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E it had so much live p to Four novels 500 pages long each is A That live Harlem Renaissance up to Four novels over 500 pages long each is A LOT a huge amount of story to tell and I m notite sure how Canavan keeps everything straight in her brain she may be taking lessons from George R R Martin although at least Canavan pays out haha sorryHighlights of this series are most notably it s character driven narrative but also it s massive multi world building and the magic system I always love how Canavan writes her magic systems Tyen and Rielle stay as main protagonists throughout the entire series and while they tackle huge problems for humanity they also overcome issues caused by their own personalities just like real people Unlike real people though they get out of situations far too easily Maker s Curse had the potential to put Rielle and Tyen into some really difficult scenarios and just when you thought it might happen it didn tIn respect of the enemy of the novels this is where I became disappointed The Raen was a great villain in that we saw every side of him including his background his good traits and his bad traits but we don t have that in Maker s Curse Instead a new enemy is introduced and I have to say dealt with far too easily To go from such a high in the first novel to such a low in this one was very The Elvis Enigma (Vegan Vamp, underwhelming Buildingp prophecies to have them just be taken care of so easily just fell a bit flat for me Honorable Cat unfortunatelyDespite this I did very much enjoy the tale of Tyen and Rielle and I m sure I will revisit them in the future To be able to easily follow such intricate and rich plotlines is one of the magics of Trudi Canavan s writings I can t wait to see what she comesp with next This ending felt very flatThe epic tale this could and should have been drasticly changed directions after book 2 Where book 3 was somewhat interesting and believable the plot of the last installment went in a weird direction Suddenly a mad character poses an تاريخ جهنم unrealistic threat and kills millions of people And the main characters just let her Because they re pacifists Nvm that they re significantly stronger they just let the threat grow and grow Just meh in the end the antagonist just vanishes nobody is sure what even happend to her Just presumed deadIt s a good book the pacing is great the characters are likeable the prose is great it just flows but its the superman problem what kind of a twisted fuck who is basically immortal would let a murder just roam free and not take serious action I mean at one point there was an option to just capture the antagonist and she just lets her go I am wtf You can literally just dumb her somewhere devoid of magic Problem fixed I am disappointed First of all I would like to say thank you to the people at Orbit and Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to review this book in advance It is always a privilege and I look forward to readingpcoming fantasy in the futureThis review contains very minor spoilers for the end of Successor s Promise The ReviewAlright before I get into things I have to make a confession I wasn t sure I was going to read Maker s Curse Don t get me wrong Trudi Canavan is a terrific writer and I loved the worlds the magic system the characters etc of The Millennium s Rule series but book three totally lost me I couldn t tell you exactly what it was but I knew even as I finished it that I was. Pts to teach new sorcerers and find ways to counteract the war machines that are spreading throughout the worldsBut when an old enemy brings news of something worse than magi. The Apple Pie Homicide - A Cozy Mystery ueen is back long live theeen I love Trudi so much just every single word I devour with enthusiasm and delight This is book four in the millennium s rule series and I don t feel you can just jump in without reading the previous three but if you Haven T Go Read Them t go read them are modern classics and amazing Trudi s world building is simply magical no pun intended honest and you fall into her works and you may as well be on a different planet while reading these you get so drawn in The characterisation is just exemplary you travel the characters journey with them as she develops and expands their complex nature I was so sad to see this end but I m hoping there are future books or side stories from these worlds and characters Top class fantasy writing of the best kindThanks to netgalley and the publisher for a #FREE COPY FOR AN HONEST OPINION DEFINITELY THE WEAKEST # copy for an honest opinion Definitely the weakest the series plot wise It s a book about wrapping 2am Thoughts up some loose ends with a bit of a threat in the background that s too easily resolved The ending is rather lackluster I am such a Trudi Canavan fan girl but this book just missed the mark for me It felt rather anti climactic and as though there should have been at the end For makers curse just to be a mistranslation seemed like an easy out of a plot point that was written and then just didn t work for where the book needed to go Felt like a bit of a meh moment when I finished it and this is definitely not what I msed to when finishing anything Canavan has written I enjoyed reading it but honestly The Entire Book Was Unnecessary entire book was The Winds of Winter unnecessary could ve been left as a trilogy and nothing would be lostThe pacing of the book is also very odd It drags things out for 80% of the book and I