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D by it The book ends at a point in where a second book could be added to the story I so hope he doesHighly recommended to fans of creature features horror and lovers of the 80s Every Friday night high school seniors Billy and Tom watch a horror movie in Billy s basement As this Friday draws near a secret alien invasion threatens to take over the town Can Billy and Tom save the world in time to watch The Re Animator and keep the Video Night tradition aliveBack when I was a horny teenage boy in that hazy time before the internet I d stay up all hours of the night watching movies on Showtime trying to catch a glimpse of boob In the process I watched a lot of b movies mostly horror Video Night brings back fond memories of that timeIn the vein of the teenagers against an other worldly menace movies of the 1980searly 1990s Video Night is a fun nostalgia laden gorefest What else can you expect when alien organisms are infecting peopleI was reminded of a whole slew of movies while reading this Night of the Creeps Night of the Comet Monster Suad Invasion of the Body Snatchers Return of the Living Dead and a ton of others It seems like the whole damn down was crawling with monsters by the endThe ending did not disappoint and was true to the books origins My hunger for of Adam Cesare s work has grown significantly since I first opened the bookIt might be a case of the perfect book for the time I was reading but I can t think of a single bad thing to say about this book I think Adam Cesare and I would have been pals had we met as teenagers Five out of five stars I did not want this to end Growing up in the 80s I ve had a love affair with what people call icky bug stories and this was one of the best I ve read in a long time A great creature feature that made me nostalgic Cesare hits all the right notes amping up the scares and mixing in doses of humor at ust the right moments This is an alien invasion you ll never forget In his afterward author Adam Cesare notes that although Video Night was his third published novel it was actually the first book he had written During my reading of this story I had suspected it was his first novel which is not to say it s bad ratings wise I m leaning toward 35 stars but have rounded up ust that there are some rough patches here and there Video Night is a solid bit of fun but it lacks some of the surety and depth of a latter book like Con Season Cesare s most recent This is a pulpy straight forward 1980s infused horror story about an alien invasion in Long Island Cesare is a well studied student and clea I didn t realize I needed alien horror fiction in my life until I read VIDEO NIGHT by Adam Cesare I ve said this before but I need to say it again now horror cinema is
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my thing I t really have a frame of reference when it comes to dialog about classic horror movie tropes I m aware of their existence I know Abou Pleasantly Surprised Entertainment Value 5 StarsWell Pleasantly surprised Entertainment value 5 starsWell lot of people wrote reviews in which the mentioned the movie INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS understandably but the vibe made me think about the movie THE FACULTY starring Josh Hartn VIDEO NIGHT is a perfect example of a creature feature combined with a small town and 80 s nostalgia For fans of this type of horror it would be difficult for you to find a better book than this Billy and his best friend have a standing date once a week to watch a video almost always a horror movie Their video store is small and space is limited so they ve seen every horror movie available over and over again But this week VIDEO NIGHT is not going to go as planned Both boys have dates and not all of them will survive In fact most of the town won t survive Will Billy himself make it through You ll have to read this to find outI love all kinds of horror dark fiction and even some fantasy but I have a special place in my heart for both the 80 s and for creature features so this book was perfect for me It only took me so long to read it because friends of mine I m looking at you Kimberly and Andi gifted me a gorgeous signedlimited edition and I didn t want to crack the spine I had some high expectations going in and I m happy to report that this book lived up to each and every one of them I listened to the audio and Matt Godfrey did a great ob of narrating as always I admit that I wondered how his calm manner would work in a book that was so fast paced and gory but I needn t have worried He brought it all home with a certain style that I enjoyedIf you like creature features and 80 s nostalgia or if you grew up during that time there is no book out there better suited to you than VIDEO NIGHTBONUS If you re a member of the Horror Aficionados group at Goodreads come oin us during the month of April when Adam Cesare himself is participating in a group read of this book He ll be available for your uestions and comments It s free to oin and all you need is to Inspirations join and all you need is copy of the book which you can get in all formats here Thanks to Matt Godfrey the narrator for the free audio of this book in exchange for my honest review This is it. Keep getting worse and worse the catastrophic mayhemuicy and hopeless Best of all the writing moves like a greased torpedo compulsively readable as it rockets through your brain Fangoria If you put together the gore action monsters and sense of excitement that made '80s horror movies so great you'll only have about half of what makes Video Night a must read tome for horror fans Horrortalk. ,
