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Kylem has settled into his New Life On Earth With life on Earth with ease He's found gainful employment as a spy with the elusive Section 69 has a family of people around him a business to his name and plenty of friends to keep him company All should be well in his world but it is not It doesn't matter which way he looks at it he misses the stars "From Whence He Came And "whence he came and Eunaba knows it Seizing upon a are opportunity this alien artefact snatches Kylem away from Earth and unceremoniously deposits him onto Space Station Bren'Dar He has no idea how far

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Ing it one day but with the "Arcadians Now An Extinct Race " now an extinct ace the location Of Their Homeworld Long Forgotten their homeworld long forgotten knows that's unlikely to happen until he sees Kylem With his blue hair and feline eyes he looks Arcadian and with his origins shrouded in mystery Captain Sebastian becomes certain that he's ight Despite their instant dislike for each other the two men form an unlikely partnership going in search of Arcadia The Captain lusts after the iches the planet promises while Kylem's only desire is to find another Eunaba to take him home to Ear. Rom Earth he is or Even When He Is He when he is He know anybody and he's penniless He "doesn't even have a pair of boots to his name and "even have a pair of boots to his name and lost the Eunaba Stranded on Bren'Dar Kylem must once again start from scratch eking out an existence as best he can Captain Sebastian is a pretty obnoxious character of dubious eputation He's a trader but the legitimacy of his dealings is uestionable at best He is also a man with a dream As a child his father used to tell him about the Arcadians and the they abandoned on homeworld He dreams of find. The Last Arcadian Espion #3