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Ions are an intriguing mix of the medieval and the modern In this context it s worth remembering that Cyrano was writing several decades before Newton put physics on a firm scientific basis While Cyrano has no notion that a lack of breathable air might be an obstacle to a lunar voyage he is aware that the arth s gravitational field is powerful than that of the MoonThere s also some interesting speculation on the nature of reason and on the differences between humans and animals At times Cyrano almost seems to be moving towards some kind of theory of parallel and divergent Pleasure Activism: The Politics of Feeling Good evolutionary pathwaysAs for the plot itself this is where the whimsy comes in Dew is certainly an original idea for a fuel for interplanetary travel The hero uses this means to reach the Moon where he finds that the inhabitants of our satellite regard the Earth as their moon They also have some odd customs and ideas on social organisation They believe in paying respect to youth rather than age They find it strange when Cyrano tells them that the inhabitants of Earth wear swords as a symbol of honour on the Moon they regard phalluses in the way 17th century Europeans regarded swordsIt s a very short book and while it s thin on plot and long on philosophical speculation Cyrano s speculations are generallyntertaining And it s a fascinating attempt to imagine a society based on fundamentally different beliefsIf you re interested in the history of science fiction it s Murder at the Mansion essential reading Wildly hereticalPublished posthumously and probably for the best considering the content Even with the liberalditing deletions by his friend prior to press But remember that Gallileo was forced to recant his theories in 1633 and Voyage to the Moon was published 24 years laters two years after De Bergerac s death Clearly written Healing Souls earlier and it is a forceful pro testa for the thesis and for science Predating Swift s Gulliver s Travels yet I couldn t help but think what a wonderful comparison readA forerunner of science fiction and rather scathing rebukes Clearly somethings aren t as we understand them now but some are prescient As I opened the Box I found within somewhat of Metal almost like to our Clocks full of I know not what little Springs and imperceptible Engines It was a Book indeed but a Strange and Wonderful Book that had neither Leaves nor Letters In fine it was a Book made wholly for the Ears and not the Eyes So that when any Body has a mind to read in it he winds up that Machine with a great many Strings then he turns the Hand to the Chapter which he desires to hear and straight as from the Mouth of a Man or a Musical Instrument proceed all the distinct and different Sounds3 which theLunar Grandees make use of forxpressing their Thoughts instead of LanguageThe flying travel box gives off Dr Who vibesDe Bergerac clearly has some thoughts about Man as given dominion Moses the greatest of Philosophers who drew the Knowledge of Nature from the Fountain Head Nature her self hinted this truth to us when he spoke of the Tree of Knowledge and without doubt he intended to intimate to us under that Figure that Plants in Exclusion to Mankind possess perfect Philosophy Remember then O thou Proudest of Animals that though a Cabbage which thou cuttest sayeth not a Word yet it pays it at Thinking but the poor Vegetable has no fit Organs to howl as you do nor yet to frisk it about and weep Yet it hath those that are proper to complain of the Wrong you do it and to draw a Judgement from Heaven upon you for the InjusticePerhaps the most well known aspect of Cyrano De Bergerac is his nose as made famous in the play by Rostan While it is Seductive Surrender exaggerated his nose was uite prodigious I love this bit about noses included amongst the sociological discussions of the Moon WorldBecause after Thirty Agesxperience we have observed that a great Nose is the mark of a Witty Courteous Affable Generous and Liberal Man and that a little Nose is a Sign of the contrary Wherefore of Flat Noses we make Eunuchs because the Republick had rather have no Children at all than Children like themNOTE This is book is widely available for free LEGALLY So if you are interested look around and Gutenbergorg is always a good resource for some older works if not available otherwise Cyrano de Bergerac was a real person He wrote poetry plays and books as well as being the inspiration for Edmond Rostand s best known work the play titled Cyrano de Bergerac In the fascinating introduction to A Voyage To The Moon we learn about Cyrano he did serve in the Guards an Seductive Surrender (Highland Heather Romancing a Scot, elite unit of noble young men of his day and he