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BOSH!: The Cookbook: Simple Recipes. Amazing Food. All Plants. kGrowing up finding stories I could relate to reuire Sherlock Holmes level detection While I enjoyed your typical stories aimed at middle schoolers and teenagers they had something in common that bothered me a bit They excluded meVery few books I read including black girls When they did however they were stereotypical and unbelievable Yes the last sentence is still a problem today in 2019 Mind you I read these books in the eightiesThankfully this generation desires a turnaround With anthologies like Black Enough Stories of Being Young Black in Americaids and teens begin to see themselves not as marginalized stereotypes but as young people with voices deserving of hearingFresh Ink is an anthology

Published August 2018 And 
August 2018 and Black Enough it s not just about black teens it includes the LGBTA Native Middle Eastern Asian teen community In this review you ll see particular representation in bold parenthesis eg Black TransThe stories discuss poverty same sex crushesrelationships colorism racism and other issues ids of color or disenfranchised voices faceBe mindful that with anthologies you will find stories you enjoy and those you dislike Nevertheless you get a multitude of different voices with one goal of being heard Stories InvolvedEraser Tattoo by Jason Reynolds Two teens face uprooted as one moves with her family They create eraser tattoos and face microaggressions from a white couple moving into Shay s former house Sweet funny at times and tender this story s a good start BlackMeet Cute by Malinda Lo Nic and Tamia are two girls trapped by a power outrage as they discover than a love of cosplay and Sci FiFantasy While not a big fan of cosplaying I enjoy reading about two girls usually displaced in that world find each other with many possibilities ahead in love and fandom Asian American Black FF Don t Pass Me By by Eric Gansworth A young seventh grader in the seventies discusses passing along FF Don t Pass Me By by Eric Gansworth A young seventh grader in the seventies discusses passing along racial microaggressions and how they affect him and other Native students in a predominantly white school Light skinned Native children receive better treatment than their darker skinned classmates Native American Be Cool For Once by Aminah Mae Safi One concert enables a Muslim girl to check out her crush Cute but not a favorite Muslim Japanese FF peripheral characters Why I Learned To Cook by Sara Farizan A young bisexual girl wants to invite her girlfriend over to meet her grandmother They cook vegetarian versions of Persian food as her grandmother shows her support for her granddaughter s life and love Big lesson Never Apologize For Who You Are Adorable tale Iranian FF Tags by Walter Dean Myers Devastatingly haunting and real boys tag on walls and relive their stories of their deaths Myers presents this story as a play My heart hurt as I discovered each story within this play This one stayed with me for a while so much so my husband read it too to see why I was emotional Black Best StoryA Stranger at the Bochinche Daniel Jos Older Okay so Older tends to write magical realism Don t hate me so Older tends to write magical realism Don t hate me I skipped this one No ratingA Boy s Duty by Sharon G Flake A young man chooses between art and doing his duty Whatever that means to several people in his life in WW2 America while dealing with racism on the homefront Cute and bittersweet at the same time Black One Voice by Melissa de la Cruz A young Stanford student finds out that her family s undocumented and with racial graffiti painted nearby she s anxious and feels like she should not suffer in silence She s angry and I m glad to read female characters angry at their circumstances without worrying about how some love interest or their parents see them I like seeing them take action Filipinx Black Latinx PaladinSamurai by Gene Luen Yang illustrations by Thien Pham Written and drawing in comic format we see a group of Dungeons Dragons friends visit a party next door Awkwardness ensues I failed to connect with this story Japanese Catch Pull Drive by Schuyler Bailar A trans boy handles his first swim practice after coming out as trans We feel his struggle with his decision concern about using the boy s bathroom and how he circumnavigates bigotry from team members Trans Super Human by Nicola Yoon A black superhero decides it s time to end the world as his disappointment in humanity crushes him and the only one reaching him is his first save Police brutality racism and other societal ills find themselves discussed If a superhero decides to destroy us because we re not saving. In partnership with We Need Diverse Books thirteen of the most recognizable diverse authors come together in this remarkable YA anthology featuring ten short stories a graphic short story and a one act play from Walter Dean Myers never before in printCareful. Hat