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Ship it! A Practical Guide to Successful Software Projects

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Thout a code review you ve allowed a lot of time or serious problems to creep into your code Small allowed a lot of time or serious problems to creep into your code Small of code reviewedOne or two reviewers Firstly 1 senior 1 junior Don t need senior after 1 monthHappen Infestation freuentlyDon t publish code without a review Code change notificationsEmail and publish notificationsList the reviewer s nameList purpose of the code change or additionInclude the diff orile itself size permitting Burn rate a term that describes how much money it costs to operate the company including salaries rent electricity benefits Assume that each dev costs 100 an hour That means if you have 10 people on your team the ballpark burn rate is 1000 an hour 8000 a day and 40000 a week The next time you have a meeting that starts 10 minutes late or everyone hears about Fred s vacation or thirty minutes calculate the cost Rememer that this example ignores the cost of lost opportunities during THE WASTED TIME BUS NUMBER IS THE NUMBER OF wasted time Bus number is the number of you d have to lose to disable your project key peopleTracer Bullet Development TBD automatically raises your bus number When team members rom adjacent layers work together to define their shared interfaces they are sharing knowledge about each layer s operations How to get started with TBDDefine your system objectsDefine the interfaces between themWrite the interface stubsMake the stubs talk with each otherFill in the stubs with Write It When I'm Gone: Remarkable Off-The-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford functional code Practical handbook that help team to moverom dark side to light and become a jedi Most important thing is sharing authors expirience that based on a work in different companies with different sizes After you have read this book you will understand not only the weak points of your development organization process but can change situation in the right direction Though some pieces of advice in this book do look obvious in 2019 you ll most likely Ready for Summer find a couple of good and simple ideas that can make youocused and productive I ound The List particularly useful or my environmentA very good help A coerência textual for newly converted teamtech leads Even teams workingor the most successful tech giants and enjoying using state of the art infrastructure can benefit rom adopting some of the practices presented in this book My team some of the practices presented in this book My team can It is a good book but very old and most of the suggestions have already become de acto standard in the industry Thus 4 stars. D Ship It begins by introducing the common technical infrastructure that every project needs to get the job done Readers can choose Dogs Behaving Badly from a variety of recommended technologies according to their skills and budgets The next sections outline the necessary steps to get software out the door reliably using well accepted easy to adopt best of breed practices that really workFinally and most importantly Ship It presents common problems that teamsace then offers real world advice on how to solve th. .
S aren t automated then you can t run them with a scriptUnless you want everyone on your team solving the same problems over and over constantly reinventing the wheel you should scriptUnless you want everyone on your team solving the same problems over and over constantly reinventing the wheel you should a common First Year Teacher: Wit and Wisdom from Teachers Who'€ve Been There framework everyone can use8 On Choosing ToolsUse the best toolor the job Use open ormats to integrate tools9 When not to ExperimentOnly experience can tell you about a given technology s shortcomings Pragmatic project techniues The List must adhere to a number of rulesPublicly availablePrioritizedOn a time lineLivingMeasurableTargeted The tech lead A PERSON TO BE THE INTERFACE person to be the interface the development team and management The responsibilities of the Teach LeadSet direction or team membersManage the project s April 16th: Virginia Tech Remembers feature listAssign priorities to eacheatureInsulate the team rom external distractions Daily meetings meet reuently with your entire team and let everyone share what they are doing How to get startedBe sure everyone knows the Mindful Living with Aspergers Syndrome format which uestions you want answeredEveryone must answer the uestions There are no passes and no exceptionsAtirst be lenient on the time restriction A lot of new information is exchanged in the beginning so you must allow communication to low reelyHold your meetings at the same time and in the same place every day Make daily meetings a habit not a chore to keep track ofPost topics that are discussed during daily meetings on a web page or plogPick a person to start the meeting and then move clockwise through the group Our daily meetings last too long What do we do Draw team members away The Habitat Guide to Birding from the details of theix and try to just get the summary For example instead of presenting a low level detailed analysis of the problem the debugging cycle and the inal solytion just say We had an issue with the cache not getting updating with the altered data It is now ixed and checked inYou can also ask team members to write down what they intend to share It will help them organize their thoughts before the meeting thus avoiding the rambling report that lasts Circumstantial Evidence: Death, Life, and Justice in a Southern Town forive minutesAnother potential problem is having too many people in the group In this scenario ind a way to split the daily meetings into smaller groups when possible Put team members working in the same areas into the same meetings Be sure to have at least one or two people overlap So That Relevant Information that relevant information be passed along Code reviews iif a week goes by wi. Project moving Approaches to scheduling that work How to build developers as well as product What's normal on a project and what's not How to manage managers end users and sponsors Danger signs and how to ix them Few of the ideas presented here are controversial or extreme; most experienced programmers will agree that this stuff works Yet 50 to 70 percent of all project teams in the US aren't able to use even these simple well accepted practices effectively This book will help you get starte. Asinine unambitious narrow incomplete Some of the groundbreaking advice contained herein Sort your work by priority and do the highest priority ones irst Do a high level class design before you write object oriented code Adhere to standard object oriented encapsulati I like Am I doing this right parts the most They help us to check SOME UESTIONS IF WE RE ON THE RIGHT PATH uestions if we re on the right path cost of adding a eature isn t just the time it takes to code it The cost also includes cost of adding a Down We Go: Living Into the Wild Ways of Jesus feature isn t just the time it takes to code it The cost also includes addition of an obstacle touture expansion the trick is to pick the Reach for the Rainbow: Advanced Healing for Survivors of Sexual Abuse features that don tight each other Tools and Infrastructure1 Develop in a SandboxEvery dev has their own sandbox to play in without disturbing other devs It applies to all resources source code database instances web services on which you depand and so onDev PCs Repository Build Machine Released Product2 Manage AssetsSource code management system or version control With a properly set up SCM system you can Rolled back Handle conflicts Track multiple versions of your software Record which Troubled Waters files are changed Retrieve a snapshot3 Script your buildAt a minimum use a batchile or shell script to perform the buildIf you re using your manual build system properly you will be able to build your entire product With one command From your Source Code Management system SCM On any team member s workstation With no external environmental reuirements such as specific network drives4 Build automaticallyContinuous Integration You need to have tests in the system After all no one cares if it compiles if it doesn t runYou also need to turn on the notifications it make attention to the system when it is broken5 Track IssuesYou need to know the The Allergy-Fighting Garden: Stop Asthma and Allergies with Smart Landscaping following What version of the product has the issue Which customer encountered the issue How severe is it Was the problem reproduced in house and by whom so they can help you if you re unable to reproduce the problem What was the customer s environment operating system database In what version of your product did the issueirst occur In what version of your product was it ixed Who ixed it Who verified the ix6 Track FeaturesKeep a unified list of your eature reuests Prioritize them and keep a basic estimate of the time involved to investigate or add the eature7 Use a testing harnessA testing harness is the tool or Software Toolkit You Use toolkit you use create and run your tests If your test. Ship It is a collection of tips that show the tools and techniues a successful project team has to use and how to use them well You'll get uick easy to ollow advice on modern practices which to use and when they should be applied This book avoids current ashion trends and marketing hype; instead readers ind page after page of solid advice all tried and tested in the real worldAimed at beginning to intermediate programmers Ship It will show youWhich tools help and which don't How to keep