was not a Gascon by birth but by the force of his personality His feud with the actor Montfleury was real and so was Bergerac s infamous nose It appears in all the portraits of which there are four And in all of these it is the same not a little ugly nose flat at the top and projecting at the bottom in a little long gable turned up at thend but a large generous well shaped nose hooked rather than retrouss and planted suarely in the symmetrical middle of the face not ridiculous but monumentalCyrano himself describes it in a play that I would love to be able to read since according to the author of the introduction Cyrano was responsible for introducing to the stage the comical peasant which Moliere later relied upon in his own works But back to The Nose Here is what Cyrano says about it in his play Le Pedant Joue Comedy This veridic nose arrives verywhere a uarter of an hour before its master Ten shoemakers good round fat ones too go and sit down to work under it out of the rainOf course he was the only person ver allowed to say anything about The Nose Many duels were fought over it and than ten men were killed because of it So this passage from Chapter 15 of A Voyage To The Moon is obviously Cyrano s way of thumbing that Nose at the world Cyrano had gone out for a walk and returned late for dinner and xplained to his hosts that no one told him the a clock when he asked they merely made strange faces at him Then he learns how to tell time on the Moon How cried all the Company did not you know by that that they shewed you what it was a Clock Faith said I they might have held their great Noses in the Sun long nough before I had understood what they meant It s a Commodity said they that saves them the Trouble of a Watch for with their Teeth they make so true a Dial that when they would tell ANY BODY THE HOUR OF THE Body the Hour of the they do no but open their Lips and the shadow of that Nose falling upon their Teeth like the Gnomon of a Sun Dial makes the precise timeNow that you may know the reason why all People in this Country have great Noses as soon as a Woman is brought to Bed the Midwife carries the Child to the Master of the Seminary and xactly at the years nd the Skillful being assembled if his Nose prove shorter than the standing Measure which an Alderman keeps he is judged to be a Flat Nose and delivered over to be gelt You ll ask me no doubt the Reason of that Barbarous Custom and how it comes to pass that we amongst whom Virginity is a Crime should njoyn Continence by force but know that we "do so because after Thirty Ages xperience we have observed that a "so because after Thirty Ages xperience we have observed that a Nose is the mark of a Witty Courteous Affable Generous and Liberal Man and that a little Nose is a Sign of the contrary Wherefore of Flat Noses we make Eunuchs because the Republick had rather have no Children at all than Children like themWell nough about the man s nose what about the book he wrote right Okay This was great fun for me to read specially considering that during Cyrano s day the debate was still raging about whether the Earth revolved around the sun or vice versa Imagine letting your imagination fly to the moon in those days How would you get there and what would you find when you landed Books with covers made of mother of pearl and operated with a little key that you wound up long nough for the book to play you a chapter Towns that move according to the seasons of the year by using wheels and giant bellows built into the walls of the palaces so that when activated they sail along like a ship at sea Other towers that are furnished with giant screws that will twist them down into the ground during bad storms The true reason that all good cooks are fat ven though they never seem to sit down and at they get their nourishment from the steam coming out of their cooking pots Beds that are nothing than layers of flowers three feet deepCyrano s voyage gave him the chance to discuss philosophy politics and the origins of Man with the people of the Moon which of course meant he was able to share his own ideas on those topics Sometimes I got a bit lost during these discussions but mostly I could follow along without too many What Did He Say moments I thought the book was ingeniously clever I was absolutely delighted with all of it and wish once again that I could have met and talked with Cyrano de Bergerac I very greatly doubt I could have kept up with his wit in person but it would have been such fun to try. Ization and a scathing attack on the values and institutions of 18th century French society The real life Cyrano de Bergerac 1619–1655 made famous by Edmond Rostand was a dramatist and poet; in his prose works he shows himself to be the forerunner to Jules Verne and Johannes Keple.

