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Eveal Uniuely Farago he draws the past into the present and writes the future Drawing upon heavy historical research into the lives of aboriginals and art Farago captures the attention of his readers HE BUILDS HIS CHARACTERS CAREFULLY AND builds his characters carefully and allowing the characters to become than description He tweaks each one building connections between the story character and reader making each one realistic through action and dialogFarago s writing style is easy to read exciting and gripping I look forward to reading books by Gabriel Farago soon This book #Was Purchased As Part # purchased as part a set of books 1 5 of the Jack Rogan mysteries This review is a repeat of a review posted on Jack discovers a clue to the disappearance of a girl years earlier and this sets him off on a uest involving biker gangs and their evil masters as well as help from occult powers Another great Jack Rogan story I only discovered Gabriel Fargo a few weeks ago I know hard to believe But I have found a truly amazing author He writes in such a way that you have a Superb main character in Jack Rogan Superb people who come and stay in his life because he is such a majestic person people want to be with him But it s the storylinesLove history lies War trust mistrust injusticethe list goes onall wrapped up in the most amazing story I feel sure that once you start reading books by Gabriel you too will Love and admire this man s work He brings his characters to life you can see the words umping off the pages almost like watching the best film everThank you Liked the first one and this is even better Jack gets involved in the search for a missing girl who disappeared years ago when he discovers a message calling for help carved in the top of a piece of furniture he was working on He for help carved in the top of a piece of furniture he was working on He discovered a bracelet stuffed in a hidden drawer The case was big news when it happened and got heavy police attention but soon faded and no clues were found and it soon became a cold case Jack s investigations lead him to a mysterious woman psychic a retired policeman who worked the initial case a violent motor cycle gang and their eually violent opponent gang aboriginal art and traditions and members of remote clans in the way outback Oh yes its set mostly in Australia with a brief bit set in France Check this series out its good Iam working on 3 now One wordamazing I loved this story It was history mystery excitement heart and soul all written down in this amazing story This is the third book I have read by this author I m reading them back to back Once you start a book by this author you do not want to put it dow I will start book four next And sadly I will have to wait for this author to write anotherI will not tell you the storyline or anything about the characters I will ust say buy the book and read it It s an amazing story A simply superb read with an intense Australian authenticity A diamond not in the rough but one sparkling with the brilliance of a truly intricate mesmerising taleWhat a high note to end my 2019 reading year Ness of outback AustraliaUnbeknown to the others Cassandra has a secret agenda of her own Using her occult powers to avenge a terrible wrong she sets the scene for an epic showdown where the stakes are high and the looser faces death and oblivionWill Rogan succeed or will the forces of evil crush the hopes and dreams of a desperate mother praying for the return of her lost daughter. .

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Again Jack Rogan is mixed in troubles This time the occult makes an appearance and off we goAs always Mr Farago weaves an appearance and off we goAs always Mr Farago weaves amazing plot suspenseful and enthralling With great characters an intriguing story and first rate writing this is a must read story Truly recommended 2 12 Stars I loved the first Jack Rogan novel and looked forward to reading the next in this series What a disappointment What I liked the characters both the good guys and the bad guys the use of the Tarot Andrew Will and "Jack What I didn t like there were too many plot holes and "What I didn t like there were too many plot holes and that were left unresolved the way he d imply some uicy morsel or clue but not tell you the one dimensional women especially Rebecca and the Countess There was so much that could have made this book better but it fell short There were also numerous typos I hope the next book in the series is better Two girls go missing on a Outback adventure and despite the intense search no trace of them is found While cleaning an antiue desk for a friend Jack Rogan finds the first possible clue to the fate of the missing girls Once the story finds him Jack runs with it enlisting the help of his publicist a seer a retired police officer and a countess to unravel the mystery I found this book to be uicker paced but still incredibly well researched The character of Jack Rogan was detailed than the previous book which I enjoyed The ending felt a little rushed as all the loose ends were tied up and lingering uestions were resolved I look forward to the next book in the series 5 starsThe globe trotting ournalist Jack Rogan is off on another adventureJack is at home in Australia for a little down starsThe globe trotting ournalist Jack