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To survive in a hostile environmentI consider the Creature to be a uniue and well created character The author succeeds in making the Creature a fascinating being who The Wanderers lives in isolation in the cold northern wastes His portrayal of the Creature will intrigue readers who are familiar with Mary Shelley s storyThe scenes between Jotham and the Creature are excellent In my opinion the dialogue in these scenes works well because they ve been written in a specific mannerIiked the way the story began in 1936 in Ingolstadt because the author wrote about how the young Dr Josef Mengele visited an old friend of his family and was given old and valuable books which contained alchemical and magical texts by old masters One of these books was written by M Victor FrankensteinOne of the best things about this novel is that Edward M Erdelac takes his time to set up things and doesn t rush with the story I The Last Dickens like his way of moving the story forward because he tells what happens to the brothers and how Jotham seeks out Frankenstein s first creation the Creature so that Mengele s creations can be stoppedThe author s realistic vision of wartime atrocities and Nazi medical experiments is shockingly dark and disturbing He doesn t sugarcoat anything buteads his readers into the terrifying world of Nazi regime and medical horror I m sure that what Jotham and Eli witness at Auschwitz will inger on the readers minds because the author writes memorably about Mengele s disturbing medical experiments and what goes on at the death campI found it intriguing that the author wrote about the folklore of the Sami and mentioned Stallo which is a spirit from the Nether World half troll and half man I think that many readers will find the mention of the Stallo fascinating because it is something that is not often seen in speculative fictionAs an interesting piece of information I can mention that this novel has a brief mention Of A Book Written By The Mad a book written by the mad I think that fans of Lovecraftian fiction will be delighted to spot this in the text I l also mention that as a Finn I found it interesting that the author used a bit of Finnish in the storyEver since reading the amazing Merkabah Rider novels I ve enjoyed Edward M Erdelac s prose and writing style Now that I ve read Monstrumf hrer I can say that he s one of the best authors of modern horror fiction because he dares to write about things that are often Takedown: The Fall of the Last Mafia Empire left untouched by other authors and fluently blends harsh realism with speculative elementsBefore I finish this review I think it s good to mention that the author is not easy on his readers Some of the scenes are unpleasant and may evoke feelings of discomfort and unease in those who are easily shockedEdward M Erdelac s Monstrumf hrer should be on every horror fan s readingist because it stands out among modern horror novels by being something different and captivatingly dark It s a well written novel that will fascinate many horror readersExcellent horror fiction This was a crazy ride my friends I pre ordered this one expecting it to be good campy B movie fun You know Frankenstein s monster versus the Nazis Classic setup if I ve ever seen one Then I read the first twenty pages and realized a few things all at once 1This book is incredibly serious 2This book is incredibly dark 3This book is incredibly goodNow I ve never read anything by Mister Erdelac so I suppose it s my own fault for assuming the basis of the book without doing a background check on the author Had I any idea that I was getting myself into a grim macabre retelling of an Auschwitz survivorwhew I was not prepared folks et me tell you However dark as it may have been it was well worth it although I do despise the ending Do yourselves a favor and pick this one all the while keeping in mind that Mister Erdelac takes a crazy ridiculous scenario and turns it into an eerie disturbing nearly credible reality warning GrimDark as fuck nothing is grimmer then a story grounded in realityiI had the pleasure to get a early copy of Edward M Erdelacs Monstrumfuhrer this man is one of the best writers in genre fiction If you think you seen the best stories of Frankenstein monster you are dead wrong Edward expertly combines the obsessive Nazis and there assembly ine of war and there obsession of the occult and mad experiments in hindsight These two things work perfectly together trying not to spoil to much it Diamantmysteriet leads to some of the darkest shadows of the human soul this book is a amazing written i dindt really know where it was going until theast few pages I Gra. C experiments Jotham hatches a plan to escape the camp and travel north to find the only being capable of stopping Mengele from providing the Third Reich with a new race of undying stormtroopers; the only being on earth who will believe them Frankenstein's original creatu. ,

