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Genre Short StoriesFictionThe book has 10 short stories 1The Well The Tale Of A Grown Up Man Having H8s L8fe tale of a rown up man having h8s l8fe the village well having his days well spent with the kids there ending up his life tragically2The Wailing of a Toilet Bowl Let your imagination run wild with this one A young housewife Calvinists Incorporated: Welsh Immigrants on Ohio's Industrial Frontier getting to settle down after her marriage in an unknown big city living in an apartment most of the time by herself when her husbandoes to work the horror of the toilet bowl nagging her all day long3Musical Chairs Obsession theme at its best The attachment to a thing at home Well we all have been there haven t we4The Night the Owls Stopped Crying Horror and imagination in a well blended combinationA man Stretching Lessons: The Daring that Starts from Within getting obsessed with the spirit of a lady written in a very engaging manner 5An Unexpected Visitor Loved this one The relationship between a child and an old lady has been described beautifully with less words there will always be less words to describe this short story 6Mirror of Innocence The dilemma of dealing with a wailing child in the middle of a dead night has been described so well 7The Goat Thief Well it is about aoat thief hiding from the rest of the villagers at the verge of Call the Next Witness getting caught8Shit The most dirtiest unforgettable short story I have ever read Literally I could smell shit while reading every sentence of this one The horror of reading about dealing with a place full of human shit Yet you want to know how the story ends don t you9 Sanctuary The joy of being back at your won native place10The Man Who Could Not Sleep An awesome tale of a man whose sleep cannot be compromised yet things around him making him unable to sleep for days yet at the sleep welcomed him The mind says it all Overall the writing style was real solid totally uniue andripping 35A collection of 10 short storiesMost of the stories are based on rural settings More than a couple of them stitched around of the stories are based on rural settings More than a couple of them stitched around wellA couple of abstract endingsOverall fun to read I just finished this collection of short stories but my mind is lingering in the magic weaved by Perumal Murugan The collection has 10 short stories all eual in brilliance The storytelling is so Building for the Arts: The Strategic Design of Cultural Facilities gripping and engaging it fills you with thrill once started you just can t stop as if the words are enchanted and you re moving in hypnotised with their essence Murugan writes about the most mundane this and fill them with life everything seems magically extraordinary and deepMy favourite of these all and the one I believe I d keep returning to is The Well In this story he has webbed words around the natural beauty of the South Indian countryside and made it so mysterious and beautiful it seems like reading magical realismThe other remarkable feature of his story is the humour and wit that he writes so effortlessly The other story that surprised me unexpectedly was Shit it was titled Shit it s not shit This one started at a humourous note and made me crack up several times and the slowly without dropping the humour it started attacking the double standards and stereotypes of the society to the point that you couldn t laugh at the jokes but feeluilty and can t raise your eyesThis was definitely one of the best reads I had this year and if you re thinking of reading Perumal Murugan I d suggest you to start with this one When was the last time you read a collection of short stories and loved them all It s rare for me to enjoy every story in a collection of short stories but Perumal Murugan has the skill to make the mundane magical and turn this rarity into the usual making me love everything that I read from his booksA collection of ten short stories wherein the author explores emotions that are felt deeply in the mundane daily life He explores these emotions slowly and vividly until they absorb the reader into the set up of the plot This stories aren t rare but the narration is and that s what make it a reat bookThe writing is raw undisturbed and immensely addictive It s a 5 read for me I absolutely loved this eclectic collection of ten short stories. Perumal Murugan is one of the best Indian writers today He trains his unsentimental eye on men and women who live in the margins of our society He tells their stories with deep sympathy and calm clar. ,
The Goat Thief

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trying to convey 1 starThe Who Could Not Sleep A man admires a young man for being dynamic and building a house so early in life But deep inside it s really envy Decent enough story 3 starsMost of these stories were extremely male oriented and looked at life mostly through a man s eyes Even where women were present there were intensely patriarchal relationships I am also surprised at the depiction of all women in the book as housewives I enuinely expected better in this respect from Perumal I ll probably try reading at least one of his novels but this book of short stories has left me rather underwhelmed Still if you want a Casuistry and Modern Ethics: A Poetics of Practical Reasoning glimpse of rural Tamil Nadu this can be aood short read Famed Tamilian writer Perumal Murugan s 10 short stories have been compiled into this volume called The Goat Thief Steeped in cultural nuances and throwing light on the simplicities of life t This was my first reading of Perumal Murugan s writing and it s translated from Tamil to English by N Kalyan Raman Although I haven t read much in terms of translated stories from Indian languages the little I have seems to be carrying the weight of problems in society in a somewhat dramatic manner with the layers being rendered in a heavy handed manner This book of short stories however trains its Charlestown Blues gaze on our primal selves and does it by stripping away the narrative layers to zone in on a single behaviour or set of behaviours Whether it is the fear of the village bred wife when confronted with the wailing orifice that is the commode in her bathroom in a city apartment or theoat thief s constant frame of mind of being pursued a prized drinking Charlestown Blues: Selected Poems, a Bilingual Edition glass that has been defiled the mindset of the village well or a couple s possessiveness over a chair My personal favourites were Musical Chairs about a couple and their personal euation in relation to chairs An Unexpected Visitor about a child who is left under the care of hisreat randmother for a brief while and Mirror of innocence about a crying child who can t express what she wants and how her family is rendered sleepless by this I am sure there are many metaphors and allegories in the stories that I ve absorbed