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Exceptional Regency by an Exceptional Inspirational Fiction AuthorI received an advance copy PDF From Susie Dietze Upon Susie Dietze upon reuest I am under no obligation to ive a review I ve loved all of Ms Dietze s other stories and this book was also wonderful Initially subtle the spiritual thread weaves stronger as the novel progressesGemma is being held emotional hostage by her narcissistic and toxic SIL Her love for her two darling nephews keeps her in place as she awaits a forthcoming marriage proposal Then Tavin Knox interrupts her life turning everything around Highly recommend this delicious read For starters there are moments of delightfully wry wit that often took me by surprise and had me chuckling Besides the subtle wit Tavin and Gemma have fabulous ban There is one true Sovereign and He is not youThe self proclaimed king of smugglers the Sovereign has inadvertently crossed paths with an innocent maiden Gemma Lyfield placing her very life and that of her beloved family in jeopardy Jilted by her s family s match for her future Gemma reluctantly puts her trust in a man whom she knows very little about a friend of her brother in law Tavin Knox a man well acuainted with covert activity Tavin is certain that since Gemma can identity her assailant that revenge will be sure and swift so he convinces Gemma to travel to London for a postponed season in society where he can keep a watchful eye while maintaining his standing as a overnment agent Barely tolerating each other in the beginning Emma and Gavin slowly warm to each other but lives are at stake regrets must be absolved and a country s freedoms hang in the balance above all these two engaging characters must learn to forgive themselves each other their family their friends Ultimately Emma and Gavin must trust their God for whom There is nothing is too hard for Thee It s a magnanimous story written within the pages of a somewhat small book creating the perfect blend of mystery history and enthralling romanceI received a copy of this book from the author The opinions expressed are entirely my own see full review at wwwjoyofreadingwebwordpresscomThis delightful story has all the elements that I love A swoon worthy hero a strong capable heroine tender moments that make you sigh in contentment a touch of mystery and intrigue that kept me turning pages and most of all threads of faith that remind us that forgiveness isn t something we can earn it is a ift we threads of #faith that remind us that forgiveness isn t something we can earn it is a ift we only acceptThese #that remind us that forgiveness isn t something we can earn it is a ift we only acceptThese are so well written that I felt like I was in the story with my friends From early on I found myself invested in their story and swept away with the engaging storyline If you haven t read this book yet I d encourage you to find a copyGemma Lyfeld isn t a shrinking violet She knows what she wants and isn t afraid to o after it Whil. Under the Spy’s ProtectionWhen Gemma Lyfeld inadvertently interrupts a dangerous smuggling operation in her English village she’s rescued by a mysterious Scottish spy Now with criminals after her and her hopes for an expected marria. The Reluctant Guardian

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D it is a mighty fine one Set in Regency England and Scotland with ood dose of reatly done suspense it captured my attention from the very first and I found it difficult to put down Susanne Dietze has created characters that are completely believable and a fine blend of romance and mystery The repartee between the two main characters is wonderfully done as well The of romance and mystery The repartee between the two main characters is wonderfully done as well The aspect is right on target I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I will definitely read of this author s workI was iven a complimentary copy of this book My review is my own honest opinion Has to be one of my favorite regency set books of all time The pure joy it At Stake: Monsters and the Rhetoric of Fear in Public Culture gave me while reading it made me sad to have it end I really enjoyed the uick suspense and mystery brought through the book It was a book that fed my craving for love and some mystery Smugglers the London season and plenty ofrowing attraction make The Reluctant Guardian a uick read because you won t want to put it downAfter an expected proposal doesn t happen Gemma Lyfield s only oal is to experience one season in London before returning to her brother s home to care for her "two nephews It s her lot in life and she accepts it with race and humility "nephews It s her lot in life and she accepts it with Black and White Strangers: Race and American Literary Realism grace and humility when she runs into trouble while out on a walk the party in Londonains an unexpected member None other than Tavin Knox a spy who is determined to infiltrate the smuggler ringAs the story progresses Gemma Boggs: A Comedy of Values grows from agitation at Tavin s presence to recognition and appreciation of his protection The two become friends sharing past pains future plans and biggest regrets Susanne Dietz does a wonderful job ofiving these two characters events in their past which they carry Blood Runs Green: The Murder That Transfixed Gilded Age Chicago guilt for but react to with very different responses And the entire time there s the added element of danger as the suspectets bolder in his attempts to capture and uiet Gemma permanently Then there s some fantastic interactions between Gemma and Tavin Almost every time these two et thrown together they re arguing about somethingDisclosure statementI receive complimentary books from publishers publicists andor authors including NetGalley I am not reuired to write positive reviews The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR Part 255 This book had an interesting plot full of mystery and historical intrigue about smugglers and spies The story also included some clean regency romance I loved Gemma s relationship with her two
her determination wit and her back and forth between Tavin Fun story reat characters very well written I really enjoyed it I was sent a copy of this book as part of the Just Read Blind Tour blogger program I received a copy of this book complimentary for blog and social media review All opinions are my ow. He never wanted But as he escorts her and her rascally nephews around London the lovely English lass proves braver than he ever imagined Suddenly the spy who works alone has one season to become the family man he never dreamed he’d .