S true colors he manages to escape and heads northErdelac s writing has improved by eaps and bounds since the Merkabah Rider series Much ike I thought The Dark Knight was too good to be a super hero movie and Batman was the weakest part Monstrumfuhrer is almost too good of an account of the holocaust to have Frankenstein s monster in itNot that things don t get interesting once the Creature shows up It turns out he has reasons of his own for coming back to civilization The atter part of the book echoes the atter part of Mary Shelley s classic It wasn t uite what I expected but was damn satisfyingThe writing was great but I thought maybe a ittle too much time was spent at Auschwitz Or maybe a ittle too much time was spent at Auschwitz Or Frankenstein elements could have been eliminated altogether Even so I enjoyed Monstrumfuhrer uite a bit 35 out of 5 stars Unnerving Magazine ReviewIn the classic sense of pulp adventure Monstrumfuhrer has bit bangs big action and big eaps in probability The story opens on Jewish brothers hiding in an attic above a Polish bookstore as the Third Reich pushes along collecting and caging people for termination At Auschwitz the hero and his brother meet a wide eyed and conniving Dr MengeleAfter a Unnatural Leadership: Going Against Intuition and Experience to Develop Ten New Leadership Instincts lengthyayout and explanation of ife at camp wide eyed and conniving Dr MengeleAfter a engthy As If Being 12 3/4 Isn't Bad Enough, My Mother Is Running for President! layout and explanation ofife at camp comes to Stickman Odyssey, Book 2: The Wrath of Zozimos light that knowledge of Frankenstein s monster is common than suspected Mengele has plans to build an armyChaos and murder Auschwitzoses its hold on a revenge focussed surviving brother and he heads north to the The Last of the Tribe last knownocation of Frankenstein s monster who turns out to be an animated nihilist Chatty Cathy doll Charming and brimming with you had it coming Nazi philosophy while conversing with his Jewish travel buddyThere is definitely some high octane action and some suspenseful ualities though spread over engthy stretches of dialogue and plodding There were also a few blips here and there but Monstrumfuhrer is highly readable with plenty of Nazi suashing at the hands of heavy duty monstrosity Sort of a seuel of Frankenstein picking than a century ater than where we The Book of Air left his creature in Mary Shelley s novel Monstrumf hrer is an excellent novel that combines war horror adventure and in the most horrendous setting of mankind the concentration camps in WWIIOur hero is Jotham aittle boy who crosses paths with Mengele in Auschwitz each one of them having a key to reveal the secret of Frankenstein and his creature When Mengele finally succeeds in creating ife Jotham must enlist the help of the creature to stop the mad scientistAlways full of fantastic descriptions plot twists and so much gore Ed Erdelac does a magnificent job of conveying a state shifting constantly between awe and horror Extremely recommended What a great book Mixing horror and historical fiction with great skill If he keeps writing books that are this good Mr Erdelac will be a huge success A masterpiece Originally published at RisingshadowEdward M Erdelac s Monstrumf hrer is a dark adventure for horror connoisseurs who ove stories that differ from mainstream stories It s a satisfyingly grim novel that combines history pulp elements dark fantasy and horror elements in a fresh way because the author spices up the story with action and touches upon themes of survival isolation vengeance and exploitationIn ess capable hands Monstrumf hrer could have easily become an average monster mash up with wartime horrors but Edward M Erdelac knows what he s doing and delivers a memorable story that has style and substance Monstrumf hrer is a stunning blend of Nazi medical horrors and Mary Shelley s Frankenstein with a faint touch of Anne Frank s The Diary of a Young Girl The Diary of Anne Frank The author effectively combines different elements and creates a dark and captivating story for horror readersBecause the synopsis of this novel reveals uite a ot of information about the story I won t go into details about the happenings I l only briefly mention that Monstrumf hrer is a story about Jewish twin brothers Jotham and Eli Podczaski who encounter the dreaded Dr Josef Mengele who is infamous for his sadistic medical experiments and find out about the origin of his experimentsThe characterisation works well because the author writes fluently about the characters and what happens to them Jotham and Eli Podczaski are realistic and well created characters Although they re twin brothers and alike in form they have different interests ikes and dislikes They share an interest in only a few things The author s vision of their hiding in a bookstore felt realistic because they were boys who tried. Podczaski come across the etters of Captain Walton to his sister detailing the ill fated story of FrankensteinWhen Jotham and Eli are captured by the Gestapo and encounter Mengele in the gray confines of Auschwitz KZ they alone recognize the origin of his bizarre sadisti.

