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Tub va ma n ye shab Touba and the Meaning of Night Shahrnush ParsipurTouba and the Meaning of Night is a novel written by Iranian novelist Shahrnush Parsipur and was originally published in Iran in 1989 it is Parsipur s second novel and is a fictional account of a woman Touba living through the rapidly changing political environment of 20th century Iran Like other works of Shahrnush Parsipur Touba And The Meaning Of Night Is Considered Parsipur Touba and the Meaning of Night is considered most to be a feminist work Also like Parsipur s other work Touba and the Meaning of Night remains banned in Iran Spanning eighty years the novel follows the life of Touba a young woman educated by her father in a time when few women received education After her father passes away Touba proposes to and marries a 52 year old man Initiated in desperation the marriage causes Touba to fall into depression and eventually ends in a divorce Touba later remarries a Prince of the ajar Dynasty Though her second marriage starts happily it also ends in divorce when the Prince takes a second wife After the divorce Touba is left to raise their daughter on the dwindling allowance afforded by her former husband s diminishing dynasty To compensate Touba weaves rugs 1990 1367 1368 512 1382 413 9644423259 1394 444 9786004050548 20 1379 413 9645564417 As the events this past month 1367 1368 512 1382 413 9644423259 1394 444 9786004050548 20 1379 413 9645564417 As the events this past month our aggregated American heads swiveled towards Iran looking at it with reater interest than since the 1980s Who is this Iran center of the Axis of evil run by a midget Holocaust denier and populated with beautiful and politically engaged students Iran s history seems like it has been a long tug between its rich Cultural Persian History And Religious Persian history and religious with some US puppet Running from Strangers governments thrown in forood measure I m not sure why but I ve always been an Iranophile I have been deeply impressed by all Persians I ve met and find the mystical and artistic traditions lovely This even allowed me to benignly ignore the completely ridiculous assertions of Ahmadinejad and even so enjoy the SNL musical spoof of him And so for a long time I d been looking to read an Iranian woman author So when I saw Touba and the Meaning of Night on a pile at a friend s house I picked it up and started reading Great political changes happen during the long life of the title character Touba Her life extends from the turn of the last century till probably the 1960s and throughout the novel she is vaguely aware of political change but never of it The almost total separation of the woman s realm from the men s is extremely hard especially as a 21st century western woman reader to fathom and yet I assume that Touba is a novelistic rendering of a pretty accurate and commonplace experience And as she rows older and Iran undergoes total political and social change all of which tug on Touba s life in mostly upsetting ways she only is able to perceive the world as a vaguely upsetting shadow as if the character from Plato s cave was a veiled woman Unlike Magical Realism the fantastical or escapist aspects of the novel are not a way for the writer to create a slanted critiue of their countries corrupt politics the back of the novel unhelpfully compares it to works by Maruez and Allende In Touba her escape into mystical experiences is just an aspect of this character s psychological profile and for whom as the reader may experience are a salve for her relentlessly pessimistic life and attitude She is a woman locked out of or into depending how you look at it her expected social roles Even in the restricted society of her time the expectations of women s roles oscillate One regime outlaws the Bura the next reinstates it And being poorly informed and uneducated everything just seems like an arbitrary and frustrating attack on her personal realm Though Touba unlike other women of her eneration was taught to read and this makes her exceptional It also allows her just enough of a limpse into the forbidden. With this bold insightful novel Parsipur makes a stylishly original contribution to modern feminist literature Publishers Weekly starred reviewParsipur should be admired both as a courageous woman who Tubâ va ma'nâ ye shabTraditional domestic lives of many women in Iran where for much of the 20th century they were expected to remain unschooled iven in marriage at an early age to men who were permitted to have several wives and segregated from the outside world jealously dominated by males and forced to be the keepers of their families honor Not surprisingly the book has been banned by the authorities in Iran since its publication in 1987 and its author has spent time in prison there All in all a major work that is well worth the time and patience to read and absorb A wonderful book I really enjoyed reading it Some parts are a little harder to Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects get through but others are suspenseful fascinating andripping I especially liked learning about Iranian culture and history both of which I really knew nothing about before reading this book I feel like I ve broadened my horizons a little bit by understanding about what happened in Iran between the end of the 19th century and the Islamic Revolution My favorite parts of the story itself were the love story between Ismael and Moones and the magical realism that Parsipur employs a enrestyle of literature that I find especially fascinating Some of the other reviews on Goodreads mentioned the amount of characters and the complexity of the plot I found myself looking at the character list a few times but only for minor characters If you re invested in the book and really enjoy it there won t be a problem keeping up The complexity adds depth to the story and its themes For instance Ismael is an orphan the other child unwanted and neglected just like Ishmael Abraham s other son who was forced into the desert by his stepmother But he also represents pain and suffering due to the sharp class distinctions in Iran during the first part of the 20th century He is also a man in love an intellectual and a political figure This adds several layers of meaning to this one character aloneMy real complaint is this edition of the novel which is poorly edited Honestly it does a disservice to Ms Parsipur s work which is elegant and