things may become very dire indeed A Boy s "Duty Sharon G Flake 5 StarsHis Father Blamed His Teachers "Sharon G Flake 5 StarsHis father blamed his teachers giving him dreams that extended beyond the boundaries of their farm But it was my father s binoculars and the almanac that pulled me away from the farm first It s how I got the notion I wanted to be a mapmaker plotting out every planet and star in the sky Four years later I m sitting at the Lucky Linda Caf homelessLoss homelessness bittersweet and lovely One Voice Melissa de la Cruz It begins with a young Filipina girl s car being tagged A big middle finger and a particularly shocking phrase smack in the middle of my Monday morning reminding me that even at a prestigious cosmopolitan university the one you had worked so hard to attend someone will try to make you feel like you re an imposter In part this is about the effect this has on this girl how difficult it can be to reclaim that feeling of safety where safety is your normal frame of mind where walking across a parking lot or across a campus doesn t make your heart leap in fear at each sound In part it is about the differences in relationships with the police or security authority figures that non white people have vs whites In part it tackles the way Asian women are viewed and objectified by men Paladin Samurai Gene Luen YangI m not much for graphic stories but I now there is an audience for this This Samurai Gene Luen YangI m not much for graphic stories but I Mr. Jelly's Business know there is an audience for this This about a young Japanese boy who wants to be a Samurai in his DD campaign but it is not allowed Reading this on myindle since this is an ARC the font is really tiny about this big so trying to read this was difficult for me Catch Pull Drive Schuyler Bailar 5 StarsIt s in those few sacred moments before he enters the school as a new person that he hesitates Born female but having just announced to the world via Facebook that from here on he will now be male and his new name is Tommy The first thing he sees walking into the building are two doors marked with words that identify not just the doors but the people who enter them MEN WOMENThis was written by the first openly transgender NCAA Division I swimmer per Wikipedia and thecrimsoncom as well as the first publicly documented NCAA D1 transgender man to compete as a man in any sport he also served on the Transgender Visibility Panel to advocate for the Trans Bill MA before the Massachusetts State Senate Super Human Nicola Yoon 5 Stars The Los Angeles Times headline the day after he saved her read BLACK SUPERMAN SAVES GIRL which incites a flurry of commentaries CNN decides he should be referred To As African American as African American points out that if he was like Superman he was from another planet and therefore not human never mind African or American Meanwhile two years passes and the seventeen year old black girl is convinced that she must be the one to reason with this Black Superman as he his vision of saving humanity has become darker and he s no longer sure they deserve saving Another one I loved just enough superhero fantasy story to appeal to a large group of people with a story that was heartbreaking I ve read other books by Nicola Yoon and enjoyed her writing before so I expected this to be good and it surpassed my expectationsAltogether a fine collection of stories to enjoy and reflect on and while this is targeted for Teens YA I think it could be enjoyed by almost all ages I haven t rated all of these individually but I ve noted the ones I considered 5 Stars but none are really less worthy it s just a matter of what types of stories you prefer Overall I consider this a 5 star collectionPub Date 14 AUG 2018Many thanks for the ARC provided by Random House Children s Crown Books for Young Readers ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewFirst off I m a cis extremely white passing reviewer I have been able to see myself in literature and media my entire life regardless of how much my Filipino culture means to me and how proud of it I am So even though all of these stories are ownvoices this review you are about to read is not After publication I will feature some actual ownvoices reviews here because this anthology was created to support and boost diverse and marginalized voices therefore we should also be supporting and boosting diverse and marginalized reviewers If you re a PoC who would like to have your review listed on mine please DM me on any platform It became pretty freaking clear that book after book adventure after adventure the heroes weren t like me at Of the most accomplished YA authors deliver a label defying anthology that includes ten short stories a graphic novel and a one act play This collection will inspire you to break conventions bend the rules and color outside the lines All you need is fresh ink. Fresh Ink An AnthologyAny what have we become Another good Yoon piece I would have preferred a full novel because of