Sweet Summers Kiss (Love at the Chocolate Shop #10) (E–pub/E–book) ß Debra Salonen

SWEET SUMMER S KISS A story by Debra SalonenSweet Summer s Kiss begins A Bit Like Cinderella bit like Cinderella the balla pretty irl dressed in her designer own off to meet Prince Charming for the first time Of course we all know how Cinderella s night turned outThe story of Gretchen and Daniel is complicated but one that is often found in many romance novels In order To Keep This Spoiler Free I Will Leave It At keep this spoiler free I will leave it at However in many romance novels In order to keep this spoiler free I will leave it at that However took me until halfway through the book to start to really enjoy this story For the first half of the book I found there were almost too many characters to keep everyone and their children straight If you are a bit OCD at all and feel the need to have a family tree to understand who s who it s too complicated for me Still I was lad I stuck with it to Alliance Rising: The Hinder Stars I (Alliance-Union Universe) get to the second half It was there that the true meat of the story took place and the main characters were actually developed to their true potential After finishing the book I realized it was one in a series of books Since it was later in the series I can only assume that I might have understood the relationship of all of the characters had I read the first few books that came before this one Therefore I definitely recommend reading the other books before you read this one Sweet Summer s Kiss is definitely worth reading if you start at the beginning of the series and know the characters first or if you are A storybook kiss on New Year's Eve at the Big Sky Mavericks Masked Ball in Marietta Montana should have been the beginning of arand romance for Gretchen Zabrinski and Daniel Andrews But when Gretchen overhears a phone call from Daniel to his brother about what he really wants from Sweet Summers Kiss (Love at the Chocolate Shop #10)Omeone who doesn t mind muddling through Without Knowing Them Get To The knowing them to Back of the Yards: The Making of a Local Democracy get to theist of the story An ARC Advanced Reader Copy of book was received free via Netgalley for an honest review Another awesome book by Debra Salonen i must admit when i first started reading must admit when I first started reading I was a little sad with the information that Gretchen learned from the Dr I thought things would be better for Gretchen when she met Daniel until he said those few words that broke her heart But true love avails and fate Body by Darwin: How Evolution Shapes Our Health and Transforms Medicine gave them another chance I really enjoyed the way the book turned out it kept your interest from the beginning to the end I would truly recommend this book to anyone who loves areat romance with a little real life situations thrown in 35 StarsChallenges RRRC July 2018 Monthly Challenge 10 Reader s Choice 2018 Stacking the Series 2945 Fly Around the World with AMMP Brindisi Italy BDS Gretchen Zabrinski has moved to Marietta Montana after Blue Guide getting some devastating news from her doctor When offered the chance too on what seems like it will be the perfect date with Daniel Andrews at the Big Sky Mavericks Masked Ball on New Year s Eve she feels it s her night to feel like Cinderella and enjoy herself that is until she overhears Daniel and runs from the party knowing she isn t what he wants A few months later while attending a speed dating even at Marietta s Copper Mountain Choco. Woman she takes offwithout leaving so much as a lass slipper behind Daniel wants a family Gretchen will never be able to ive him that So why does fate keep throwing them together so cruelly First at a Copper Mountain Chocolate Shop Speed Dating event then when he’s hired to open. ,

Late shop Gretchen and find their paths crossing again Daniel is curious as to why Gretchen left him that night but she s not uite ready to let him in on her diagnosis but keeping Daniel at arm s length et tougher when he s hired to open a new division at her PR firm and as fate would have it the two find themselves working together for a charity event Sweet Summer s Kiss is the tenth book in the Love at the Chocolate Shop series Each of the books in the series tie the characters in some way to the uaint little town of Marietta Montana and it s Copper Mountain Chocolate shop The stories all feature different couples coming together after their encounters with the shop so each can be read as a standalone novel but there are always little updates and inclusions of previous characters for those that have followed the entire series This installment of the series is one that will tug on a Reader S Heartstrings As Gretchen Is Dealing With A Huge s heartstrings as Gretchen is dealing with a huge from her diagnosis and trying to figure out how to live with the news and what it means for her future I really enjoyed Gretchen and Daniel and reading their story as it developed along with revisiting some of the previous Marietta residents Definitely a sweet romance again that will have you falling in love with the uaint town and it s residents I received a copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visi. A new division at her PR firm But competing shoulder to shoulder to sell the most exotic chocolate kisses for charity really is the last straw Is love a cosmic connection or a karmic joke Sometimes the answer reveals itself in a kiss a sweet kiss shared beneath a warm Montana summer

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