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Warning sign a child dancing at a jazz performance and Mike Rowe inspires me to keep my eyes open for the essons I m probably missingAll in all this is a short book that the Heaven to Betsy lessons I m probably missingAll in all this is a short book that worth a once over from theibrary but is by no means a must buy Not good at all Reynolds strength ies in design and he should stick to the knitting He is not a speechwriter and not a presentation coach so is not a speechwriter and not a presentation coach so advice while fundamentally sound rings hollow to me throughout this book There are no new ideas here and the ideas he does propound are not particularly well written Also the book acks examples say of of a presentation evolving from it an early draft to a strong final version with the reasons for the changes clearly highlightedThere is another problem with this book Reynolds is deeply fascinated by Japanese civilisation and clearly believes it has many essons to teach us and his minimalist Zen aesthetic on the design side is what has rightly made him famous in the presentation world But in this book he reminded me of Alison Hannigan s character in the American Pie films who begins every other sentence with the phrase This One Time At Band Camp time at band camp spends a LOT of time using at best tenuous analogies from Japanese culture to make his points about presentations so apparently a presentation is ike taking a Japanese bath should be ike a bamboo must overcome the 10 evils of Budo could be ike Aikido and Judo and should have PUNCH yet another Forbidden Faith: The Secret History of Gnosticism lousy acronym tooGarr s fascination with all things Japanese is even starting to pollute his slides I have noticed now that he regularly has his usual beautiful image along with the pull uote or tightly phrased idea on his slides PLUS Japanese subtitles for the verbiage What That s called clutter If you re presenting to a Japanese audience you use the yokogaki for everyone else that is just indecipherable clutter taking up room on your slideIf you reooking for a good text on crafting the narrative of your presentation try Nancy Duarte s Resonate Nancy works with presenters every day and it shows on every page and if you want to get into the meat and potatoes of oratory and rhetoric for your delivery go to the Master Max Atkinson No cutesie ideas no silly acronyms or self indulgent analogies just solid example driven advice from the trenchesThis book Not worth your time This book is fabulous for those who want to become better speakers You can t help but feel the book has powerful messages just by flipping through its pages Reynolds as you would expect practices his own Zen presentation skills keeping the content simple and straightforward without the fussy marginalia and cartoonish icons for hot tips and so called bright ideas that typically appear in such boo. T's core elements A flowing writing style combines with the use of illustrations and diagrams throughout the text to ensure the reader understands even the most complex of conce. Ks The flows smoothly with seven ogical chapters that cover what Reynolds defines as the ten Ps presentation punch projection passion proximity play pace participation and power There s an extra P at the end for persistenceReynolds states Presenting naked means connecting and engaging with an audience whether three people or three thousand in a way that is direct honest and clear He tells us to put the audience first reminding us that our presentation is a service and that when we present we are trying to create change in our En plein coeur listeners minds This is a helpful for thoseike me who feel self conscious and a The Bookshop on the Shore little nervous in front of a crowd He further says that the speaker should be interested rather than interesting I believe this When you are passionate about your topic and truly interested in the audience it s hard not to be a great speakerThroughout the book Reynolds providesessons for the naked presenter that parallel Japanese traditions and beliefs In Chapter 1 there are seven Dance Real Slow lessons from ofuro the Japanese bath an integral part of Japanese Life For example 1 You must first prepare One washes before the ofuro 2 You must go fully naked In Chapter 3 there are sevenessons from the Japanese Forest that compare good presenting practices to being The Art of Memoir like bamboo Other chapters continue with this themeJust when you begin to feel the book has become too abstract withessons from Akido or the Dojo Reynolds shifts gears and provides practical solutions to begin keep the audience The Day Christ Was Born: The True Account of the First 24 Hours of Jesus's Life listening and to end your presentation He includes excellent realife scenarios and examples If you read this book you l also know that Reynolds himself is an avid reader by the excellent advice and suggestions he attributes to other authors and speakers By the time I finished the book I had a ist of other books I wanted to read I can t wait to give another talk myself and to try out several of the great suggestions in this book cross posted from my blog at wwwkimpallistercomRecently I was exchanging email with a colleague on the subject of presentations when he brought up Nancy Duarte s books which I d read some time ago and given a positive review to at east one of them One of the books that came up was Garr Reynolds Presentation Zen which I d also iked It turned out he had a RECENT BOOK OUT THE NAKED PRESENTER AND SO I book out The Naked Presenter and so I to give it a readIt s okay but I can t recommend it as highly as his previous book or Duarte s The book focuses on the Zen aspects of approaching presentation preparation and delivery and PostgreSQL Server Programming - Second Edition less on the actual mechanics of those things themselvesThis would be well enough but I found many of the techniues to be highevel and vapid compared to other works and the metaphor. Pts This succinct and enlightening overview is a reuired reading for all those interested in the subject We hope you find this book useful in shaping your future career Business.

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This book is very insightful for those that struggle with the skill of presenting in front of audiences However this book will eave you struggle with the skill of presenting in front of audiences However this book will eave you at the end I guess the author is coherent with his statement advocating that a cup filled at 80% is useful than a cup filled completely I didn t appreciate some self help The Taste of Night (Signs of the Zodiac, like parts but it is totally personal Besides that there are some tips that are very well known by anyone that have already searched for uick tips on the internet However Iiked the most part of this book It has a ot of good advice about public speaking that is not easily found or at east well explained in other resources An inspiring read which I recommend for presenterspublic speakers who exercise meditation Yoga or martial arts enjoy the serenity they experience eading this type of ifestyle and would The Road From Home: The Story Of An Armenian Girl like to make it part of their professionalife namely embracing Zen presentation art in their delivery scheme The content is 4 star but I take 1 star out for the presentation of the book so ordinary boring and Exile and Pilgrim lack of creativity After reading Resonate by Nancy Duarte a book teaches you similar techniues but with much better design I struggled to enjoy this book Another starost due to too much overlap of content with another book of the author Must read for any Organization relies on presentation to make decisionsand of course don t forget to have conversations dialogs and debatesLiked the metaphors in the book that inks Japanese culture to thee ways of doing things Eg hadaka no tsukiai janapnese ikes to go to hot spring bath after work There is no cloth no hierarchy no barriers no formalityjust naked in the pool I know what to Do In Next Team Building in next team building teach public speaking or simply find yourself being asked to present your ideas this book has some brilliant insight It s one to read I m a big fan of Garr Reynolds but if you ve read his other two books about delivering presentations this one doesn t add much to the conversation He re uotes his favorite authors Dan Pink and the Heath Brothers and speakers o sensei Ken Robinson Some of the new content feels Hannah Montana: The Movie like wishy washy filler particularly Lessons from the Bamboo I ve always enjoyed how Reynolds incorporates elements of Japanese culture into his approach to presentations but some of his examples here feel superfluous or too conceptual to be really usefulAll that being said there s still some cool new stuff in here about presentation delivery He has aot of good advice about rehearsing and preparing I particularly iked his tips for engaging with a crowd before the start of a presentation Also his sponge ike ability to draw up wisdom from all around him including a flash flood. This updated and expanded second edition of Book provides a user friendly introduction to the subject Taking a clear structural framework it guides the reader through the subjec. The Naked Presenter