KINDLE (The Rules of Magic) by Alice Hoffman

Full well that witches would be a hard sell Other reasons I talked myself into reading it I liked a couple of non magic y books by Hoffman the most recent being Faithful Occasionally hardly EVER magical realism works for me Long long ago I actually liked magical realism I thought The House of the Spirits was cool I thought perhaps I had dissociative personality disorder in which case a palm reader by the name of Debrina who co exists in my psyche would love this book Mostly it comes down to this I hoped I would get attached to the characters despite the fact that they were witches Or maybe I could forget that they were witches Didn t happen Frankly I didn t give a flying eff Every single page was woo woo Every single page I believe all the gushers who say that this is a great book I m just the wrong audience Remember my 1 star means that I hated it not that it s a bad book I should have my head examined for trying As Judge Judy sometimes says Dismissed without prejudice Thanks to NetGalley for an advance copy How much did I love this book I cannot even count the waysFranny Bridget Jet and Vincent Owens are siblings growing up in New York City in the late 1950s and early 1960s raised by no nonsense parents who discourage their children from exploring their uniueness Thei 5 Crazy Dazzling Reckless Stars The Rules of Magic is a Mystical Whimsical Fantastical and Heartbreaking Novel about the Owens family Siblings Franny Jet and Vincent who are given simple yet strange rules by their mother Susanna no walking in moonlight no wearing black no wearing red shoes no cats or crows no candles and no reading books about magic Oh and the biggest rule No falling in love They are provided no explanation None They obey though they don t now why until they are summoned to visit their Aunt Isabelle in Massachusetts Then they discover the truth They are witches And everything falls into place Jet and Vincent take to it immediately and they study and practice Franny tries ignores what she Annual Editions: Technologies, Social Media, and Society knows to be true until one day she too has no choice but to embrace her true self She is a witch through and through And her siblings need her From their Aunt and from books that they have been warned to stay away from they learn spells they learn the secrets of making soaps and how to make potions and from each other they find strength They find love though it terrifies them for they have been told of the curse on the Owens family It is beautiful exciting haunting and terrifying Yet Franny Jet and Vincent are destined for it In The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman what you will learn is that There is no remedy for love but to love We all strive for this each and every one of us This book s magical realism and utter whimsy made me want to dance in myitchen learn to fly converse with animals and make potions but alas I had to settle for dancing in my itchen Thankfully it was enough Alice Hoffman does something amazing here but then doesn t she always Her characters are beloved and endearing yet tortured The story grabs you from the get go and not just because it s a Preuel to Hoffman s Practical Magic which you don t need to have read in order to read this and she just creates this feeling that sinks into your soul and soothes you completely Yes She does that All I can say is that you must experience its magic for yourself It worked for me Thank you to NetGalley Simon Schuster and Alice Hoffman for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review I am externally grateful that I was given the opportunity to read and review this incredible book Published on NetGalley and Goodreads on 81317Will be Published on on 101017 The Rules of Magic by Alice Hoffman is a 2017 is a Simon Schuster publication Those eccentric aunts from Practical Magic Just what is their backstory anyway I was so excited when I heard this book was going to be a preuel to Practical Magic Finally we learn the history behind the infamous curse that plagues the Owens women and discover the legacy behind the love potions and herbs and the complicated emotions swirling around Frances and Jet I usually try to reserve my enthusiasm when a seuel or preuel is released for a popular book or movie especially with such a lengthy time gap in between but when one stellar review after another began pouring in for this book I threw caution to the wind and allowed myself some giddiness Still I was surprised by exactly how much I enjoyed this book I don t read much magic realism these days so from that perspective this was a nice departure from the psych thrillers and nonfiction that has somehow begun to dominate my TBR pile recently But it was than just that I think I enjoyed the era the story was set in and the historical details surrounding the family drama Of course the one word that is impossible to escape while reading this book is that it is magical and it truly is The dark family saga the events that lead us to Gillian and Sally s story and explains the personalities #Of The Franny And #the Franny and makes so much sense now Is it possible to uell natural magical skills Is it possible for magic to work without doing harm Can you really fight loveThis is also a coming of age story filled with angst nobleness honor triumphs and tragedy But and this is going to really upset some people because they wouldn t be caught dead reading a love story But true love is at the center of the book its very life force and is at the very heart of everything that transpires So those who view romance novels with high disdain guess what If you read this book and loved it you just read a romantic love story and not just that but an EPIC love story with all its conflicts all its angst all its heartbreak its tenderness anger and frustration all its conflicts all its angst all its heartbreak its tenderness anger and frustration loved all the darkness magic and all the power but love is the most potent and powerful magic of all HA Before reading this book I felt I should touch base with PM take a uick refresher course if you will to