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But before they had a chance to let anyone know tragedy strikes and Emma is left to make repatriation for her father s mistakes Her life changes dramatically she takes on a job as a waitress and never goes back to Jack that is ntil she meets him at a party she is working at six years later that spark is still there she has never forgotten himJack Westwood is from the class and appearances mean everything to his strict family but he wants to expand his wings and move to and start his own business When he falls very deeply for his sister s friend Emma she encourages him to follow his dreams and they marry with plans to go together but life doesn t
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out that way and gets on with his life in The States but never forgets his wifeThis story has everything that a true romantic wants in a fabulous story it is a reunion story a bit of a Cinderella story with a hero who is so loving and caring and strong and Emma is just an amazingly strong heroine one who has the back bone to stand Kent Hrbeks Tales from the Minnesota Twins Dugout up to the people she thought were her friends I highly recommend this fast paced romance it ticks all of the boxes for a must read Emma is working as a maid for an obnoxious gentleman and Ise that term loosely who s hosting a party for the well to do when she sees the one man she s ever loved Jack Westwood Panic sets in and one thing leads to another Jack comes to her rescue and announces to the world that they re secretly married Jack hasn t stopped thinking about Emma since that fateful day six years ago when she crushed his very soul He s hurting and wants to make her pay but can t bring himself to do it Now thanks to his protective nature the press as well as his parents are demanding to know the truth He hatches a plan and Emma reluctantly agrees to publicly become his wife Can the two of them put aside their attraction and be husbandwife in name only or will love break down the walls around their hearts I love reading second chance romances and I instantly connected with Emma Imagine living in high society of Britain only to have your father pass away when you re eighteen leaving you and your mother in dire straits Goodbye My Fancy up to your eyeballs in scandal and mounting debts Your mother is ill and can t even get out of bed The last thing on your mind is love and romance This is what happened six years ago to Emma Told from both perspectives the reader gets to see what both Jack and Emma are thinking I didn t care for the constant conflict and Jack s parents annoyed me to no end While Jack and Emma dance around their mutual physical attraction for 90% of the book and don t trust each otherntil the very end I enjoyed both characters They bring out the best in each other and that s all I want in a Harleuin romance Thank you to Netgalley and Harleuin Books for giving me a complimentary ARC for me to read and review My Rating 4 starsThis review first appeared Emma Carmichael is a waitress living paycheck to paycheck Jack Westwood is the Earl of Redminster recently returned to England When he sees Emma for the first time in six years being manhandled by her boss he demands that the lecherous boss leave his wife alone Yes That s right They actually married six years ago but the marriage fell apart when Emma s father died leaving her family in severe debt and plagued by scandal She didn t follow father died leaving her family in severe debt and plagued by scandal She didn t follow to his new job in America and he was pset that she wouldn t put her husband first With the paparazzi taking a keen interest in the announcement of this nknown marriage they agree to put on a show and pretend to be happily married ntil the interest dies downInoffensive fluff There s not much here to pick apart But I ll still give it a go Down when Jack announces to the world that they're married Jack has never forgotten his first love despite the tragedy that tore them apart When the paparazzi cameras intrude Heartwarming emotional and oh so irresistible A Countess for Christmas is the latest mesmerizing novel from the gifted pen of fast rising star Christy McKellenEmma Carmichael s life was once as close to perfect as it was possible to get She had money connections a wonderful family great friends and Jack her handsome rich charismatic and titled husband But her perfect world had come crashing down around her ears when her father "S Sudden Death Had Plunged Her Family Into Debt Than "sudden death had plunged her family into debt than knew what to do with With money in short supply a knew what to do with With money in short supply a of debts to pay and all her so called friends turning their backs on her Emma had found herself forced to choose between her family and her husband Unwilling to burden Jack with her problems she had had no other option but to walk away from her marriage and to make a new life for herself However forgetting her husband proved easier said than doneWith no money and next to no alifications Emma needed to get herself a job fast Luckily for her she had ickly found employment working for Maids in Chelsea a domestic service company with a very exclusive clientele Although working as a housekeeper was not exactly what Emma had envisaged doing with her life the job helped to provide her with a steady income to pay off her debts as well as with a group of wonderful friends who had been there for her when she needed them most When she had walked out on Jack Emma had thought that that chapter of her life was closed forever but when he is a guest at a party she is waitressing at she is absolutely flabbergasted when he announces to all and sundry that she is his wifeJack has never managed to forgive Emma for walking out on him in the first few months of their marriage Burying himself in his work and in his new life in America has not helped him keep his heartbreak away nor has it made him forget that he is still madly in love with his wife When he witnesses her being harassed at a party Jack s protective instincts kicked in immediately and taking her to safety seemed the most natural thing to do With the press determined to ncover the truth behind their relationship Jack and Emma find themselves with no other choice but to play along for the cameras and act like a happily married couple However their masuerade soon begins to feel very realIs it going to be second time lucky for Jack and Emma Or has too much water gone nder the bridge for the two of them to ever be happy together againSensitively written wonderfully moving and impossible to put
