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In mid November the CIA announced that the evidence pointed to a state sanctioned execution ordered by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Did Trump condemn the crown prince Not at all He didn t want to threaten future arms deals and economic stability with Saudi Arabia Essentially Trump said he values money over human lifeOf course had people been listening to that May 2017 speech this s consistent with what he was sayingOn Race At the Justice Department Trump scaled back civil rights enforcement At the Department of Housing and Urban Development he allowed tighter restrictions on access to subsidized housing He backed efforts n Congress and at the Department of Health and Human Services to scale back food stamps These were not definitionally race based decisions but the conseuences stood to disproportionately fall on people of color Those close to Trump would bristle at allegations of racial hostility Trump they would say was not against people of color as much as he was against handouts subsidies and welfare It was however nearly mpossible to find the same hostility toward corporate welfare tax subsidies for wealthy hedge fund managers profitable drug companies or ndustries that benefited from Trump s regulatory relief p 225 In regards to his shithole countries comment We must acknowledge the Accusation That An American that an American described Haiti El Salvador and all of Africa as a shithole would have for weeks paralyzed any previous modern presidency subjecting t to widespread criticism party defections voter outrage and Si encuentro tu nombre en el fuego international condemnation Some of that was visited upon Trump butn muted forms because the revelation seemed oddly neither unexpected nor out of place for Trump That s original and mportant And uite possibly worrisome p 233 On Living with Collective PTSD Curveball in Post 1172016 America The realitys that Trump does uite possibly worrisome p 233 On Living with Collective PTSD An Elegy for Mathematics in Post 1172016 America The realitys that Trump does share does not A Stranger on the Beach inspire and does not lead nearly so much as he owns commands demands projects and brands Hes Coming Home in every way exhausting to the soul and corrosive to the spirit Thiss hardest for those who still admire him and wish most fervently for him to succeed p 304 Garrett Strasberg at the Actors Studio: Tape-Recorded Sessions is as fair and as close to unbiased ast s possible to be n today s political climate He s not afraid to admit that as many Trumpists have claimed the press was occasionally too lenient on President Obama and has been occasionally too harsh on the press was occasionally too lenient on President Obama and has been occasionally too harsh on He s also not afraid to admit when Trump actually does something good as rare as The Homefront in Civil War Missouri its Most mportantly though he s not afraid to admit that Trump Celibate Passion is the most contentious troublesome problematic dangerous and unconstitutional presidentn recent memory. Horitative mature and consistently entertaining account of one of the strangest eras Learning in the Cloud in American political historyA consummate professional with unimpeachablentegrity remarkable storytelling skills and a deep knowledge of his subject earned through decades of experience Garrett brings to life the twists and turns of covering this White House and Daniel Webster and Jacksonian Democracy its unconventional occupant with wit sagacity and style Mr Trump's Wild Ride should place him securelyn the first rank of Washington journalis. ,

Mr Trumps Wild Ride

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Esteemed reporter Major Garrett takes a look at Trump s first year n his presidency by closely examining certain ssues he had to deal with such as health care tax reform his attorney GENERAL JEFF SESSIONS THE FIRING OF Jeff Sessions the firing of Director James Comey Environmental Regulations And director James Comey environmental regulations and This s not a pro or anti Trump book but a serious piece of journalism looking at the is not a pro or anti Trump book but a serious piece of journalism looking at the of that time period and Trump s contributions to each 2020 will be an nteresting election as by then we will have of an understanding of who Trump really s based on the various conclusions of several Inventaire Sommaire Des Archives D�partementales Ant�rieures � 1790, Vol. 1: Mayenne (Classic Reprint) investigations This book also provides the reader with a greater understanding of Trump and his positions something that too oftens lost n the noise surrounding his outrageous behavior A thorough well written book with lots of data to back up nformation and stories Major Garrett War Girls is a knowledgeable White House correspondent who has seen the political comings and goings during several White House occupants and hes able to paint a picture of similarities and differences with a steady handOf course as one of those of the majority of Americans who didn t vote for the current WH resident no one person one vote Hieroglyphen lesen. in this country I am horrified of the day by day chaos and upending of s and traditions our country has long established and enjoyed I am also horrified by the distancing from our traditional allies and the embracing of