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The overall feeling I got from this book was one of awe The writing style Was Just Superb Superbly Paced just superb Superbly paced explained and superbly sensitive to one of the main parts of the story namely the Holocaust So many genres are covered in this book it is difficult to put it into just one If I had to pin it down though it is a horror story of the purest kindSee here for the full reviewMonstrumfuhrer I never read the book blurb before beginning Because I didn t I was putting this one off I expected ots of battles and politics Boy Was I wrongThis is the hauntingly beautiful tale of a boy who ives through one of the most atrocious times in history He enlists the help of Frankenstein s Creature to help him both exact revenge and save humanityErdelac did a phenomenal job of explaining Jotham s feelings towards auschwitz though we see some feelings towards Auschwitz Though we see some the atrocities committed they aren t brought front and center ike a freak show Instead we re shown the slow burn side We see bodies stacked up ike kindling We re given a tour through the bakery There are a few parts that are gory but Erdelac eans heavily towards the side of assaulting our humanity and morality to show us the gravity of the situation Frankentstein s Creature is also done incredibly well He s frightening and beautiful at the same time Seeing humans from his point of view will change yours The creature is pained by our ugliness yet at the same time we see his vulnerabilities and ugliness The meshing of World War II and Frankenstein is seamless By the time you finish the book you realize how close to reality it actually could be I m not saying that Frankenstein s Creature is out there waiting to hunt us down at the right opportunity What I m saying is that it s a great What If Frankenstein s Creature could be considered a super race I could ponder on this all day but what Creature could be considered a super race I could ponder on this all day but what important is that Erdelac brought us an altered history that s believableI m not a history buff I m not a military buff I don t enjoy stories that are mainly war and politics I Elizabeth I loved this story By telling it from the perspective of a young boy it has become powerful Boy enlists Frankenstein s monster called the Creature here to help him stop Dr Josef Mengele from creating a Nazi force that could not only win the war but destroy the worldOn the surface Monstrumfuhrer would seem a simple mashup Nazi medical horror and Mary Shelley There s plenty of action including some amazing displays of the Creature s strength and colorful scenes set all over the globe Auschwitz comes to horrifyingife as a machine of suffering powered the most horrible truth by a human heart But the story goes deeper than comparing the Nazis atrocities on a arger scale with that of Dr Frankenstein And while it conveys the awful choices made in wartime on all sides very effectively a scene with one German family is heartbreaking it goes beyond the problems of adherence to a moral code when survival or at east escape from torture takes over all considerations Monstrumfuhrer is about exploitation We always think the other person is the one who exploits No one is as cold about its motivations to use others as the Creature it was born out of exploitation right but unlike humans the Creature doesn t deny its nature to manipulate or use coercion to get what it wants It offers a uniue and chilling perspective on how all people exploit each other and justify it with a self Theres Always a Trail / Home in the Valley lie This idea shadows the narrative its people events the clash of wills and ideas between characters It sounds misanthropic but it comes as of a plea for empathy which might beost in all the action if the story were not so well written If I haven t sold you on it yet just read it for the monster action and the Frankenstein elements Shelley s tale fits right into the storyline and the Creature is rendered faithfully with her portrayal of it Dr Mengele has discovered Frankenstein s journal and is using it to create an army of invincible Nazi warriors Jotham Podczaski goes north to find the only thing that can stop him Frankenstein s original creationEdward Erdelac earned the golden ticket from me by virtue of The Merkabah Rider series When he asked if I d give this a read it was an automatic YesIn Monstrumfuhrer Erdelac juxtaposes the atrocities of the holocaust with the horrors of the reanimated dead Jotham and his brother are rousted from their hiding place in a sympathetic woman s attic and dragged away to Auschwitz Mengele takes an interest in Jotham making him his errand boy while Eliazar joins the resistance Once Jotham sees Mengele. In 1936 Dr Josef Mengele discovers Victor Frankenstein's ab journal in the attic of an Ingolstadt dormitory and is tasked by the Reich Institute with replicating his reanimation procedureWhile hiding in a bookstore in Warsaw a pair of Jewish twin brothers Jotham and Eli. Monstrumführer