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S baffled as to why Rachel s boyfriend is interested in her at all She doesn t seem to be anything special and I can t understand why he likes her or chooses to spend time *with her I can understand why he gets angry with her all the time Of course I *her I can understand why he gets angry with her all the time Of course I t think the boyfriend is anything special ither and I can t understand why Rachel would be so attracted to him other than the fact that he s famous I m going to "stop there so I don t give away too much of the plot " there so I don t give away too much of the plot was a uick asy read I d recommend it as a guilty pleasure type book so long as you can handle sex and crass language MY SUMMARY IN ONE WORD AWFUL summary in one word Awful justification follows I typically don t read chick lit but if this is a typical xample of what this literary canon has to offer it is in greater peril than I thoughtIt is not that this story is not interesting or that it should not be xplored It has been written before beautifully with great wit and literary deftness by Melissa Bank A Girls Guide to Hunting and Fishing I wasted time reading those fifty smutty something pages and laboring over this review but if it helps inform anyone over reading anything lse then it was worth itSohn s story reads like an overly wordy Skinemax storyline without the bad acting but does include all of the detailed descriptions of rim jobs fellatio and clitoral stimulus references one The Lady in Pink expects in a late night cable soft core movie about a drop out rabbinical student hooking up with a Gentile older horny screen writer and that s just the first 50 page. Increasingly strange Is he distraught that she's dropped out of school Is he having his own midlife crisis Something's upand Rachel's increasingly convinced it might be her father's libido With Rachel's own relationship getting wilder and weirder and her parents acting like teenagers it seems thatveryone in Cobble Hill is going crazy A fresh spin on Philip Roth's Portnoy's Complaint My Old Man is a black comedy about a dysfunctional Brooklyn family coming apart at the sea. My Old ManI read this at the beach AND OFTEN LAUGHED OUT LOUD I often laughed out loud I get it to read again next summer Raw and to the point as Sohn usually is this books takes on multi generational relationships A good if not uplifting read heard amy at the brooklyn bookfair this book takes place all over cobble hillcarroll gardens loved it I read "This Years Ago And I Still Remember How Much I "years ago and I still remember how much I it Absolute garbage Complete disservice to a MayDecember romance and the typical situation where the female character gets treated like crap I laughed out loud throughout the book Eyes especially at the way the author describes people her dad with the shirt peenie But its so slutty and gross I wouldn t recommend it to any civilized people or adolescent daughters I needed a totally brainless book to read This was very funny and took place in Brooklyn so it was cool to be familiar with the streets described I heard it was optioned by focus features and will probably be a highlyntertaining movie This book was hilarious I read Amy s other book Run Catch Kiss and loved it so I had a feeling I was going to like this one just as much The main character Rachel Block drops out of rabbinical school after someone dies under her watch and takes on a new role as a bartender She is instantly drawn to screenwriter Hank Powell who is twice her age and very odd with his behavior drawn to screenwriter Hank Powell who is twice her age and very odd with his behavior relationship takes on a strange love fest that is odd and almost sick which makes it very hard to stop reading ven if you find yourself blushing through the From the New York Times bestselling author Amy Sohn one of New York City's most provocative columnists comes a hip contemporary novel about sex sin and living in the same neighborhood as your parents When twenty six year old Rachel Block started rabbinical school she didn't think she'd be dropping out after a semester and a half But when a sick man dies under her counseling she realizes she's not cut out for the rabbinate To make nds meet she takes a job as a bartender in

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Aunchy scenes I actually bought this book as a joke because my friends and I spent a beach vacation 7 or 8 years ago reading Run Catch Kiss by Sohn and were appalled by how slutty and ready to be degraded the main character was It was once of those You have to read this You won t believe how utterly ridiculous it is recommendations So when I saw that Sohn had a similar book I decided to take it to the beach this year What I forgot was how unlikeable her characters are and how you find yourself groaning in agony as you read because you don t think it will ver nd yet you can t stop reading because you have to see what other insane things the characters are going to do to ach other next So no I really wouldn t recommend it And in case you think you might read it for the slutty PARTS THE SEX SCENES AREN T HOT BECAUSE the sex scenes aren t Spirit of the Wolf even hot always insists on adding in details about how someone s feet smell or someone just ate a burrito and has gas or something totally unappetizing like that I m notven kidding This book is about a twenty something Jewish girl Rachel who drops out of rabbinical school and becomes a bartender to the chagrin of her parents During this transition phase she carries "company with an ducational female friend a famous older boyfriend and her parents who have issues of their own I "with an ducational female friend a famous older boyfriend and her parents who have issues of their own I like this book however there was a bit of a separation between the first half and the second half I really liked the beginning of this book a bit shocking but Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose engaging By the second half of the book I wa. Er Brooklyn neighborhood much to her parents' chagrin It's the uintessential uarter life crisis compounded by the fact that she's still living just blocks from her childhood home Then Rachel falls in love with Hank Powell an iconoclastic screenwriter twice her age Suddenly she's reassessing her values her surroundings andverything she's ver thought about the right kind of relationship Meanwhile her interactions with her father with whom she's always been close have become.
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