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Ped in a collapsed mine shaft The boys have been struggling since book 2 with letting their eelings show But deep down in their hearts they knew that they were the one or each other The storyline is moving along smoothly and I hope Jarrett s Dad doesn t have an accident now that he Another great installment in the series looking orward to the next book OK My FriendsI have a confession to make As many of you know I am a confirmed Loganite I love Patricia Logan s novels and have or the past many of you know I am a confirmed Loganite I love Patricia Logan s novels and have A Northern Light for the past years The thing is I could not get into the Death and Destruction Series I shrugged it off to theact that although extremely well written and researched they seemed to be procedural driven instead of relationship driven than her driven instead of relationship driven than her books and I am not too keen on cop shows For an avid If You're Missing Baby Jesus: A True Story that Embraces the Spirit of Christmas fan it was like pulling teeth to read theirst two books I do admit that time to actually read was an issue tooShe would ask me if I had read xxx yet and I would tell her it just wasn t my cup of tea When I ound myself needing something to listen to one day on a trip I decided to let Google read me the rest of Thunder and Lightning just to make her Happy Then Downloaded Thin then downloaded Thin Line The irst book of the next series which I thought was AMAZING And I told her suchI thought Patricia might reach through the internet and kill me She told me if I don t read Slip Slide next that she was going to take away my open invitation to dinner Since I may be needing that over the holidays it was a good threatI swear it was like she knew exactly what I was going to say and wanted to tell me to F % off This book in my opinion brought the heart back to her writing and made me Anne Perrys Christmas Crimes (Christmas Stories, fall in love with Thane and Jarrett I am excited to read Locked and Loaded nowJust thought I would share in case there are any other Loganites out there going through the same thing You are loved. From the beaches of California to the coal rich mountains of Appalachia Jarrett’s dubious past seems to rear its ugly head wherever they go Join our heroes as they areorced to ace danger ear and maybe the most White Water frightening thing they’ve everaced together The Slave Dancer family Slip and Slide contains an exciting excerptrom Locked and Loaded Death and Destruction Book T gets better with each book I am just and impressed with this Authors writing each time I get through another book in this series The amount of Research and effort she very obviously puts into these books is amazing Like with the last book we learned a good deal of information about Fireworks This book you get such a great deal of information about Mines how they run properly and the wording Special Agent for different procedures andor things you would encounter in the mines But besides all that knowledge the structure of these stories is antastic Its almost like they are Real Account Stories and Not Just Fiction You Get Everything Than Fiction You get everything Other than about different aspects of things Thane and Jarrett have to deal with during their time in the ATF you get some Humor parts that will make you laugh out loud Romance the Relationship that is developing between the two men And every single book keeps you in Suspense at the end needing to know what is going to happen to them next I elt like this book delved even into their relationship as a couple as well and we see them strengthen and evolve as just partners to something even and the way it progresses is just great to see I cannot wait to partners to something even and the way it progresses is just great to see I cannot wait to how the next one turns outAudio Listening to Michael Pauley during this narration was so Exciting He puts such effort into all of the books he narrates but this one has been moved up to the top as one of my The Apache Wars: The Hunt for Geronimo, the Apache Kid, and the Captive Boy Who Started theLongest War in American History favorites now I literallyound myself on edge yelling at the Audio close to the end of this book just trying to get him to hurry up to ind out what happened next in the story lol I haven t read the E books I ve only listened to the Audios in this series which I think or me made the A World on Fire feeling of listening to them so much better and I will enjoy listening to them over and over 45 starsYes Iinally got my I love yous even though my boys were trap. With the territory growing up working in a nearby mine or a couple years before joining the Marine Corps just after high school When he and his partner encounter a dubious mine CEO two ATF agents who they’re tasked to investigate and a good ‘ol boy who has a pickaxe to grind all they can hope is to solve this case before ending up dead and buried in that mine. ,

475 stars This book is definitely better than the previous 2 books or me I ind it hard to connect with Thayne and Jarret as a couple and this book helped me a lot with this The personal side of this story eatures not only sex but also amily ties and connections as much as Jarret s past which until now is really shady and makes him a dark horse I liked that he was open about himself and it made him approachable or me and easier to and it made him approachable or me and easier to Thayne on the other hand is very much an open book and the way much an open book and the way is with Jarret and his amily really endeared him to me So I am liking them and As ar as the case goes this one was absorbing them and As ar as the case goes this one was absorbing researched and well written The whole situation with mine workers and the mine itself shows not only the one person problem but the issues in the entire town and how the corruption and deceit affect everybody both as a whole and as individuals It s a crime against miners community and all their The New Job Security families The support system is amazing among them and it helps Jarrett and Thayne to workaster and actually The Day Fidel Died: Cuba in the Age of Raúl, Obama, and the Rolling Stones (A Vintage Short) facilitates their way into the heart of the problem andinding its solution I would have liked a little less of the coal mine lingo but I guess it was unavoidable in order to make it genuine The second part of the book was a page turner and I enjoyed it very much it was the build up to it that was a little slow moving The New Odyssey: The Story of Europe's Refugee Crisis for me Another small issue I had with this book was a tad too much inner monologue done by both MCs I would have liked conversation rather than internal musings spanning several pages at a time It made me slightly impatient and I almost gave into the urge to skim unforgivableinger twitch some paragraphs But I resisted Otherwise I truly enjoyed both Tayne and Jarret and their recent adventure and I can say that I would love to read bout them I will recommend it I swear this series jus. ATF special agents Thayne Wolfe and his partner Jarrett Evans have gotten into sticky situations in the past but nothing prepares them The Jumbee for the daunting task of being loaned out to a coal mine in West Virginia where Jarrett’s grown up Investigating a deadly mining explosion may be the end of them yet In one of the most beautiful places on earth Jarrett isamiliar. Slip and Slide