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It s been uite a while since I ve taken this long to read a book four days to be precise which is a total humble brag given that I ve read 72 books in the past 4 total humble brag given that I ve read 72 books in the past 4 and 11 days Granted The Rig clocks in at over 600 pages and since I had it in paperback the better to enjoy that gorgeous cover it was harder to binge read in the dark as I do *With Ebooks On My * ebooks on my before I go to sleep But ooh what an intelligent layered 600 pages Imagine a far future where humanity has abandoned a dying Earth to colonize a system of planets far less conducive to human health and happiness This is the setting for the interwoven tales of two men who met as boys on the fanatically religious planet of Gehenna and a plucky writer sent to interview two other men a cop and an engineer on the appropriately named planet of Bleak As we follow these narratives pieces slowly shift and slide into place to present us with an overarching picture that is as breathtaking as that cover Some of these pieces are obvious than others Pireve the origin of the cancer but many are unexpected enough to make even the most seen it all readers stop and say OhAt its heart The Rig is a novel about faith that in my opinion does a much better job of looking for the divine in the stars of the future than most of the overtly religious science fiction out there I really really loved the ending even as I wanted much much from the climactic scene on the titular Rig A lot of that has to do with The uestion which I think is at once an elegant concept and one that needs explaining than Roger Levy gives us in this novel Granted it is entirely likely that this was done on purpose to provoke readers to form their own thoughts regarding the issue and if I get a chance to interview the author hopefully we ll find out But don t mistake The Rig for a pious novel The social media system nown as AfterLife which gives its. Humanity has spread across the depths of space but is connected by AfterLife a vote made by every member of humanity on the worth of a life Ba. Subscribers a shot at resurrection via the votes of other subscribers is presented as a completely viable alternative to goddery as the holdover *Religions From Earth Are Known * from Earth are nown Rig thoughtfully explores the need for and forms of faith through fiction that is part space opera part noir novel I m still mad about Delta without ever sermonizing It raises terrific uestions of power technology and omniscience in an atmosphere as perpetually unstable as a rig floating on a turbulent seaI also loved Mr Levy s way with linguistic evolution with the aforementioned goddery as just one example Putery was the one awkward extrapolation goddery as just one example Putery was the one awkward extrapolation felt but I really appreciated the use of words like threedy and flycykcle that perfectly captured the way technological advances come to be just another part of language And of course I am a sucker for a good intelligent pun with which The Rig is perfectly pepperedRecommended if you want thought provoking scifi that acknowledges human frailty while celebrating our resilience I do hope he writes on The uestion or perhaps the subject is explored in his previous books and I should go read those Strange Horizons has called Roger Levy the heir to Philip K Dick That s a pretty tall order for an author to live up to eh I typically dislike when two authors are compared to each other because I rarely see enough similarities to even recognize that a comparison has been made Well as it happens it s not far from truth I found Roger Levy s writing style to be refreshingly gloomy blunt and to the point I believe the comparison to Philip K Dick to be right on the moneyThe premise of the story is uniue and I imagine that s one reason why Levy has been compared to Philip K Dick Roger Levy spins his tale with a handle on the English language unlike most He creates characters that are both believable and uniue but the ways in which he presents their stories. Le a disillusioned policeman on the planet Bleak is brutally attacked leading writer Raisa on to a story spanning centuries of corruption On Is never lacking any of the elements reuired for entertainment and thought If there are any science fiction book clubs looking for A Good Read This Week good read this week think The Rig is worthy of a mention but with a warning You will ask yourself an awful lot of uestions when you read this book and some of them may have answers you re not ready for But be that as it may read it anywayWithout hitting my blog readers with a ton of spoilers I will say that I can confidently give my recommendation to The Rig and I look forward to finding from Roger Levy in the future I look forward to finding titles Roger Levy in the future opening chapter of this book was amazing and would have made a stunning short story on its own Then the rest of the book happened It is clear that that Levy is attempting to write a story full of big ideas which he mostly succeeds at doing Unfortunately the story itself is plodding juvenile and populated with characters that are largely unsympathetic By half way through the book I was bored and ended up reading two other books before finely fi Originally published at RisingshadowRoger Levy s The Rig is one of the finest British science fiction novels ever published This outstanding novel is way above average science fiction because the story gradually develops from an intriguing premise into a fascinating tale filled with complexity weirdness and thought provoking elements that make readers hold their breath in wonder This novel was very much to my liking because it s boldly different and wholly originalTo be honest this novel is truly impressive due to it being unlike any other modern science fiction novels It s a satisfyingly complex exploration of humanity immortality religion culture and social media from an insightful and slightly twisted perspective It s a tour de force of powerful and immersive storytelling with strong proseThe Rig is a deeply captivating and immersive reading experience because it. Ehenna the last religious planet a hyperintelligent boy Alef meets psychopath Pellon Ho and so begins a rivalry and friendship to last an epoc. The Rig AUTHOR Roger Levy

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