but it will take some time for me to articulate them A note of warning there is a foundation or ruralism is there such a word so bodily functions like piss and shit are mentioned in a matter of fact manner If you don t like reading such stuff you might want to Beautiful set of shorts Set in different settings some in villages some in stuff you might want to Beautiful set of shorts Set in different settings some in villages some in but almost always picking up the threads of human interactions and holding it up to the Sun Be it a husband and wife and their possession battles over chairs or a wife dealing with the previous day s rice even though in the City no one comes to claim it ever Or an old lady brought to life with the sudden visit of her reat Bright College Years grandson It is hard not to be reminded of RKN in how the stories move That is expected since our first exposure to short fiction set in small town or rural India was through him But Murugan s writingoes beyond that The story Shit makes you feel the smell of shit and hold your breath as you read through it of shit and hold your breath as you read through it Well starts idyllic and slowly pulls you in with the sudden malice Excellent set of shorts Hope to read in Tamil one day The Goat Thief is a collection of 10 short stories each with riveting subjects which will surely intrigue every single reader It starts with The Well where the protagonist went for a leisure swim with some kids but things take a wild turn in an unexpected end The second story The Wailing of a Toilet Bowl is the story of an innocent newlywed bride who hails from a village but has moved to the city to live with her husband As she tries to settle in the new environment there are a couple of things which troubles her her husband isn t much of help either instead he instills another fear which proves to be deadly To read such stories which will surely Chicagos Urban Nature get your jaw dropped to theround et this bookRead the full review on Just Another Bookaholi. Labour is consumed by jealousy and driven to an act of total destruction Set in the arid Kongu landscape of rural Tamil Nadu these tales illuminate the extraordinary acts that make up everyday lives. The Well is the opening story with an unexpected turn It is a very well constructed story that sets the mood of the readers to expect the unexpected It is a very well constructed story that sets the mood of the readers to expect the unexpected that set up the nine other stories continue to engage the readers in different ways Some stories warm your heart some stories are eccentric in a ood way and some stories simply blows your mind with its simplicity My favourite story in the book is An Unexpected Visitor where the relationship between a young boy and his Paati was really endearingEach story is different and has something different to offer to the readers Yet there is a common thread linking them all The stories are based on the simplest things in life and the nuances of human relationships I had to often stop and contemplate how the author has managed to capture the things we tend to overlook in our modern and fast paced lives The smallest things that can make big differences a well or a chair or the loneliness of a housewife or a cornered oat thief or a night watchman desperate for company The depth of relationships and emotions captured in the stories just amazed meRead the full review on Bookish Indulgences With B00k R3vi3ws Ever Since b00k r3vi3ws Ever since controversy surrounding Perumal Murugan I have wanted to read his books I probably ought to have picked up his novel but this book of short stories is what came my way first I found them mildly amusing and interesting but I disliked the way in which these stories tapered off at the end without any interesting conclusion Too freuently I was left a little bewildered as to what Perumal was trying to conveyAn interesting thing I noticed was how freuently the author depicted the village well as the place for young children boys mostly to play Does this still happen The Well A man is enticed by his nephews and nieces to o to the nearby well and play for some much needed relief from the heat But once there the children became rather creepy I felt this was borrowed from Stephen King s Children of the Corn except I am not sure it was meant to be creepy 2 starsThe Wailing of a Toilet Bowl A newly married wife ets her first taste of the city and is perplexed by the lack of communication around her A pot of stale rice keeps brewing in her kitchen to be fed to the toilet bowl and it turns creepy at the end I have no clue what this story was trying to convey 3 starsMusical Chairs A married couple moves into a house and radually the husband Collections of Nothing gets the ownership of the chair there The wife panics that she isoing to lose the chair and eventually makes a Communism grab for it A story about patriarchy in its mild form 4 starsThe Night the Owls Stopped Crying A night watchmanets a job How to Read the American City Close Up guarding a haunted house Eventually he tries to befriend the spirit female The ending is abrupt and spoilt a very interesting story Or was theuy Catholics, Anglicans, and Puritans going mad 3 starsAn Unexpected Visitor When an old woman plays hostess to herreat Consumed: Food for a Finite Planet grandson for a few days sheets an unexpected spark of life in her It s a very heartwarming story but is left with an open ending 4 starsMirror of Innocence A toddler wakes up in the middle of the night and would not o back to sleep until she ets her plaything There isn t really much of a story here I disliked the patriarchal narrative as well 2 starsThe Goat Thief The title story of the book is really the one I liked the least A Conversations with Nelson Algren goat thief is discovered but escapes into theutter Does he escape I couldn t figure it out 1 starShit A bunch of young men live in a house in a village Why are young men renting out in a village where there isn t likely to be many jobs A septic tank leaks in their backyard and a manual scavenger is called to clean it up A ood A septic tank leaks in their backyard and a manual scavenger is called to clean it up A ood at how some people are still treated subpar for cleaning up your shit while you wouldn t even touch it But I didn t really understand the role of the tumbler here Nevertheless 4 starsSanctuary A young man on holiday in his village whiles away the time at the well playing with the young boys I Contested Reproduction: Genetic Technologies, Religion, and Public Debate got a bit tired of the male male male life of the last few stories here And I was annoyed at the. Ity A lonely night watchman falls in love with thehost of a rape victim A terrified young Cop Knowledge: Police Power and Cultural Narrative in Twentieth-Century America goat thief finds himself surrounded by a mob baying for his blood An old peasant exhausted by a lifetime of.