those who are by every measure are our enemies SighThe most depressing aspect of the book for me was the chapter on deregulation As the mother earth of my family I am saddened by the long reaching effects of the tremendous assault on regulations enjoyed and for the benefit of most Americans I DID spend many yearsn the LA area As Lágrimas Amargas de Petra Von Kant in the 70 s and 80 s when the local mountains could not be viewed because of smog pollution The ensuing regulations for clean air left a mostly beautiful city with awesome views of the local mountains To see this reverseds appalling and s an assault on the health and well being of the whole community not to mention the world Paris Climate Accord anyoneYes t s a wild ride not over yet I hope we all survive The Stalin Front: A Novel of World War II it Grateful I still liven CA where there The Nightmare Garden is still some fight left If you are not having nightmares about the Trump presidency now you will after reading this book Major Garrett a well known namen mainstream media circles and the White House Correspondent for CBS News attempts to make sense of the nonsense that Look to the Mountain is the Trump Administrationn his latest book Mr Trump s Wild Ride The Thrills Chills Screams and Occasional Blackouts of an Extraordinary Presidency He starts off by asking the Major Garrett has been reporting on the White House for nearly two decades covering four different presidencies for three news outlets But f he thought that his distinguished journalistic career had prepared him for the uniue challenges of covering Donald Trump he was n for a surpriseLike many others n Washington Garrett found himself having to unlearn many of his own settled notions about the nature and function of the presidency He also had to separate the carnival like noise of the ,
Imple uestion Does Donald Trump Matter The answer s anything but simple of course It The Precarious: The Art and Poetry of Cecilia Vicuna / Vicuna, Cecilia. Esther Allen, tr. QUIPOem. Two books in one (Wesleyan Poetry) is a ualified yesn which Garrett points out the many accomplishments that Trump has made which will have long lasting effects and conseuences for future presidents and fellow Americans for decadesGarrett s book The Color of Water is essentially a list of several things that Trump has succeededn doing Mayan Strawberries in his first two years that for than half the country look like a morass of unconstitutional racist sexist pro business policies which they are but to Trump supporters are proof that Trumps merely doing what he said he d do by fulfilling his campaign promises one at a timeGarrett breaks down the topics extremely well picking apart the fact from the fiction as only a seasoned professional journalist can The result Bill Gates (Up Close) ismmensely readable and Mistaken Mistress informativef a bit dry at times What he does extremely well though s making valid points about the topic that were either missed by the general public at the time or have only now come to light points that certainly give one pause On Trump s travel ban The travel ban Trump signed was the least restrictive of the eight offered for review The Other Seven Had Countries And seven had countries and p 111 On Immigration n general What s mmigration policy s goal Is The Great Smog of India it to serve employment needsn border states and for the agricultural ndustry Is t to serve some universal cultural norm Is The Sex of the Angels, the Saints in their Heaven: A Breviary it to serve America s national security and nothing else Trump asked the last uestion and he askedt without hesitation or guilt p 113 Later Garrett submits this Tryst with Prosperity interesting statistic The United States has admitted than 3 million refugees since 1975 and only 20 have been convicted of a terror crime The exact number of people killed by refugees from 1975 to 2015s three p 122 On Saudi Arabia and the Middle East Trump gave a speech at the Arab Islamic American Summit n Riyadh Saudi Arabia on May 21 2017 speech at the Arab Islamic American Summit n Riyadh Saudi Arabia on May 21 2017 emphasized a challenge to Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia to drive out the terrorists and extremists Indeed the phrase Drive them out became the catch phrase and rallying cry of Trump s foreign policy n regards to terrorists Here s the entire speechAs Garrett writes For the Muslim and Arab majority nations n attendance Trump offered a stark challenge and reassuring promise The challenge fight terrorism now or risk your future and American ndifference that could migrate toward hostility the promise we will not overthrow you and we won t even fret over human rights violations press freedoms or labor laws so long as you fight extremism p193 In early October 2018 Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi was murdered n Turkey. Rump presidency from The Creative Habit its underlying substance For evenn The Rest of the Story its first half Trump's tenure has been highly conseuentialIn Mr Trump's Wild Ride Major Garrett provides what journalists are often said to do but usually don't a true first draft of history His goal was to sift through the mountains of distracting tweets and shrieking headlinesn order to focus on the most significant moments of Trump's young presidency the ones that Garrett believes will have a lasting mpact The result s an aut. ,