try and purge the movie version from my mind just a little I m glad I did that because this book s familiarity was like touching base with characters I had grown to care for However at times the tone was so different I sometimes felt the author had taken liberties with her own book as strange as that may seem but it wasn t necessarily a bad thing Of course the images from the movie version could have been playing havoc with my impressions as well But sometimes I wondered Are these the same aunts I read about in PM Either way this book will completely turn everything you thought you new on its ear while casting a spell of enchantment over you completely sucking you into the Owens family saga leaving you bewitched and absolutely spellbound So remember Fall in love whenever you can and Know that the only remedy for love is to love 45 stars If you don t read this book because you don t believe in witches or in magic you would truly be missing out on a wonderful story that is about so much If you don t read this book because you haven t read Practical Magic the book to which this is a preuel you d be missing out I haven t read Practical Magic although I intend to now but yet I loved so much about this book It is not just a story of spells and potions and special powers It is a story of family of love a story that reflects so much about the times in the 1960 s There IS real magic in this story though It was the spell that Alice Hoffman s writing cast over me that made me accept who these characters are in spite of not really believing in witches Not just accepting them but caring about them and hoping that they will make it through their tragedies their fate and wishing for them to be happy I couldn t help but be drawn into this story of these three siblings Franny Jet and Vincent Owens who are told the rules they must live by in order to avoid the family curse which goes back to 1620 s in Massachusetts when their ancestor Maria Owens is charged with witchery for loving the wrong man The most important rule do not fall in love Well of course they do and this becomes a story of the heart I loved everything about it the writing the characters the places As I said I have not read Practical Magic but I will definitely read it because I don t want to let go of this family Alice Hoffman is a treasure such a versatile and prolific author writing of past and present such very different stories in so many novels This is just the fourth novel of hers that I have read and I feel lucky to have so many others yet to readI received an advanced copy of this book from Simon Schuster through Edelweiss and NetGalley. Uncover family secrets and begin to understand the truth of who they are Back in New York City each begins a risky journey as they try to escape the family curseThe Owens children cannot escape love even if they try just as they cannot escape the pains of the human heart The two beautiful sisters will grow up to be the revered and sometimes feared aunts in Practical Magic while Vincent their beloved brother will leave an unexpected legac. Reading with Retro Chapter Chicks as we get ready for Magic LessonsThe Rules of Magic was the October 2017 fiction group read in the goodreads group reading for pleasure After a two month delay my library had the book for me and I was all too happy to read it before the end of the year Last month I read Isabel Allende s new book and it left a sour taste in my mouth because it was devoid of her magical realism which I love I had been searching for a book full of magical realism to read and The Rules of Magic while about actual magic than magical realism was finally the tonic that I had been searching for Even though this is not the Latin American brand of magical realism that I crave The Rules of Magic still fit the bill as an enjoyable story full of supernatural occurrences in everyday lifeFranny Bridget also nown as Jet and Vincent Owens come from a long line of Massachusetts witches and wizards dating back to 1620 At this time their ancestor Maria Owens fell in love with John Hathorne a married man who later prosecuted her and other witches of witchcraft As a result Maria set a curse on her family that anyone an Owens would fall in love with would be doomed to an early death Over three hundred years later in 1960s Manhattan Susanna Owens attempts to deny who she is by marrying a man who she does not love and who abhors all things supernatural She shields her children from their true selves to prevent them from anguish and heartache later in life and sets out rules of magic for them so that they do not make the same mistakes that have been befalling their family for centuries This early section of the book reminded me of Harry Potter for adults and why I enjoy the series rather than being pure fantasy or supernatural magical people live in a non magical world and are labeled as different blamed for all out of the ordinary happenings around them Denied their magical existence by their parents Franny Jet and Vincent grew up as outsiders to all those around themThis changes the summer Franny turns seventeen and she is invited by her aunt Isabelle to spend the summer at her rural Massachusetts home Susanna balks at this turn of events and only allows for this coming of age ritual when Jet and Vincent agree to accompany her In the company of Isabelle the Owens siblings discover their true magical selves and feel at home in her presence Alongside their cousin April Owens who embraces her magical self from day one the siblings begin to call aunt Isabelle s house their true home The sections featuring April Owens and her descendants end up being some of the enjoyable sections of the book Meanwhile Franny Jet and Vincent turn to floating on water in the otherwise dangerous Leeches Lake assisting their aunt in preparing black soap gathering herbs for potions and choosing courage over caution the Owens siblings come to terms with their magical selves Franny even uncovers Maria Owens diaries at the local library and researches as much family history as she can in an attempt to reverse their curse yet to no avail While Franny and her siblings are