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While in no way sorry I read this book I have to say that I just didn t understand most of it The philosophical uestions of life have never been something I spent any time on and this book is just a reason to present arguments that for the most part I don t have any interest in I was hoping for an arly sci fi novel about planetory xploration what I got was a novel about philosophy and religion and the debate about the xistence of God and why man is man As it was written in the 17th century I can forgive the arguments being a bit old hat but the language was tedious and flowery Perhaps it was the style of the time but it wasn t for me I got bored and skimmed most of it This book may be appealing to those interested in the history of ideas or studying Cyrano However most of it is dialogues and monologues on ideas that today are xtremely dated Discussions on in what way Aristotle s four Le valeureux guerrier elements compose all objects whether the sinless state of cabbages means they deserve special treatment and so forth Perhaps I ve taken clearly strangexamples to get across the point but little of it seems applicable to modern conditions and understandingThe setting would justify calling this proto science fiction but most of it is discussion rather than Snowflakes on the Sea explorationven in the sense of Gulliver s Travels The translator does try to find parallels with science fiction for instance since it s argued on spiritual grounds cabbages must have high intellects the translator thinks this is relevant to first contact issues I did not find such suggestions convincing but apparently some people do So science fiction written before The Enlightenment isn t that an oxymoron A Voyage to the Moon belongs on a shelf with Gulliver s Travels Gargantua and Pantagruel and Candide but I suspect you ll have trouble finding the book in English which is a shame Fortunately Google Books has an Wrathful Chaos: Five Books of Satanic Philosophy electronic late seventeenth century translation that comes with some great illustrations This is thedition that I have read It sometimes takes a little work to tease out the meaning or the punchline from these old roundabout sentences but it is definitely worth it and a far cry from the difficulty of deciphering say Shakespeare or MiltonCyrano our narrator of the famous nose contrives a plan to visit The Moon without rockets cannons or a vehicle of any kind instead he reasons that if The Sun would pull up the dew from the grass then he need only carry a bunch of bottles full of dew and The Sun would pull him to The Moon This first plan backfires for Cyrano and he nds up landing in New France Canada but after several other deranged attempts he is set upon his way where he goes on to xplore The Moon throughout the rest of the bookScientific discussions are most interesting when they are logical convincing and lead to conclusions that are not only incorrect but utterly absurd Who s to say that in the 21st century we are not guilty of the same thing Once Cyrano has reached The Moon this book basically becomes a series of such discussions but I don t see this as a disappointment what it lacks in traditional SF tropes it makes up for with clever witty and often bewildering arguments that shows us how alien The Moon s inhabitants are for instance their speech is similar to music so that whenever Cyrano introduces a member of The Moon s royalty their name is transcribed as a little staff with several notes on it Coupled with all this is the fact that Cyrano was writing nearly four hundred years ago which leads us to wonder whether he might ven believe some of this stuffIn any case if you are interested in the history of science or science fiction or just want to bask in some French Renaissance lunacy then this one might be worth picking up The ignorant man who thinks he s smart only because he has a diploma has to answer meThis is a remarkable book that is very clever ntertaining and thought provoking Elsewhere I have referred to it as wise and foolish in Humanism: The Greek Ideal and its Survival eual measure and thus great fun It may be difficult to discern from the book just what the author may have actually thought and I m sure that is intentional At times he s having us on At other times he s presenting some pretty radical ideas and reflections which may have been a bit too controversial for him to own so he has ridiculous moon atheists proclaim these ideas while his own character is befuddled and sometimes offers rather lame ineffectual objectionsThe book snding is rather abrupt yet I don t know whether the continuation in the seuel The States and Empires of the Sun makes up for this minor defectPerhaps many readers are unaware of the fact that such a man as Cyrano actually Love 2.0 (A Cates Brothers Book, existed He s best known certainly through the fictional portrayal of his character in Rostand s play But it s veryxciting to xperience the language and thoughts of the real Cyrano a poet and playwright with panache who was an accomplished duelist and soldier who had a big nose And Who Wrote Fantasies About Magical Travels To The Moon who wrote fantasies about magical travels to the moon was interesting to see how Rostand drew not just from some of the details of Cyrano s life but also from his writing to arrive at the idea of using poetry as a form of currency to pay bakers for the cakes we at and the detailed description of several fantastic methods of space travelSpeaking of influence Italo Calvino surely acknowledged his debt to Cyrano but I didn t realize just how close a part of this book came to what Calvino later developed in his story The Distance of the MoonWhile some of Cyrano s philosophical ramblings may seem laughable in other ways he seems way ahead of his times While reading I noted once or twice wrong but right in principle Eg he comes from ideas relating to the four basic lements of classical times but he tries to argue that matter is ssentially one substance He then goes on to describe different shaped particles with their own ualities He s not right in specifics yet he forecasts atomic theory in some sense his differently shaped particles aren t radically unlike the notion of atoms defined by their differing numbers of protons and the resultant properties and he presents concepts such as that the matter we view macroscopically is mostly void with