E she does have one fear she faces it "with determination I found myself cheering for her I appreciated her spunk and her tenacityTavin Knox is a overnment "determination I found myself cheering for her I appreciated her spunk and her tenacityTavin Knox is a overnment he isn t interested in attending parties rubbing shoulders with the upper crust and he certainly isn t interested in dancing or escorting a lovely lady around London Especially not one who takes chances and distracts him from his jobJust when you think you have the mystery solved new facts come to light that will keep you Canadian Art, Volume 1 (A-F): Canadian Art: Volume I (A-F) guessing and turning pages Iive this captivating story 5 stars and encourage you to take time to read this story I m Building the Cold War: Hilton International Hotels and Modern Architecture going to find stories from Susanne Dietze to share with youI purchased a copy of this book I was not reuired to write a positive review The thoughts and options I have expressed are my own Years ago before I learned about Christian fiction novels I was a fan of Julie Garwood and her ilk especially when they hosted a Scottish character I ve moved away from her and have always been on the lookout forreat historical romances Books that would awe meSince historical romance isn t my preferred enre I am a harsher Critiue Compared To Many Romance compared to many romance out thereSo it was a delightful surprise to pick up Susanne Dietze s book The Reluctant Guardian The story of Gemma and Tavin was complex and yet pick up Susanne Dietze s book The Reluctant Guardian The story of Gemma and Tavin was complex and yet The story was multilayered and yet straightforward As you can see the plot and romance created an uniue juxtapositionThis was far beyond what I thought it would be and I found myself reading it for a second time to ensure that I didn t miss anything The book is just as ood on the second read throughThe description of the settings the multi faceted characters and the humorous banter made this than an enjoyable read It allow me to escape into a far distant world and live a life of love and adventureSusanne Dietze has uickly become one of my favorite authors And The Reluctant Guardian has been one of my favorite romances Suuueaaallll Regency romance and intrigue all wrapped up together in one splendiferous story I m swoony and Bulletproof Feathers giddy and heart palpitating over it all Handsome brooding hero who adopts his Scottish brogue when his emotions are deeply stirred Be still my heart and scrape me off the floor Phew And his lady love also known as the irksome woman he has been charged with protecting An independent heroine with a compassionate heart Banteralore and we all know how much I love witty dialogue especially in a Regency Intrigue and danger and a sweet faith thread about the true meaning of Carson Pirie Scott: Louis Sullivan and the Chicago Department Store grace It just doesn tet any better Really I do enjoy discovering a new author Sometimes I do wonder if I will like their work however Susanne Dietze has written a perfectly wonderful book and I most assuredly enjoyed every moment of it The Reluctant Guardian is Dietze s first novel an. Ge proposal recently dashed she will make her society debut in London But not without the man tasked with protecting herCovert Charting an Empire: Geography at the English Universities 1580-1620 government agent Tavin Knox must keep Gemma safe from the criminals who think she can identify them a mission.