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DhiammaraFusing principles but well thought out and explained Loved the book True "Epic Fantasy I Was "fantasy I was disappointed in the last book of the series After a build up with the three previous books she almost completely ditches Anvar Well the real Anvar and not the body snatching Forral that isI understand the whole series is based for Aurian but I came to enjoy Anvar as a main side character so to speak And with Forral please the horse has been icked so much it doesn t even Resemble A Horse AnyI a horse anyI the last book was Rushed Because There Was because there was so much subplotting going on that she had no other alternative The ending was tossed together with a feeling of maybe is coming in the future. By the evil Eliseth for all the years of her absence and is therefore corrupt and almost unrecognizable Anvar's body is now in Eliseth's control while his soul has been imprisoned in a crystal prison and without the help of his mastery over the Harp of Winds Aurian finds her powers severely diminished Moreover the Sword of Flame which she has gained at.

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Or maybe not I "at least got to see poor Anvar returned and that body snatching Forral finally gone " least got to see poor Anvar returned and that body snatching Forral finally gone "bye Even with his amazing mortal powers to just handle Death like a puppy amazing "Even with his amazing mortal powers to just handle Death like a puppy amazing first two books in the series were a great read I suggest skimming through the rest to see what turns out in the end This was an epic conclusion So much going onIt s been many many years since I ve read this series and it still lives on in my mind My mum introduced me to these books and I think it may have been my first serious foray into adult fantasyClearly there was no going backIf you loved the series like I did this conclusion should eep you happy I really must go back and re read some day. The end of the eponymously named book is still not under her control for she cannot bear to make the sacrifice that will bind it to her spilling the life blood of a loved one with its virgin steel And somehow she and her companions must overcome these monstrous odds to reunite Anvar's spirit with his body win the Sword and defeat the evil Mages at las. Published in 1997 this is the in the Artefacts of Power series and also marketed as the epic conclusion to the Aurian Saga Ms Furey b1955 is a British author and is a teacher by profession Conseuences of previous actions are elaborated on with the book declaring in the opening pages Let the world tremble for the Phaerie ride once This would be a difficult book to read as a stand alone as much of the background and character development has taken place in the previous 3 books The well drawn characters of Aurian Archmage Miathan powerful weather mage Elliseth and dragons ancient dragon city of Dhiammara makes this a great read and does manage to tie up some loose strings Some con. At the end of Sword of Flame the evil "Mage Eliseth Disappears Through A Rift In "Eliseth disappears through a rift in with Aurian's lover Anvar and the captured Harp of Winds Accompanied only by a handful of companions Aurian follows only to find herself thrown ten years into the future by the unpredictable rift And the world in which she finds herself is one which has been dominated. .