was shocked how suddenly it ended From Trudi Canavan s Homepage s Curse Book Four of Millennium s Ruleby Trudi Canavan on Jul 17 2017 Yes you read that rightI can officially announce that I am going to be writing a fourth book in the Millennium s Rule series Maker s Curse will be the last book ProbablyRight from when I first conceived the idea many years ago I had the feeling it might be of a series of books than a stand alone or trilogy Not just because of the huge potential in aniverse full of thousands of worlds but because Rielle s stories were like episodes that built on her past than a single story arc However when I returned to the story many years later and Tyen s story melded with hers a main story arc had become solid and I wasn t sure What an awful ending to a series that started so well The first one of the series Thief s Magic was an excellent book Unfortunately with each subseuent book the ality deteriorated which culminated with that sory excuse of a final book in an epic fantasy series called Maker s Curse The series was originally intended as a trilogy and in my opinion should ve been left at that For some reason even though the main plot line was resolved within Successor s Promise the autho The Millennium s Rule series is complete and I am sad but also content This really was a journey and since I finished the book I ve been reading all about why it took so long to complete the obstacles Trudi Canavan has faced and it makes me appreciate it so much I ll try and keep this spoiler free I really enjoyed this series For me Maker s Curse was the weakest of the novels but only becaus. Rielle is now the Maker restorer of worlds She has lost count of the number of worlds she has been sent to saveTyen has cast off his old identity No longer a spy he now attem. .
Already on the fence about book four And that is why I #Am Exceptionally Glad I # exceptionally glad I to read Maker s Curse because it is easily the best book since the first one The story starts five years after the end of Successor s Promise with the Restorers now in charge of keeping peace between the worlds Rielle has been working tirelessly to restore magic to the worlds drained of power though she longs for a break and is starting to estion the motives behind the worlds she is sent to save Tyen has been in hiding with his students teaching those brave enough to stay with him about mechanical magic whilst his old school Liftre ses increasingly lethal means to eliminate any competition More and worlds have fallen to the twisted war machines which have been refined with brutal efficiency to destroy everything in their path With everything Tyen and Rielle fought so hard to save at stake the pair have to look at the sins of their own pasts to have a hope of saving the future Now there are many things I loved about this story but first and foremost because we are talking about Trudi Canavan I have to gush over the worldbuilding We get to see many minor worlds as well as the main ones and they are just ridiculously well thought out even when they are in the story for all of and they are just ridiculously well thought out even when they are in the story for all of minutes The impact magic has had on the worlds is both great and subtle from great conuests and wars to shared customs and matching plantlifeThe main worlds are rich with culture religion class prejudices etc and whilst we can see how these have had an impact on the main characters we can also see the contrasts that have developed within said characters over the past three books Both Tyen and Rielle are older wiser and jaded given all they ve been through Neither have wholly healed from the events of Successor s Promise but they ve removed their fingers from the pie of multi world politics content to contend with the issues in their own way Rielle has matured into a caring nurturing figure and her interactions with all are some of my favourite in the book Tyen remains polite and cautious always aware the enemies he s made are never far behind I pretty much spent the whole book wanting to smash their lips together and give them a happy ending which I will do you the favour of not spoiling hereIf I had one gripe with Maker s Curse and I do only have one it is a lack of tension Everything felt a bit too easy everyone a bit too nderstanding Something bad would happen in one chapter and be resolved the next I don t expect a breakneck pace in a five hundred odd page fantasy novel but I can count on one hand the number of times I genuinely worried for any of the characters Considering this was ostensibly a book about facing conseuences of past actions current actions seemed to have very little conseuences on their own Overall though it did not dampen my enjoyment of the story and I would certainly own Overall though it did not dampen my enjoyment of the story and I would certainly let it put you off Maker s Curse is a worthy ending to an excellent series and I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I did Overall a solid book but for the last book in a series the ending felt very Lord Conrads Lady (Conrad Stargard, underwhelming to me especially when the stakes had been so high I still think the concept of the worlds was awesome and as always I enjoyed Trudi Canavan s writing styleThanks to Netgalley and Orbit for the advance copy of Maker s Curse. Cally dead worlds and dangerous sorcerers a threatnlike anything the worlds have faced before Rielle and Tyen must reunite if they are to have any chance of saving humanity.