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L probably read something lse by Ms Lippman because as I said the writing and characters were mostly well handled but I think maybe I ll try one of her stand alones rather than another from the the Tess Monaghan series January in Balti can only mean one thing the annual visit to Edgar Allan Poe s final resting place by the Poe Toaster an anonymous person dressed in cape and scarf who leaves three roses and a half full bottle of cognac at the grave on Poe s birthday PI Tess Monaghan Gets Embroiled Tess Monaghan gets mbroiled the tradition when a mysterious man tries to hire her to follow and unmask the Toaster She declines the job but winds up investigating when 1 TWO Toasters show up and one is shot and 2 she receives a cryptic message along with roses and cognac giving her clues to the mysteryThis is a well crafted mystery with a little literary history thrown in I will admit that I am a Poe fan but I haven t studied much about the man or the Toaster tradition It was fun to learn a little about these aspects through the novel But the key to any mystery is the strength of the plot Lippman gives us a number of interesting suspects several inter related plot twists and an opposing police detective to keep things interesting and act as a foil or counterpoint to our heroine Although I did think the plot got a little too complicated and a few times I felt the story arc lost focus What I really like about the series though is Tess Monaghan She s curious strong both mentally and physically tenacious cares about her relationships with friends and family and never relies on a man to get her out of a scrape In fact she partners with a couple of ually strong women in this outing And I really like the very realistic way in which her relationship with Crow is portrayed Lippman has been getting better with ach book but the story lines are also getting darker Tess is no longer the happy go lucky PI she started out as and she s a better character for itThis book actually taught me a little bit about Edgar Allan Poe and that can never be a bad thing I m This book found its way to my reading pile because of a book challenge I m participating in I have never heard of this series or the author before but I looked forward to it because the genre is right up my alley Wouldn t say no to a good old mystery or a book talking about Edgar Allan PoeThe beginning was okay but felt like the story dragged on My xcitement turned into meh The mystery wasn t something surprising at allI ve seen some good comments on the other books in the series so maybe I can give them try This has been disappointing though. Soon discovers that John P Kennedy has vanished into thin air and much of what he told her was uestionable Then the identity of the shooting victim comes to light and all clues seem to point to the possibility he was the target of a hate crime But Tess isn’t convinced What was his connection to the decades long Edgar Allan Poe tradition and to the killer When cryptic clues are left at her home Tess realizes that someone is watching her very movesomeone who’s bent on killing agai. Kinda plodding ntry in the series These are meant to be page turners and it s to be page turners and it s when not nough happens to keep me turning the page Lumpen I have read a two Laura Lippmann stand alones before but never anything from her Tess Monaghan series until now In a Strange City is no 6 in the seuence and while there were obvious references to the previous books they didn t impede the story or the introduction of the characters at all IMO Back in my arly adult life when I only read a handful of books a year these kinds of mystery series were the bulk of what I did read Sara Paretsky Sue Grafton Elizabeth George Patricia Cornwall Elizabeth George Patricia Cornwall I ve changed a lot as a reader since then but overall I found In a Strange City to be both predicable and satisfying The real plus for me was the setting of Balti and its history since the mystery involves the yearly ritual of the Visitor to Edgar Allen Poe s grave which was real life occurrence up to 2010 so lippman is very bookish at least that comes across strongly in Cause Of Fear each of her books the main character was annglish major and there are often book titles and author s names dropped in Working Windows: A Guide to the Repair and Restoration of Wood Windows each story in this instalment lippman fullymbraces both the meta ness with dgar allan poe i think it would be hard to have a mystery series set in balti and not have poe factor in at some point i hope lippman had fun with this one i continue to njoy how lippman consistently comes up with interesting mysteries while developing her characters in Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition engaging ways the pacing of the stories have all be very good a fact that keeps me reading this series uickly these books continue to bexcellent scapist njoyment Learned about Poe than I ver wanted to and the book was dragggged out to long Good book though I just thought it could have been a bit shorter Well it was bound to happen This one was kinda meh to me Very well written but just sorta blah Maybe because it was too too Bawl hon Or maybe I need to go read some long form non fiction for a bit uit ating the proverbial macaroni and cheese and chocolate ice cream very day Not going to lie this one so far is my least favorite of the series It just drags and it s pretty obvious who has to be the bad guy because we are only introduced to one person who could have done it Also for a book about Edgar Allen Poe this was boring I have to admit though I had no freaking clue the Balti Ravens were named for Poe s The Raven poem How did I not know that Interesting premise but it just doesn t workIn a Strange City has Tess and Crow dealing with the renovation of the house they bought Tess has some New York Times bestselling author Laura Lippman’s Tess Monaghan must put her PI skills to the ultimate test when she falls into the crosshairs of a psychopath who knows verything about herFor the past fifty years on the birth date of Edgar Allan Poe a person wearing a cloak has placed three roses and a half bottle of cognac on the writer’s gravesite PI Tess Monaghan has never witnessed the Eyes event But when John P Kennedy anccentric antiues dealer asks her to uncover the identity. Owntime and gets asked about being hired to unmask the famed Visitor a man who goes to Edgar Allen Poe s grave and toasts him leaves flowers and a note very year that has become a Balti tradition Tess is outraged about anyone trying to unmask this person so she decides to go with Crow to make sure that the Visitor is left alone Instead two men meet at Poe s grave and one is shot to death With the police involved Tess decides to track down the man who originally tried to hire her She nds up running into the police and another private investigator on this oneTess is usually on her game but in this one she gets beaten up twice and not really able to link things as well as she usually does well not until the nd Tess and Crow seem to be solid but honestly i needed him be solid but honestly I needed him a corner out of the way he doesn t add much to this book We hear about Tess s parents but they are not in this one and her Uncle Spike has moved So we have some of

The Usual Characters Missing 
usual characters missing it is feltThe writing is okay it just felt like Lippman kept trying to loop in Poe references and it doesn t really work When you see how Poe is involved I maybe rolled my yes The flow was not good though the first part of the book really does drag I honestly didn t think things picked up much until we dealt with a second murder that happens At this point the book moves a bit faster and it feels as if Tess is rushing to just name the murderer alreadyThe nding was odd no other way to call it I just didn t see much of the point in this It doesn t help that the so called Poe Toaster stopped being a thing in Balti in 2010 It restarted again in 2016 though lost it s flair for the unknown when the Maryland Historical Society picked someone to be the new toaster Maybe a 25 because the writing is good the characterizations are mostly xcellent the premise was interesting BUT I found the plot so transparent that I guessed the whodunit uite Spirit of the Wolf early on and much of the whydunit As a result thending was flat and not particularly inspiring The other plot A Vineyard Christmas element I didn t care for centered around the main character Tess Monaghan doing stupid things I realize that part of this is because Tess is a risk taker but she displayed such stupidity in some places for an otherwise smart woman that I felt it was about authorial convenience in advancing the plot than true characterization It s really a shame because I wasxcited by that premise a mystery centering around the Poe Toaster an anonymous man who for sixty years until 2010 left roses and cognac on the grave of Edgar Allen Poe Een Bijzondere Vorm Van Osteosclerose each January 19 Poe s birthday I wil. Of the caped visitor who he believes has duped him with the sale of an inauthentic antiue Tess decides to hold vigil on the night the cloaked stranger isxpected to make an appearance But the custom takes on a bizarre fatal twist when two cloaked figures arrive The imitator leaves his tribute and then makes his scapeafter shooting the first visitor Warning bells tell Tess to steer clear of this case But when roses and cognac appear on her doorstep Tess’s curiosity is piued She.
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