the plot s weight Black Rating I gave a half star based on the strength of Tags alone I hope to see this play on stage It s heart wrenching and powerfulWhat I love best about these anthologies is that they make you want to seek out every novel these authors create So do it While varied in style voice too short and not as airtight as Black Enough each story s worthy not as airtight as Black Enough each story s worthy a read especially in a time begging for difference In the introduction of Fresh Ink it s stated many reasons that we need short stories such as these Even though I did not relate directly to many of the stories I completely agree that we need diversity in all writing especially the young adult genre All the tales had a very genuine feel to the characters and discussed extremely relevant issues facing our society today I recommend this book to adults and young adults alike Thanks to NetGalley and publishers for providing an advanced copy of the book in exchange for this honest review NOW AVAILABLE Sometimes I wonder where I ve beenWho I amDo I fit inI may not win But I can t be thrownOut here on my ownOut here on my own Out Here on My Own Irene Cara Songwriters Lesley Gore Michael GoreLamar Giles editor of this YA anthology and in partnership with We Need Diverse Books wanted wants stories about diversity stories where people can see themselves especially for our youth In his youth he says in the Foreword that book after book adventure after adventure the heroes weren t like me at all For him as a child that meant stories featuring black boys who were not portrayed as a stereotype of one 6 1/2 Body Parts (Body Movers, kind or another Still that didn t just apply to him and when he or one of his friends found a story that they could find themselves in it reinforced their love of reading With that in mind this collection includes heroes of allinds for all Gökyüzü Mavi Kaldı kinds of young adult readers There are ten short stories one is a graphic short story and a one act play Eraser Tattoo Jason ReynoldsA story about young love a boy Dante and girl Shay who have grown up or less together in Brooklyn alive full of sounds and smells and they must say goodbye The girl along with her family is moving away Eraser tattoos are exchanged as a reminder of their love Meet Cute Malinda LoAt the Denver Science Fiction and Fantasy Convention in line for a preview screening of ueen of the East Nic sees a young girl red wig black pantsuit FBI badge get in line behind her looking angrily at her cell phone texting and asks her if Mulder pissed her off The girl scowls asking who she is then as though she s just realized says Gender flipped Sulu Cosplay Star Trek X Files and a power failure make for an entertaining story Don t Pass Me By Eric Gansworth This color I said tapping the box of Flesh on his desk Its name doesn t cover everyone A young Native American boy living on a reservation has to attend a Jr High comprised of mostly white students 900 whiteids a handful of black Corps Values: Everything You Need to Know I Learned In the Marines kids a fewids who were a blend of races and one other Native American The Sun Shines Over the Sanggan River kid He tries to make others understand how their avoiding recognizing who he is makes him feel Be Cool for Once Aminah Mae SafiA Muslim American teen girl and the boy in the band she is crushing on her parents immigrated to the US His grandparents were immigrants A crush School supplies and firstisses Tags Walter Dean Myers 5 starsA one act play with four boys Big Eddie Jones aka SMOKE 17 Willie Jiminez 16 aka 2 SOON121 D Mario Thompson aka DATRUF Frank Watkins 17 aka J BOY It s Willie s first night in this new state of being their new objective to THIEME Atlas of Anatomy: Head and Neuroanatomy keep their tags looking good it is their memorial the way toeep their memories alive to others to be remembered If you only read one story in this anthology make it this one Why I Learned to Cook Sara Farizan 5 StarsYasi is Persian bi sexual and is still in the giddy stages of Sara Farizan 5 StarsYasi is Persian bi sexual and is still in the giddy stages of love with Hannah when Hannah declares she would like to be invited to Friday night dinner with Yasi s grandmother Yasi s been learning to cook the delicious meals her grandmother prepares all the while trying to get up the nerve to share about who she is sexually to her grandmother A lovely message with a sweet ending A Stranger at the Bochinche Daniel Jos OlderA beautifully written if strange story A stranger in a bar the mysterious appearance of overwhelming smoke and a missing notebook that holds secrets designs for flying machines rising fears You are holding fresh ink And not hot off the press still drying in your hands ink Instead you are holding twelve stories with endings that are still being written whose next chapters are up to youBecause these stories are meant to be read And sharedThirteen.

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