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A Countess for Christmas a beautifully layered highly poignant and emotionally compelling romantic tale that will tug at your heartstrings and keep readers engrossed from beginning to end A terrific story about second chances fresh starts and healing from old wounds A Countess for Christmas ticks all the right boxes with its captivating blend of richly drawn characters emotional tension and poignant romanceChristy McKellen continues to get better and better with every book she writes and I cannot wait for the next release by this outstanding writer of romantic fiction Plot 35 rushed endingCharacterisation 45Prose 45How much I enjoyed it 45 I love Christmas stories and I love stories that are a magical reunion between two people who loved one another when they were young and then life and tragedy get in the way and part them but true love and life has a way of bringing them back together in such a beautiful wayEmma Carmichael had everything growing p a loving family part of the privileged she mixed in the highest circles she was a real lady and fell in love with her best friend s brother and Earl no less Jack but they were both young and eloped. The earl's secret bride Emma Carmichael is shocked when she sees who she's waitressing for at a lavish party Jack Westwood the new Earl of Redminster Her new life comes crashing.
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Got tired of hearing about How Old And World Weary old and world weary protagonists were considering she was only 24 and he was only 27 What I would give to be that young again If they re that beaten down by life at that young age I had trouble believing they could foresee positive prospects for the future I was particularly annoyed by the final Big Barrier to their happiness Emma just randomly decides that remaining with Jack will only break her heart again It doesn t make much sense I actually had to go back and re read her reasoning behind walking out on their marriage It s that flimsyAll in all no real oomph but it was a pleasant way to pass the time Miniseries Maids Under the Mistletoe A ick simple reunion story between two people who got married too young with an earl as the hero the blurb of A Countess for Christmas reads like historical rather than contemporary romanceThe Romance line is the shortest and sweetest of the Harleuin lines but this fits well with the Christmastime setting I was in the mood for a contemporary book set in London so this fit for meI do think that the hero and heroine s conflicts were a little suited to the historical genre however There is absolutely no way the 2010s hero could have gone six years without hearing anything from home And the main conflicts were suited to class differences in the nineteenth century the relationship was already a foregone conclusion as hero and heroine are already married and his being an earl today is hardly the same as being an earl in the pastI did like that the author gave s a whole lot of positive female characters major points to her for that It is not common in this sort of book for the heroine to be surrounded by supportive genuinely kind women I really liked that even if they seem to be there so they can be introduced as future heroines in the seriesThis is a simple fast read If the description interests you go for it Review copy provided by NetGalley Content Brief sex scene between a married couple A Countess for christmas is a second chance love story Emma and Jack were each others first lovesFate tore them apart when Emma s father was found to be a conman Passing away soon afterEmma S Mother Falls Apart Leaving mother falls apart leaving in charge of everything While working as a maid Emma comes into contact with Jack again Back again in England as the new Earl of Redminster the paparazzi go wild for the story of Jack and Emma Forcing them to live together as man and wife ntil the fuss dies "DOWN THEN THEY CAN GO THERE SEPERATE WAYSLIVING IN "Then they can go there seperate waysLiving in close arters feelings rebloom between them Can Emma work out her issues to reach her happy ending Loved the book its a sweet romance set at my favourite time of the year 4 Sweet Reunion StarsJust what I needed this Christmas The story of A Countess for Christmas is another one of those royal romance books that are all things sweet and are Bitter Blood (The Morganville Vampires, uite simply difficult to resist Emma Carmichael has been married to the Earl of Redminster Jack Westwood However their marriage was a secret They were both so young when they made such a sudden decision to settle down and because of annfortunate event they were forced to separate but weren t able to end their marriage Now six years later they met again when Emma worked as a waitress at a party and Asimovs Science Fiction, July 2016 unexpectedly saw JackI love Christmas romances and so are getting back together stories Add the fact that it s written by Christy McKellen who has always been writing beautiful Harleuin stories so this book was definitely a win Our heroine Emma was likeable She was not annoying and she made such good decisions all throughout the book Jack was also a swoon worthy male lead Always such a gentleman and passio. E proposes they live as man and wifentil the fuss dies down Emma feels like Cinderella masuerading as his countessonly behind closed doors their marriage feels tantalizingly re.