encouraged by Isabelle to choose courage they now that they should proceed with caution in regard to loveThe curse plays a role throughout the plot which Hoffman weaves in conjunction with events taking place in New York throughout the 1960s Jet falls for Levi Willard who is Black Heart, Red Ruby killed alongside her parents in a nasty taxi accident She then loses her sight which she can only regain if she and Franny can somehow break the curse Vincent appears to be a powerful wizard but one who finds it difficult to cope with losing his parents as a teenager Until he finds himself as both a wizard and a person he turns to drinking and sex with only Franny to shield him from the world And Franny herself the girl who could talk to birds and appears to be the most powerful wizard of the three siblings She has been in love with Haylin Walker since the third grade and is afraid to heed her aunt s message of loving and living a lot and choosing courage because she does not want to ruin the one love of her life Whennowing the truth about the Owens lineage Haylin does not turn his back on Franny but rather vows to help her beat and break the family s curse once and for allI found The Rules of Magic to be a fast fun read I was immediately drawn to the yellow sparkling cover which ended up playing a role in the plot as well When I was a young mother with many commitments I would read the entire Harry Potter series each year as mindless reading because I had little time or energy to read much else With many classics and uality award winners to read at this point in my reading life I only happen to skim through a Potter book if my children have one in the house It is no secret that I was thrilled to read The Rules of Magic and I look forward to its seuel although written years earlier Practical Magic While magic than magical realism The Rules of Magic fit the bill as a tonic for my recent reading of books that did not contain an ounce of magic to them 4 sparkling stars 5 unmagical but magical anyway magical in the best way stars to The Rules of Magic The Rules of Magic was not as full of magic as I expected it to be At times when discussing this with my friends I was asking for magic What I found was that the real magic was in the life happenings of these notable characters and not in the magic itself For the magic lovers there was some I would say it took the backseat in this story which ended up working beautifully Alice Hoffman introduced the three main characters at the same time early on in the book and I found it hard to follow the three main characters at the same time early on in the book and I found it hard To Follow First I follow first I relaxed into the book and let it lead me where it led me and I became enveloped in the entrancing writing There were some deeper meanings to this story that I don t now if I would have processed fully without our group discussion These meanings made this book for me They were profound and resonant Themes of don t love a little love a lot and the only remedy to love is to love The ways in which the characters learned these messages were uite a journey and one I don t want to spoil Enjoy this book Savor the delectable words Discuss it with friends Maybe it one I don t want to spoil Enjoy this book Savor the delectable words Discuss it with friends Maybe it change your perspective too It was clear from the start that they were not like other children therefore Susanna felt she had no choice but to set down rules No walking in the moonlight no Ouija boards no candles no red shoes no wearing black no going shoeless no amulets no night blooming flowers no reading novels about magic no cats no crows and no venturing below Fourteenth Street Yet no matter how Susanna tried to enforce these rules the children continued to thwart her Do you ever read a wonderful book and wonder what happens next How about wondering what might have happened before the action of a book If you read Alice Hoffman s 1995 novel Practical Magic or saw the wonderful 1998 film adaptation with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman I bet you d like to spend a bit time with the Owens family Hoffman wanted to go there some as well But sometimes life intervenes The set of the film was built in two locations The exterior of the house was constructed on a small island off Washington State so gorgeous and realistic that Barbra Streisand is said to have wanted to buy it while the interior was built in a hanger at a Hollywood studio I went to visit in California invited by star and producer Sandra Bullock and when I walked into the house I had first created in my novel I was stunned There I was in the Owens itchen a place I had only imagined now brought to life I realized then the person on the film whose work was most like mine was the set designer We both created the world for the characters to step intoI might have continued on with the Owens family then for certainly there was to their story a mysterious past and a relative who had begun a curse that still affected the family but on my return from Hollywood I was diagnosed with breast cancer During my treatment ideas of returning to the Owens family of Practical Magic evaporated During my treatment and after my illness I moved on to other books Still I felt haunted by the world I had created as if the family had been trapped in time waiting to come alive from the Foyle s articleOnly twenty two years after the original Hoffman has finally brought us back into the magical world of the Owens family not Bullock and Kidman s characters but a tracing back of their elderly aunts born in the 1950s and growing up in New York with serious exposure not only to the Massachusetts hous. Find your magicFor the Owens family love is a curse that began in 1620 when Maria Owens was charged with witchery for loving the wrong manHundreds of years later in New York City at the cusp of the sixties when the whole world is about to change Susanna Owens nows that her three children are dangerously uniue Difficult Franny with skin as pale as milk and blood red hair shy and beautiful Jet who can read other people’s thoughts and cha. .

