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Udent Carmen Be sure to read Carm. Ble happy life But with her worst mistake about to go viral how far will she push a friend and break the rules to stop itIt took a lot f self help for sensitive therapist Gabi to start The Disgraceful Lord Gray (The Kings Elite over A sizzling new love nowffers some straight up delicious healing but honesty can be ne dangerous illusionWealthy socialite Luz will do whatever

It Takes To Care 
takes to care her newfound teenage half sister But a life changing choice is putting than their still fragile relationship n the lineNow what these close friends don't know about each ther will test everything they believe about themselves And finding the courage to understand and the strength to forgive to understand and the strength to forgive be their nly chance to come to terms move The Officer And The Renegade on and live for realPraise for Carmen Rit. Terrific novel from my former st. Rita skillfully reveals the depthf her characters New York Times bestselling author Jacueline Sheehan Heartfelt sexy and always savvy author Carmen Rita's new novel follows four wildly successful best friends as they tackle unforeseen challenges struggle to keep it together and learn how to let go They've had each ther's backs through major changes and maximum bad news But now Cat Magda Gabi and Luz find unexpected drama from their major changes and maximum bad news But now Cat Magda Gabi and Luz find unexpected drama from their threatening Their Bond Along With Everything bond along with everything fought to buildAlways upfront and ut there in her career Cat won big with her solo nline interview show However RISKING ROMANTIC COMMITMENT WILL MEAN CONFRONTING romantic commitment will mean confronting deepest fears and a stunning secretHotshot investor Magda finally has a sta. En s NEVER TOO REAL first though. A's Never Too Real Rita's debut novel reads a bit like a multicultural edition f Sex and the CityBrimming with smart dialogue and ricocheting plot twists Kirkus ReviewsThis deliciously fun read is perfect for fans f Kimberla
Lawson Roby Or Jennifer 
Roby r Jennifer Booklist A funny witty and beautiful novelRita's debut novel leaves readers hoping for fiction in the future RT Book Reviews 4 StarsEmpowering novel about four ambitious successful career driven Latinas whose close knit friendship makes The Bond Between Carrie bond between Carrie Samantha and Charlotte look positively flimsy Latina MagazineThe summer's smartest sexy beach read Will stay with you long after the last delicious pages are done New York Times bestselling author Veronica Chambers. Never Too Late