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The chips are down during the alien shenanigans she may ust be the one to carry the day instead of being the traditional damsel in distress Keep in mind that yes these are young protagonists and they tend to act as such And while I generally have a problem with teenagers save the day storylines in the context of Video Night it totally worksThere are plenty supporting characters who share the pages with our heroes including Officer Darl who becomes trapped in his own mind as the alien invasion goes into full swing Ironically he s one of the most engaging characters as he is basically a hero and a villain rolled into one character and his observations of the crazy crap doing down around him are generally amusing But the rest of the characters are hit or miss sometimes getting a bit of backstory and defined motivations sometimes not so much Most other characters are like in those classic horror movies ust fodder for the creatures which is totally okAs for the creatures they are effective enough There s a bit of an AlienAliens vibe about when they emerge from their hosts which is suitably gruesome and fun In fact the plot of Video Night is a bit of Invasion of the Body Snatchers mixed with Aliens with John Hughes overtones and a dash of late night Cinemax naughtiness thrown in for good measure The aliens are led by a ueen and we do get some time in her headspace but while she is vicious and dangerous we never get much insight into her motivations or how the invasion started in the first place Much like the 80 s elements it so freely resurrects Video Night is very much a character driven affair with the plot coming in second It is outrageous style over measured substance Most of the time is spent with the characters interacting with each other so the narrative doesn t spend as much time with the details as I would have liked And this is where I struggle since I know it s channeling the cheap vibe but I still wanted a little definition and impact with my story The body horror elements are there but the sense of dread and confusion regarding an alien invasion is significantly lacking This isn t a scary tale so much as a gruesome one and I think the book would have been better served with a healthy serving of dread However if blood and gore is your thing Video Night than has you covered You can practically feel the viscera under your fingers as you turn the pages If you were expecting a lot of raunchiness you may come away unsatisfied pun intended There s uite a bit of softcore sexiness going on but nothing truly audacious or sleazy Sadly like the sleaze the humor is all over the place There are times when the funnies hitand times when they miss by a mile Some people might say that the 80 s are funny enough by themselves and maybe in a sitcom that would be true But in written Word We Need Than Just Casual References we need than ust casual references old slang sayings and Video Night didn t always hit the MARKLOOK IF YOU ARE READING THIS if you are reading this for a slice of 80 s cheese then you won t come away disappointed It has that in spades It s got the body horror the casual sexuality and the petty domestic problems that practically define 80 s horror tales Reading this book makes me want to watch some of the old classics or less than classics They Live The Thing Critters and Return of the Living Dead I m sure they don t hold up over time but I have such fond memories of those movies time but I have such fond memories of those movies many others that I don t really care if they ve aged poorly And this book does recapture some of that 80 s nostalgia for sure so I have to give it kudos for that But the writing ust wasn t as on point as I would have liked and while I was entertained I didn t LOVE the bookBut that said if you have a hankering for a fun 80 s tale with a straight to video feel you could certainly do worse than Video Night3 out of 5 teased and neon colored stars What a fun horror ride of a bookVideo Night was a great creature feature set in the 80s I loved the appeal of this book since I also grew up in the 80s and watched tons of B rated movies starring werewolves hanging out in London dolls named Chucky to The ThingThe main character Billy Rile is like most kids He s seventeen a bit of a geek and has a huge crush on his neighbor Rachel Krieger His best friend Tom Mathers is one of his best friends but he can feel they are fading apart Billy plans on going to college and Tom can t go to college due to funds and ambition Billy and Tom could be exact opposites in personality but the thing that brings them together with their friendship is video night Every Friday night they watch the new horror flick on a VCRVCR I told you this was a horror book Adam Cesare does a great Slo Mo! job of taking me back to the 80s I enjoyed his book on an alien invasion that happens on Long Island Can Billy and Tom save the world in time One of the best parts of the book for me was the alien invasion and how they took over humans It was well thought out and the gore was excellent Well done CesareI hope Cesare writes a follow up to Video Night This was the first book he wrote and I was pleasantly surprise. Suburban town It's The Breakfast Club meets The Night of the Creeps in this slime drenched '80s horror romp Hit that first chapter It’ll hook you and the next time you look up you’ll have swallowed the book It’ll be nesting inside you like a seed like an egg like an invasion Stephen Graham Jones author of Mongrels The momentum keeps building The stakes keep escalating The monstersust. ,

