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निर्मलाNderstandThis is a very tragic #Book But It Never Became #but it never became conversations are real page turner and also have amazing character developmentThanks Gorab and Arpit for buddy read Premchand attacks the dowry system through this tale of a girl who is married to a man of her father s age after her father is murdered What follows is a bleak narrative of her suffering as she struggles to overcome this hurdle for the rest of her life I read Nirmala s Urdu version years agoI

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remember how and poignant it wasIt is the tale of a young woman s endless trials and tribulations in pre partition IndiaThe story of misfortune s endless trials and tribulations in pre partition IndiaThe story of misfortune on misfortunethe murder of her fatherbeing married off to an older man for want of dowry and the subseuent troubles she encounters is masterfully told The eponymous Nirmala of Munshi Premchand s novel is when the story begins a girl of fifteen the eldest daughter of a fairly prosperous lawyer Nirmala s parents have found a match for her a young man from a wealthy family Besides the fact that the prospective groom is very eligible what makes the match even attractive is that the family has said they want no dowry their only reuest is that the baaraat be looked after well This not an outright demand for dowry but a definite assertion of authority of showing that the groom s people have the right to command the bride s people is the start of a chain of events that will have far reaching tragic conseuences Because Nirmala s father in his effort to leave no stone nturned when it comes to hospitality far surpasses his budget and as a result has a arrel with his wife who advises caution The arrel makes him leave home in a huff one night He ends How to Stop Your Grownup from Making Bad Decisions (Nina the Philosopher, up bumping into a criminal whom he had got convicted who had threatened to have his revenge and who now kills Nirmala s father Suddenly things fall apart Since Nirma. D activities of Nirmala Nirmala as the protagonist and as the victim conveys some sensitive issues which leave the readers chokednder the burden of the tragedy It documents a change that was occurring in the earlier part of the 1900's and is an introduction of the history of women's rights and the status of women in Indian culture It will be of special interest for. Nirmala It was my first encounter with a Hindi Novel and what a pleasure it was The story broadly based on the life of an Indian village girl viz #Nirmala Who Is Forcibly #who is forcibly to an elderly man almost her father s age due to the ntimely death of her father Besides an inability to pay for her dowry The story proceeds with Nirmala mired in the household with an inability to pay for her dowry The story proceeds with Nirmala mired in the household with man his three sons and his widowed sister Besides the overall tragic nderpinning there are flickers of hope for the protagonist during some period of her life but it ends on a tragic notePremchand in this novel has done away with jargon and has concentrated only on characters His subtle humor is hard to miss not to mention his analogies His depiction of India of an era not so long agoor perhaps still prevalent in some parts is The Highgate Vampire uite genuine indeed Of course perhaps it was meant to be a tragedy hence he has gone into exaggeration of the events but well within the scope of his literary licenceOverall a must read especially for those who want to battle it out reading Hindi literature Munshiji Rocks 45 starsPremchand did it again this book reminded me why he is my fav This is journey of Nirmala the way she slowly growsp matures and nderstand the ways of worldThis story is an an attack on all the problems faced by women of that time some of them are still relevant today but not in a preachy way It does have a social message but not of a feminist type and only if you are looking for itThe story is about ordinary people people you can find all around you these people are not black or white you can t categorize them as good or bad they are just people who did some good stuff and people who did some good stuff and bad The story is all about how circumstance change people how they react and what they become in different situations it reflects complex human emotions hard to decipher and even harder to Nirmala first published in 1928 is a moving tale of a fifteen year old whose life is bartered by the very hands of destiny when she is made to marry an elderly widower a matchless match Premchand presents a nuanced mockery of the institution of marriage and that of the patriarchal society with a high degree of reformist outline Nirmala entirely deals with the life an. .

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La s mother is nable to afford a lavish wedding and the dowry which had been expected even if it had not been asked for the prospective in laws call off the wedding Nirmala s mother desperate to get Nirmala married searches about for other grooms and finally settles on Totaram a widowed lawyer with three sons the eldest of whom Mansaram is a year older than Nirmala And with Nirmala s marriage to Totaram begins the tale OF HER WOE THE STORY OF her woe the story of a bright beautiful girl is reduced to despair Of how Totaram begins to suspect the relationship between Nirmala and Mansaram and how that suspicion fuels other emotions all snowballing into disaster Nirmala is first and foremost a hard hitting commentary on two social ills that plagued Premchand s India dowry which is still as prevalent as it was back then and the practice of marrying off young girls to much older men All that befalls Nirmala and her family her husband his sons the daughter who is born to Nirmala and Totaram can ltimately be traced to the extremely ill matched marriage of Nirmala and Totaram The social relevance of the novel notwithstanding this is a fine work of literature in itself The plot is good and it s interesting to see the way Premchand weaves the story so that one #thing leads to another one action Totaram s marrying Nirmala leads to tragedy even several years #leads to another one action Totaram s marrying Nirmala leads to tragedy even several years The writing is crisp lucid And the characters are memorable three dimensional interesting people none of them completely black or white but many shades of grey These are people with strengths and weaknesses people who can be affectionate and kind but also jealous suspicious selfish people with very human frailties Nirmala herself while being the good patient long suffering heroine literally pure has her fair share of weaknesses makes her share of mistakes An excellent book and highly recommended. The lovers of Indian culture and history and possibly of the history of women's rights About the Author Shatranj ke Khiladi is a story about two aristocrats Mirza Sajjad Ali and Mir Roshan Ali living in the kingdom of Avadh during the times of British Raj Both of them are careless towards their duties and spend their days playing chess which ltimately destroys them.