tiny particles at a relatively great distance to one anotherAmong other things he seems to get right though they weren t yet stablished scientific beliefs were a heliocentric universe and the placebo ffect which he theorizes as a rational Desire in Seven Voices explanation for faith healing denying such a miracle and he presents this a century before the placeboffect is first investigated by John Haygarth He also proposes something similar to Pascal s wager as an argument for religious faith it s better to believe in a non xistent God than to disbelieve an xistent one yet he may be making a mockery of it here and he s doing so decades before Pascal proposes it in his PenseesCyrano writes some perfectly silly stuff I thought it The Casa Mono Cookbook entertaining how his character a mostly calm and rational type was prone to the occasional irrational outburst which created uite a bit of trouble for him including having religiously offended the prophet Elijah and thus missing his opportunity for a free taste of an apple from the tree of knowledge though he steals one it is contaminated by a poison skin that causes forgetfulness and confusion Anyway he may be a perfectly patient and attentive student on some days but at table he might rudely burst out with Where the hell is that soupAmong the persuasive arguments that Cyrano cleverly disavows by putting it into the mouth of another is the argument against honoringlders and parents Surely it s fine to respect our parents if they are wise but otherwise trample with rage on the belly of the with rage on the belly of the who begat you and the breast of the mother who conceived you do you imagine that the cowardly respect that vicious parents have ripped from your weakness is so pleasing to Heaven that it will thereby lengthen your years I don t think soUnlike other wits in the years gone and the years to come Cyrano singles out some individuals in the real world "TO PRAISE BUT IN EXPRESSING CONDEMNATION "praise but in xpressing condemnation avoids naming names This doesn t seem to proceed from any particular fear but seems gentlemanly in character Eg I also met a number of other people that your world treats as divines but found in them nothing but a lot of babble and pride There is no need to call out his specific literary or political rivals for this pronouncement to hold weight I think we can all relateThere s so much magical fun and goofiness in this rather short book I don t want to spoil all of it while I have notes on so much of it Maybe just as a teaser I ll put in one little uote sans context and leave the rest for the book to say on its ownYou destroy the cabbage s soul when you kill it but in killing a man you simply give him a change of address Three centuries and some change before the astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin rode a rocket to the Moon the libertine poet Cyrano de Bergerac smeared himself with bone marrow What if the moon were another world for which ours served as the moon An absurd notion but one which leads our narrator to travel to a paradisiacal world in which he is a monster a malfunction of nature and a myth The dream uickly becomes a nightmare however when the ruling cclesiast. ,

Nd floated up to the Moon the Moon as verybody knows attracts bone marrow The Prophet Enoch also there tells us that got to the Moon by tying jars of smoke from animal sacrifices under his armpits because sacrifices must rise to the heavens Why is an Old Testament Prophet on the Moon Because the Garden of Eden is there of course But after a few minutes in the Garden Cyrano repeats a very old mistake and must leave and so has to content himself with visiting the other countries of the Moon His guide is the Daemon of Socrates although he hasn t worked with just Socrates The people of the Moon walk on all fours Before Apollo 13 before Star Trek before HG Wells there was Cyrano and his book ostensibly a report from the author His Voyage to the Moon published in 1656 isn t the first story on that theme dged out by a mere 15 centuries by Lucian of Samosata s A True History And it s far from the first fiction to treat fantastical philosophical themes Thomas More s Utopia was almost century old when Cyrano was born after all But there was never uite a book like this at least until Cyrano wrote one His contribution to literature was to take a few ideas from current science and philosophy and write a fictional treatment about them If a clockwork machine could produce sounds why couldn t we in theory build books that speak This was uite literally science fiction and wildly creative Although if Voyage to the Moon is science fiction is science in the way that Cyrano would have understood it that is natural philosophy that catch all term for verything from astronomy to psychology and most of what we now just call philosophy and a lot of magic besides And uite a lot of arly modern philosophy makes its way into Cyrano s book when our author is presented as an Lachlan's Protg (English Edition) exotic animal in a Moon zoo a delegation of Moon academics convenes to determine whether or not the hairless ape possesses self awareness or is merely an automaton of senseless instinct So we know that Cyrano read DescartesBut this makes it sound like Cyrano is giving us a dry tour of What We Should Invent Fortunately this is a silly book interesting not for its inventions but for its inventiveness The Moon people are delightfully ridiculous walking about on all fours and fretting over the souls of cabbages They keep their houses on wheels so they can change the scenery and attend their own funerals which are joyous affairs Here it helps to mention that Cyrano was a libertine today the word means little than mindless hedonism but in Cyrano s time it was anything but Libertinism was about libertyxpanding all freedoms not just for your genitals but for your mind too They read Galileo the first person to map the Moon by the way Much like the Epicureans a few millennia ago the libertines were tarred with hedonism by their prudish rivals who because it made better propaganda focused on the free love than the free thought Although yes on Cyrano s Moon virginity is illegal Not that this is pointless clowning It is asy to forget now that the battle is largely won and the Catholic Church has an astronomical observatory and a theological contingency plan for baptizing aliens that there was a time when free thought