabbalism gnosticism Platonic and Kantian philosophies and so on indicating that he s not very well read in these areas of study Oh he s read a book or two often the older and offbeat texts but not the standard works that he s ostensibly up against Yet to his credit heoes cite his sourcesThere may be some things to be gained for some in reading this book His critiue of modern capital. What connects the Great Pyramids Masons the for some in reading this book His critiue of modern capital. What connects the Great Pyramids Masons the on Foreign Relations Journalist Jim Marrs examines the world's most closely guarded secrets tracing the history of clandestine societies the power they've wielded from the ancient mysteries to modern conspiracy theories He gives evidence that the movers shakers of the world collude covertly to start stop wars manipulate stock markets maintain class istinctions censor the news Rule by Secrecy offers a worldview that may explain who we are where we came from where we're goingA uestion of conspiracy; Rule by the few; A view from the few Modern secret societies The Trilateral Commission; Council on Foreign Relations; Bilderbergers; Rockefe.

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Part of a hive mind Following orders from a hierarchy Like a soldier ant or Sustainable Agriculture drone bee all connected to the ueen Like a robotoid connected to a mains central server Like soldier Or a soulier Dogs of war wear Articles on Agricultural Writers Including dog tags Old men in secretarkened rooms make war plans Green Patriot Posters dog fights for young men toie The sport of Kings Controlling financing gathering intelligence manipulating both sides of the conflictIf one could read the runes the logos see ELA picture a thousand words thus a SpellAnd understand from the knowledge Flow from the WellBut utter no words never ever TellThe knowledge given from the ones who FellLegalese a secret language of BAALTo confuse the monsters spin them a TaleTo enslave the sheeple suppress and uellAnd open the gates leading to Hell For know the elites the My Hero Academia - Ultra Analysis deity they Hail The entity elevated on most high above all ELSheep follow a Shepherd Lions and Tigers roam freeMonkeys swing from trees in a happy familySnakes strike and envelope and smother and crushAnd all the humans are always in a rush Like rats following a Pied piper the children are nextMany glued to TV s and gaming machines it seems we ve all been HexedWho is a Blue Blood Royal or notIs their blood cold and commoners hotBlue and Red carpets tradition and RegalityAre they not human Like you and meIs their bloodifferent To ours I meanIs their blood tainted And ours cleanHave they the right Or rite Or write To Fundamentals of Sequential and Parallel Algorithms do what theyoTo sit on most high and Lord over me and youTheir pen is a sword in this literal world in which we liveAlways taking usurping they never giveThis Game of Thrones a pit of vipers for sureLike Lucifer and his Babylonian WhoreIndoctrinating the masses wiping the memories of our pastWriting their own history changing the paradigm fastLifting the veil on all that is hiddenDrip feeding knowledge normally forbiddenIs this revelation Will all truth be seenThe truth about Christmas and HalloweenThe May Day rituals the Wicker man Pan the Lord Of The FliesThe Green Man cometh to spread When Someone You Love Is Addicted To Alcohol Or Drugs deception and liesLoki the Trickster Hades and SetIt is all Royal less not forgetEgyptian Celtic Greek Roman Persian take your pickAll wars are Royal they are just sickMayan Inca Mesopotamian Vudu Mahabharata and Royal Bloodlines it s historyVlad the Impaler Dracuul piracy of the high seas cloaked in mysteryLogos emblems sigils runes hieroglyphs and cave pics whato they meanRoyal crests coats of arms lineages of Royal FamiliesSo Blue Bloods are they all related A huge royal family treeTraced back to Cain the first murderer by Royal DecreeKnights of the realm Lords and Sirs and The ueens HandAnd Ladies and Dames and Duchesses and Baronesses Royal subordinates watching over the LandBy Leo Am I a Templar Am I an Assassin A Lord A Sir A Priest A Monk A Usurper A Slaver A Satanist A Mystic A Druid A Mage A Kabbalist A King A Prince An Earl or a Duke A Freemason I am none of these things but I know who they are and what they The Real Ebonics Debate do I am Leoexpect me They are they and we are them Expect usWho were the Templars Whatid they When Action Follows Heart doDid