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and enchanting The poor makes it seem as if the publisher rushed along the printing with a disregard for the uality of the typed words to match the uality of the language ItselfI Recommend This Book To recommend this book to interested in Iran to fans of Parsipur s work and to people who enjoy a ood story ood writing and some mystical magical realism What intrigued me most in this novel is its relationship to magic realism In Touba and the meaning of Night what we call magic is deeply rooted in religion although disregarding the magical twists that were borrowed from pre Islamic philosophy and skillfully woven into the narrative will be unfair to the novel in its totality Throughout the novel I could not help but compare it with One Hundred Years of Solitude and kept thinking how magic is culturally and religiously coded One of the uestions that I am left with at the end of the nove This is a very serious Iranian novel Epic One of the few novels that I ve read and wondered if I couldn t fully appreciate it because I m so unfamiliar with the cultural outlook I thought it was odd that maybe because it was written by a woman it seems to be regarded as a feminist work The female protagonist is sometimes strong but sometimes isn t And I do feel like the work perpetuates a large number of mysogenist practices or is it just reflecting a reality Ismael rew curious work perpetuates a large number of mysogenist practices or is it just reflecting a reality Ismael rew curious the source of this desire that women seemed to have to predict the future Thus they were weak and needed to be surrounded by other weak people That is why they wanted an enclosed space with their provisions safe inside it where there was no one and no war could penetrate Ismael had no doubt that it was a woman who invented the concepts of storing food weaving carpets and knitting clothesWell I uess you be the judge I will tell you this book took me forever and a day to read. Entieth century from the era of colonialism to the rule of two shahs The Iranian best selling author of eleven books including Women Without Men Shahrnush Parsipur now lives in exile in the United State. ,

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Realm of politics to make her confused For example when her husband explains the Bolsheviks by saying they want to divide everything even women Touba misunderstands and thinks the Bolsheviks want to literary break women in half The novel also dips in and out in an almost Austenian manner of the lives and minds of other dips in and out in an almost Austenian manner of the lives and minds of other in her sphere from the uncle who tears the fetus out of his raped teenage daughter s womb to the viciously angry young reactionary who threatens to burn Touba s home It s reactionary who threatens to burn Touba s home It s very depressing This is not the novel to read if one is looking for happy endings or happy beginnings or in betweens even The characters are not just trapped by their natures as should be any worthy literary characters but by an ossification of the roles society demands of them All the misery seems so worthless Touba never suffers from poverty violence abandonment on any Advanced First Aid, CPR, and AED (Orange Book) great scale and yet the subtleties of her suffering and her escape into religious observance are almost caustic But it is in direct proportion to how uncomfortable this novel made me that I strongly recommend it I love when I read a book and leaves me wandering in its world for hours days weeks afterwards This book accomplished that and so much for me intellectually and emotionally If you have any interest in Iran mysticismender or Islam I highly recommend this book I read Touba after reading Parsipur s wonderful novella Women Without Men The novella wove the disturbing stories of five women together with the strength of a parable and I was hoping that Touba would also be in this vein The novel is steeped in Persian legend and lore but the symbolism lost its force for me in the long novel format The bold little allegories that I enjoyed in Women Without Men were sort of muddied down in service of the larger plot about a matriarch whose life story mirrors Iran s sociopolitical turmoil Perhaps my distaste for Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow generational tales about the changing times of whatever country the story happens to be set in especially those with fantastic elemen a lot of Iranian history and culture in an amazing set through eyes of a woman This is a monumental book maybe a masterpiece of Iranian fiction but certainly a family saga of considerable dimensions that follows the lifetime of one woman Touba fromirlhood to old age During a period of time that reaches across most of a century she represents the traditional seuestered world to which Iranian women have been assigned for enerations With one significant difference she enters that world with the blessings of a father who believes that women are the euals to men and are free to think for themselves and shape their own destinyThe irony of her situation is that while she makes every attempt to exercise that independence she is restricted to a domestic life running a household and raising children while married to a member of the Royal family and a faithless husband While self reliant of necessity especially as her husband s political fortunes force him to leave the country for a while and his wealth evaporates Touba fails to escape the most crippling demands that her culture places upon women She is not only party to the honor killing of a young irl but must hide the Norte: A Novel girl s body in her very ownardenIt s a compelling story and this is only the beginning But a caveat or two for interested readers 1 At 300 pages it is a densely worded novel that reads LIKE A SYNOPSIS OF A MUCH LONGER BOOK 2 a synopsis of a much longer book 2 style is very much in the manner of tell don t show Instead of setting a scene in which characters speak and interact the narration oes on for paragraph after paragraph telling instead of showing She did this and then she did that then she thought this and she said that etc If you enjoy a long complex multi character story it will hold your interest but not in the way you may be used to This is no page turnerMeanwhile Western readers will have an opportunity to see something of the. Ndured jail and torture and as a writer and innovator Azar Nafisi author of Reading Lolita in TehranNow available in paperback this complex epic captures the changing fortunes of Iranian women in the tw. ,

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