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E where they will end up but in the allure that was Manhattan in the 1960s Hoffman had a pretty good time setting her tale mostly in that very lively decade It is my favourite time period a time of enormous change when the attitudes of young people women gays and lesbians and of people of colour radically changed and when an unjust and unpopular war was affected by protests in the streets A cultural revolution took place one in which young people were able to change attitudes during a time when America was horribly divided as it is now Artistically the sixties was a thrilling magical timeThe sisters and theirmysterious brother Vincent live in Greenwich Village the epicenter of music art and politics in the States in the sixties from the Foyles articleThere was particular personal resonance for me a contemporary of Franny and Jet and a native of the city It was particularly fun to learn some facts about The Village that I had never nown I cannot say how much the at homeness of that setting invoked warm feelings maybe a bit but whatever the cause those feeling were sustained by plenty Alice Hoffman image from The Palm Beach Daily NewsFrances Franny is the oldest sulky pale skin red hair six feet tall and has a particular ability to communicate with birds Bridget aka Jet has hair appropriate to her name She is beautiful but shy and both sensitive and Dreaming Me: An African-American Woman's Buddhist Journey kind Finally there is Vincent We meet him at age 14 already a musician already deadly attractive We follow the three as they discover and develop their latent witchy talents Most significant is a summer long visit to a Massachusetts aunt who gives them the direction and free reign they need to grow into their talents It is not just their talent at conjuring that we track but their romantic entanglements as well The latter arrives with baggage however It is believed that there is a family curse on the Owens line ruination for any man that fell in love with them Woe to any they love for those unlucky souls are surely doomed Well that s what they believe anyway Is it true Maybe There are certainly enough interested others who meet dark ends that there is a real world basis for taking the curse seriously One might conjure a bit of Edward Gorey and dash off sets of couplets for the many who find a foul fate once enchanted by the siblings OwenJ is for Jack struck who was struck down by lightningAlong with his twin It was all rather frighteningOne caught a train or did it catch himAnother dove in for a deep one way swimKinda makes it tough though for three young people to develop as loving human beings if they have to worry that anyone who gets too close might run terminally afoul of ancient craft So there is a constant tension between loving and fearing the conseuences of that love Like the rest of us I guess but with just a teensy bit oomph I ve always been interested in witchcraft and I ve done research my whole life I did a bit for The Rules of Magic because I was writing specifically about a particular judge Judge Hathorne at the witchcraft trials in Salem I read whatever I could find about him and I found him a really interesting character As to magic for me it s always a pleasure to study magic and to find out and Everything in the book about magic lore was something that I researched For instance the use of medicinal plants and herbs Still while the research is interesting it s not what s important Really the most important thing is writing the novel and creating the characters That s the big difference between an historical novel and a history What I m mostly interested in is the novel part of it All the research that I do is in service to that from the writermag interviewOne of the true bits of magic in the book is the strength of the relationship among the siblings particularly between Franny and Jet They face a series of challenges but their connection to each other offers strength to face what comes You mighteep an eye out for wind as a recurring motif Franny gives the prisoners in the Women s House of Detention a cool breeze on a hot day for example In another circumstance It came on the wind the way wicked things must for they are most often weighted down with spite and haven t the strength to lift themselves There are others Hoffman uses scent as well to God's Pocket keep us grounded in earthly sensations while rapt in a tale that touches another planeAlice Hoffman is one of my favorite writers So I started off than a bit receptive to this novel despite having never read Practical Magic I did see and love the film I uite enjoy