they find ancient relics Hidden from viewDid they gain knowledge Did they find powerTo rival the Vatican The Babylon towerDid they practice magic Kabbalah Druidic Mysticism The Dark ArtsLike the Mayan s beheading and ripping out heartsPraying to false idols and participating in immorality abnormal sexual actsLike the Freemasons todayistorting the factsWhere right becomes wrong and up is Almost Alchemy down good is badAnd back is front inside is out and happy is sadAnd everything is mirrored a reflection of truth and what is pureLike the templars back in theay worshiping the Babylonian WhoreMoloc and Beelzebub the Cremation Of CareBowing to the Cube the Saturnalian SuareA brotherhood a sisterhood An Eastern StarA Goddess Isis Diana Lilith Ashtar and IshtarSacrificing innocents the pure fruit of the treeOur children our friends are loving familyWho are these Gods These entities are they still hereAre they fallen angels These Gods The Freemasons revereAre they aliens Annunaki Where are they from Another star system coming into viewTo be revered as our creators from the planet NibiruMaybe the Bible is telling us that Wormwood is backTo blot out the Sun turn everything blackSpray heavy metals in the sky to change the atmosphereMaking it habitable for when the Fallen Ones get hereAre they masking the sky To hide from viewA binary planetoid system from me and from youOr are they making a giant canvas in the sky like a movie screenTo use holographic technology Project BluebeamAre they poisoning the masses Causing English for Academic Correspondence and Socializing disease and painAre they creating weather Sleet snow hail and rainHurricanes and sink holes forest fires earthuakes and flood HAARP CernLike in the times of Noah but this time the World will burnHave we had a cataclysm Of water and ice In the pastNow is it time for fire Is the Earth burning Will it be fastThe elites have their bunkers all part of a secret cliueAnd we are not invited as we are the weakWe have no knowledge we know nothing at allOnly snippets of hearsay books and YouTube clips that is allThe templars knew they were fully aware so whoid they revere Like the Freemasons todayFor when one knows believing is irrelevant belief is blind faith just hear saySecret Builderburg meetings private jets high security and pamperedHypocrisy as we have to pay a carbon tax ueue at customs our journey is *hamperedThese elites these masons or templars live in a ifferent world to the rest of usBut we *elites these masons or templars live in a ifferent world to the rest of usBut we on with blind faith never make a fussThis New World Order this New Dawn is an Old one be sureWhen the Gods walked the Earth everything was obscureUnder Saturn s Eye Sauron completion of the RingWhere all humanity will bow own to Apolyon Lucifer the new King The Asylum is being run by the LunaticsThese crazies controlling all PoliticsThe people in power are justManicLike White Rabbits and Mad March Hares FranticCreating chaos and always justManicLike White Rabbits and Mad March Hares FranticCreating chaos and always tricksBeating the masses with invisible SticksThese wankers these ill minded and cruel Pricks All part of secret clubs and Kabbalistic CliuesBurning the Candles of Humanity shortening the Wicks Imagine a plan for a far right New World Order The old way Rome used its military might and the swordThe new way the pen is to create a far left New World Order using subterfuge give everybody the illusion that they are free to be whomever they want People who once hid their private life Private now celebrate their gender creed religion sexuality etcNow it is all in the open Then there is a U turn The Fascist Right that was the plan all along move in and round up everybody People get put into factions like the Hunger Games or shipped off to FEMA camp. Lution War between the States; Secret society agitation; Preemptive strikes; The Anti Masonic movement; The French Revolution; Jacobins Jacobites; Sir Francis Bacon the New Atlantis; The American Revolution; The Illuminati; Freemasonry; Count Saint Germain other magicians; Masonic plots; Freemasonry vs Christianity; Rosicrucians; Commentary Elder secret societies Knights Templar; Assassins; Templar bankers builders; Cathars; The Albigensian Crusade; The Templars' emise; The Priory of Sion; Merovingians; A far reaching web; Commentary Ancient mysteries The road to Rome; The Cabala; Ancient secrets mysteries; Was there to Moses; All roads lead to Sumer; The Anunnaki; Floods wars; Commenta. .