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Pottymouth s characterist was Humility David and have had the unfortunate challenge of being dubbed with horrible nicknames in school by challenge of dubbed with horrible nicknames in school by peers Michael who tends to speak with additional made up words was dubbed Pottymouth since everyone assumed the words were curses and David has the moniker Stoopid because he often makes mistakes particularly since he gets nervous Thes all goes back to indergarten and a particular girl they have gone to school since thenNow they are in middle school and their world is about to change It all starts when David s ex father a deadbeat dad decides to take the two of them out to lunch David is really excited because he thinks his dad has changed and is going to be involved in his life and better about changing child supportThe other thing that changes is the premiere of Bestselling author James Patterson's best book for boys in years Tired of being bullied middle school underdogs Pottymouth and Stoopid finally fight back with the power of funnyDavid and his best friend Michael were tagged with awful nicknames way back in preschool when everyone did silly things Fast forward to. Pottymouth and StoopidNew cartoon on a network not unlike the Cartoon Network It is a huge hit and it is called Pottymouth Stoopid and it is clearly based hit and it is called Pottymouth Stoopid and it is clearly based them Everyone loves the show The thing they can t figure out is how the creators have learned so much about David and Michael and things that have actually happened to them What are they going to do about itEven before these types of books started being published by the jimmy brand Patterson has worked with authors for intermediate readers to write stories that touch on the concept of bullying THIS ONE IS ABOUT AS BLUNT AS IT GETS one is about as blunt as it gets including bullying in a story It is fun and interesting but it does seem to drag as the message seems to overwhelm the fun of the plot Grabenstein has used a different illustration style than he has traditionally used when creating works under the gen. Seventh grade Pottymouth and Stoopid ARE STILL STUCK WITH THE NAMES AND EVERYONE IN still stuck with the names and everyone in including the teachers and their principal believe the labels are true So how do they go about changing everyone's minds By turning their misery into megastardom on TV of course And this important story delivers than jus.

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jimmy brand is interesting and fits uite nicely with the feel of the charactersNot a great book My 10 year old son and I both loved this and hope the seuel comes out in the voice of Pottymouth Teaches a valuable lesson while funny and at times sad A great partner to the I Funny books by Grabenstein and Patterson s Jimmy books When I received the ARC of this title it came with a letter from James Patterson saying This book Gets At One Of at one of chief reasons why young men become unhappy angry and sometimes even violent Bullying like everything today has gotten complicated it also represents an essential message for young readers If Patterson truly believes this is the most important book I have ever written he should have made sure the finished product hinted at that message It does. T laughs it shows that the worst bullying doesn't have to be physicaland that things will get better A great conversation starter for parents to read alongside their His Miracle Baby / Return To Emmett's Mill kidsOfficial Notice to ParentsThere is no actual pottymouthing or stupidity in this entire bookPsstids that second part might not be entirely tr.