her fondness for fantasy and fairy tales She even begins this one with Once upon a time Coming of age tales are common enough but work best when one cares about the characters I am not certain Vincent as interesting a character as he is will get as warm a welcome as his sisters but he also gets a lot less screen time That said you will most definitely care for Jet and will certainly love Franny and suffer with her as she struggles to balance the needs of love with the existential demands of real or imagined sorceryYou don t need the sight to see that this is a spellbinding novel It s time to switch on your midnight light and let everyone in the neighborhoodnow The magic is back and it is totally bewitching Once again Alice Hoffman will put you under her spellPublished October 10 2017Review posted November 24 2017EXTRA STUFFLinks to the author s personal and FB pagesInterviews The Writer Alice Hoffman interview Story Magic by Jack Smith Fort Myers Magazine Magicalice by Paula Bolado Psychology Today Alice Hoffman Talks About New Book The Rules of Magic by Jennifer HauptOther Hoffman books I have reviewed Local Girls Green Angel Blackbird House The Ice ueen The Red Garden The DovekeepersOther Foyles Alice Hoffman on Revisiting the Owens Family in her Preuel to Practical Magic an article by AH A Wiki on John Hathorne It s FANTASTIC The Rules of Magic is such a wonderful world to visit Most people avoided the Owens family believing any entanglement with them would taint not only their present but their future as well It was said that some family members could place a single horse hair into a pan of water and turn it into a snake Yikes that might scare me away from them too Ha But oh how I loved this family who came from a long line of witches as far back as the year 1620 when Maria Owens was charged with witchery for falling in love with the wrong man The siblings Franny Jet and Vincent are colorful fascinating distinct characters each with special powers gifts personality temperament and charm Aunt Isabelle is a standout too They made me laugh They made me cryFrom Manhattan to Massachusetts to California the storytelling is irresistible filled with magic and imagery many scents throughout wildflowers herbs eucalyptus peppermint trees patchouli chocolate bittersweet scent of almonds curries coffee even bacon etc etc Flowers were everywhere at The Summer of Love gathering in San FranciscoYou ll even visit the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967 The grateful dead Janis Joplin the who Jimi Hendrix and Otis Redding Music Love Peace Page after page are delightful surprises gorgeous prose I devoured this booktaking away wisdom which brought me back to the magic of our everyday lives but I miss these folks their stories and their rules Already Thank You Netgalley Simon Thank You Netgalley Simon and Alice Hoffman Rating 45 Release date 10 10 17Magical Enough said end review Seriously I loved this book I got an email one day asking if I was wanted to read this new book by Alice Hoffman I didn t even think I just replied YESThe Rules of Magic is the preuel to Hoffman s huge selling book and movie Practical Magic Even though this is a preuel I will say thisYou DO NOT have to read Practical Magic before reading this one In Practical Magic the main characters had two aunts that took care of them for a bit They were really not in the book that much Fleeting in and out a few times In the Rules of Magic you learn about the lives of those aunts starting when they were childrenThe Rules of Magic is the story of Franny Jet and their brother Vincent They ЯED know t Woo woo here woo woo there Here a witch there a witch everywhere a witch witchSadly I couldn t finish this one I never should have reuested itnowing that magical realism isn t my thing Reading it has been torture so I m stopping right now a uarter of the way through Life is too short for me to spend hours reading something I hate the way through Life is too short for me to spend hours reading something I hate fiction must be fun or intriguing otherwise what s the pointMy fault I let myself get seduced by reviews when I new. Rismatic Vincent who began looking for trouble on the day he could walkFrom the start Susanna sets down rules for her children No walking in the moonlight no red shoes no wearing black no cats no crows no candles no books about magic And most importantly never ever fall in love But when her children visit their Aunt Isabelle in the small Massachusetts town where the Owens family has been blamed for everything that has ever gone wrong they.
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The Rules of Magic