Rogan is off on another adventureJack is at home in Australia for a little down after the spectacular success of his first novel He goes on an antiue buying ourney with his old friend Will and gets to know his agent Rebecca a little better Will calls Jack and expresses an urgent need to see him On one of the old desks they purchased the day before is scratched Anna Popov Help 07 Jack convinces Will to help him research the messageHe visits Countess Kuragin in Paris Anna s mother on the advice of Anna s father a Nobel Prize winning physicist Professor Nikolai Popov He is enchanted by the Countess and she implores him to continue his search for Anna Jack gets a clue to contact the Wizards of Oz a biker gang back in Australia There he meets the uniue leader of the delivery gang appropriately named Wizard He also meets Cassandra a psychic and tarot card reader She asks to meet him away from the hideout When he does she leads him on a uestHe then goes to see Andrew Simpson an aboriginal art gallery owner and a former detective who investigated Anna s disappearance Andrew tells Jack about the investigation and Jack tells Andrew about the Wizards of Oz During a gay pride paradethe Wizards are making their first appearance when one of their members dies The Wizard blames Cassandra and Jack Cassandra escapes and goes to Jack s house She makes Jack Will and Rebecca a proposal one that they can t refuse She claims to know how to Alternate cover edition of ASIN B01G0PV2FU Celebrated author and ournalist Jack Rogan cannot resist a challenge When he stumbles across a mysterious clue pointing to the tragic disappearance of two girls from Alice Springs Rogan decides to investigateJoining forces with Rebecca Armstrong his New York literary agent Andrew Simpson a retired Aboriginal police officer and Cassandra .

Ind Anna Popov With the Wizards on their tail they go to Alice Springs to speak to Andrew Simpson They are unaware that the Wizards are watching them However Cassandra senses that the Wizard is close by Things go badly sideways a beating a chase in the desert followed by a deathJack Rebecca Will Cassandra and Andrew travel the Outback in search of Anna They have many adventures and search relentlessly for clues They follow her path The Countess oins their uest The Wizard is not far behind This story is filled with asides about Aboriginal lore culture and history In it is described the desolate and beautiful Australian Outback countryside This book is extremely well written and plotted as are all of Gabriel Farago s novels It is action packed filled with suspense and nail biting tension This story draws the reader in so that soon bedtime has passed and it is the early hours of the next day Mr Farago is a remarkable talent with a particular brilliance for storytelling His use of the English language is very well thought out and his descriptive ability is nothing short of genius Since I read the books out of order I m pining away for the #next Jack Rogan novel to be published Gripping Tale of Superstition Fear Love and Fast Paced #Jack Rogan novel to be published Gripping Tale of Superstition Fear Love and Fast Paced Popov Cassandra and Rebecca Armstrong all have one thing in common Jack Rogan struggling ournalist and writer But they also have the evil and vile Wizard a terrifying biker leader with a strong interest in the occult Together Jack and Wizard dance around one another like a cat playing with a mouse You re an adventure unkie Jack who s got cold feet Post excitement blues Go back to bed and sleep it off Rebecca said This is a fast paced mesmerizing thriller that Leaves The Reader Spinning In Stunned Shock the reader spinning in stunned shock each chapter reveals clues and twists The story unfolds with Jack and his friend Will discovering a bracelet and a hastily scratched message of help These clues lead Jack his PR manager Rebecca Armstrong and Will into the midst of fighters aboriginals ghosts and other supernatural events in the remote Dreamtime wilderness of the outback to track Anna down Farago carefully weaves each character and event into a moving and precise tale of love mixed with adventure action and superstition with
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turn of each The love of a mother for her child the love of a man for a woman the love of family all intertwined into a deadly tale of greed lust and obsessionRogan is a strong character with a sensitive side who always keeps his promises even at the risk of his own life And he s uite a ladies man whose luck may have ust run its course Using his wits and every connection he has Jack tries to defeat the Wizard at his own game but how do you fool the devil You wanted a beautiful death remember Arsmoriendi This is your chance to show them how it s done I ve kept my side of the bargain I even turned on some music for you see you in hell Farago provides a well written thriller that keeps readers on the edge of their chair waiting for the next N enigmatic psychic Rogan soon enters the alien upside down world of an outlaw bikie gang ruled by an evil master where outcasts of society are the heroes and cruelty and violence admired and rewardedIrresistibly drawn into a web of superstition and fear Rogan and his friends soon pass the point of no return and follow the trail of the missing girls into the remote Dreamtime wilder. The Disappearance of Anna Popov