It s like Stuart Gordon and John Carpenter had sex and their undead mutant baby was this book Video Night is a wonderfully fun thrill ride that echoes almost perfectly the tone of 80s B monster flicks like Night of the Creeps Nightmares the movie anthology starring Moon Unit Zappa and They Live The last act ran through a little uickly for me but it worked well without going so far into camp that the spell was ever broken If you grew up in the 80s or grew up on 80s horror this book will take you back Great stuff VIDEO NIGHT by Adam Cesare is a novel that those of us with fond memories of growing up in the 80 s will be able to identify with From the old VHS horror movies to the video night between friends now adding their girlfriends to the mix which changes things on that mental level this book was one that I couldn t help but loveAdd to this nostalgia an alien invasion that of course those with an obsession for old horror movies will be the only ones even partially prepared for and you have a fun filled creature romp sure to evoke memories of childhood movie marathonsAs one of Cesare s earlier novels his first written I believe he mentioned I was very impressed with how well this one worked Of course I ve always had a soft spot for the 80 s style books and movies so this was no real surprise to me Adam Cesare is an author I ve read uite a bit from lately and I highly encourage other horror lovers to check out his novelsHighly recommended Bottom line up frontyour enjoyment of Video Night is going to be at least partially predicated on how much you love the 80 s If you are a child of the 80 s or have ust come to love it through other renditions in modern media then you ll find much to like here especially in the first half of the book Regardless of why you might appreciate it it s patently obvious that 80 s nostalgia is pretty high right now with Ready Player One and Stranger Things effortlessly taking us back to a time when synthpop and butt rock ruled the airwaves the women were women and so were the men and neon spandex was all the rage As a child of the 80 s I have a rather strong fondness for that time period as I remember growing up with the wonder of the original Star Wars movies and toys the portability of cassettes Walkman style and the power of hairspray So Video Night seemed right up my alleyAnd in the nostalgia sense it was This book is basically an 80 s straight to video movie in novel form and author Adam Cesare plumbs the big hair decade for all its worth The classic horror movies Check The fiddling with the tracking of the VCR Check The Trapper Keepers and the Jansports Check Virginia Slims Check There are numerous pop culture references in this book that brought me back to my youth while also bringing a smile on my face I was decidedly lower middle class growing up but honestly had no issue with my childhood I had a caring mom good friends and a decent school So for me the 80 s represents a simple And Fun Time Which I Have No fun time which I have no revisiting in various forms of media nowadaysButnostalgia can only carry you so far and while this book has much to offer with 80 s references it can t uite reach those heights with the narrative Like I said it feels like a B movie in book format And you know what Maybe that s the vibe Adam Cesare was going for If so he succeeded admirably But the problem with that approach if that is the approach that was used is that it somewhat lessens the impact of the book No this isn t Jane Austen but it still could have had a bit narrative heft But do we want a book to be goodor do we want a book to be fun Ideally I d like both but if I had to settle for oneI guess I d choose fun MaybeLike all my reviews I will try to keep this one devoid of spoilers If it s not mentioned in the official book synopsis to keep this one devoid of spoilers If it s not mentioned in the book synopsis I ll do my level best to avoid mentioning it here Don t think I m only bashing here One of the places that the book stands tall is with the main characters No they are not the most detailed protagonists to ever grace a novel s pages but Mr Cesare successfully pulls his characters from all walks of life throwing them together in a way that s believable and entertaining It s basically like a slight riff on The Breakfast Club with the nerd the troublemaker and the pretty girl next door readhead naturally Each character gets a little backstory that fits perfectly within the target decade Billy the earnest and awkward nerd is arguably the main character of Video Night and he reminds me a lot of me back in those days Skittish around girls slightly OCD and perpetually trying to play the peacekeeper Billy would hardly be anyone s choice for a hero Thankfully he s got his buddy Tom to look out for him Tom is the traditional 80 s bad boy leather acket and a don t give a shit veneer coupled with an unhappy home life and a major chip on his shoulder But there may be a deeper side to him that even he isn t aware of Then we have Rachel Billy s neighborcrush who has the brains AND the beauty but who really ust wants to fit in and be a little less perfect And when. Who better to repel a body snatching alien invasion than a group of teenage horror nerds Billy and Tom are best friends but each knows that at the end of the school year they'll be moving in different directions But why not go out with a bang and throw one last video night They can invite some girls over order a pizza then maybe try and fight the alien infection that's taken hold over their. .