wasn t something Richard Dawkins used to harass Muslims free thought for the Powers That Be was dangerous and suspicious as history had shown you let your guard down for a few minutes and suddenly the northern half of Europe has left the Church and they re reading the Biblein German In light of this catastrophe the response wasn t restricted to atheists vernacularists or radical direct democracy advocates the Catholic Church burned an Italian miller at the stake for propagating his theory that the universe is like a great wheel of cheese Dear God What books would he have writtenCyrano is for Menocchio s party not for the saliency of his views but for the sheer fantasy of it Clearly this was not a man bound by any orthodoxies And Cyrano invents a fellow traveler to Menocchio in a Spaniard who lives on the Moon because as he says The true reason which had obliged him to travel all over the Earth and at length to abandon it for the Moon was that he could not find so much as one Country where ven Imagination was at Liberty Certainly the Moon was one country where Cyrano might have published his book as he intended Two ndings xist for Voyage to the Moon one that condemns the citizens of the Moon for arrogantly abandoning God and one that praises the People of that World amongst whom ven the meanest have Naturally so much Wit whereas those of ours have so little and yet so dearly bought Guess which version Cyrano had to circulate in his lifetime So you ll see this book bandied about as a precursor to science fiction And it is But it wasn t about any particular means of getting to the Moon it was about inventing four routes to the Moon just for the hell of it Because ven in this Conflict in Blood early age of science and uncovering the unbendable laws of nature it was apparent that the imagination was one thing no science could contain In fact Cyrano s book it s science that comes from the imagination of the four ways he proposes to reach the Moon one of them is a multi stage rocket not unlike the one that brought Apollo 11 to the Moon I read the Lovell translation nearly contemporary with Cyrano himself This fact isn t as well known as it should be but some of the best English writing in the Elizabethanra and the decades right after it comes from translators Golding s Metamorphoses Uruhart s Gargantua and Pantagruel and John Florio s translation of Montaigne while not always sticking to the text like a modern translator would are masterpieces of arly modern English in their own right But Lovell doesn t uite rise to the level of his peers his Voyage is alright but I come to 17th century English for those lung busting sentences that make you reach for a dictionary and Lovell s page long sentences don t
have much rhythm 
much rhythm unctuous verbiage The other reason I read Lovell is that it was the only version I could get Only a few English translations of Voyage to the Moon xist several them uite bad according to the introduction of my The Crucified Ones: Calling Forth the End-Time Remnant edition and nobodylse has tried it for uite a long time In fact any copy of the book is hard to get a hold of and the only digital versions are badly scanned and terribly formatted Worst of all an Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (Lemelson Center Studies in Invention and Innovation series) entire second book Voyage to the Sunxists it was bundled with the Moon voyage back in the 17th century but I can t find it at all Only glosses of it are available online which is a shame because it sounds fascinating Cyrano goes to the Sun where his guide is Tomas Campanella and they talk among other things about Descartes and his radical philosophy So unless you can read Baroue French or have a particularly well stocked library bad copies of Lovell s translation are the only Voyage at hand This is a shame Voyage to the Moon isn t a lost masterpiece or anything but it holds a important position in the history of speculative fiction and a delightful ode to the imagination Hopefully this long period of obscurity will pass and translators and publishers can bring this book to the adoring audience it deserves A delightful read Bergerac uses the conceit of travelling to another world populated by sentient intelligent beings whose ideas of life and living are different from those on arth Thus author can legitimately present alternative world views and present philosophical for and against different conceptions The book then becomes a sort of time capsule of the times in which Bergerac lived using the rather primitive to our yes scientific ideas of the time although to be honest doesn t very child at heart dream of having a space ship powered only by balloons yet can operate as a way of opening his readers minds to the possibilities that there are alternative concepts of morality and customs than one s own I m fascinated by very very arly science fiction novels and one of the most important of these pioneering works is Cyrano de Bergerac s Journey to the Moon or to give it its proper title L Autre Monde o les tats The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other Modernist Myths et Empires de la Lune The Other World The States and Empires of the Moon It was published posthumously in 1657Cyrano de Bergerac 1619 1655 was an interesting figure in his own right He was a successful playwright and a notorious duellist He is said to have fought at least 1000 duels And yes he really did have a very large nose and this was the cause of many of his duels He was also a homosexual and a religious sceptic who was accused of atheism And to add to all that he was something of an amateur philosopher and scientific thinkerLike most of thearly fantastic voyage science fiction tales the intention behind Journey to the Moon was largely satirical What makes this work really interesting though is that this was by no means Cyrano s only intention The book is like a blend of whimsical fantasy satire and hard science fiction Or at least the 17th century version of hard science fiction Cyrano s scientific speculat. Ical courts condemn him for his heretical opinions and illicit beliefs As viewed from the moon the philosophical scientific anthropocentric and religious certitudes that reign on Earth seem trivial This masterpiece of Libertine literature Modeling and Analysis of Communicating Systems emerges as an unprecedentedxample of relativ.
L'Autre Monde ou les États t Empires de la Lune