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Eviewswhat did I miss Didn t read Stephen King s On Writing or Eats Shoots and Leaves but liked On Writing Well The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction Bird by Bird Some Instructions on Writing and Life and Writing Without Bullshit Boost Your Career by Saying What You Mean Plotnik has written a wonderful primer for writers desiring to move beyond competent writing into exceptional writing He covers a variety of topics that once mastered will enhance a writer s ability This is one of those books that should be owned so it can be reviewed again and again as one traverses the writing SKILL TRAILIT IS TRUE THAT PLOTNIK S OWN WRITING trailIt is true that Plotnik s own writing perhaps too spunky and too bitey moving into the realm of bashing the reader over the head with too many exciting words and phrases However I would argue that those learning how to add spunk and bite to their own writing need to see overt examples implementing the discussed techniues to this end Plotnik is successfulSpunk and Bite also includes several exercises at the end so reader s can practice the techniues explored in the book Overall this is a book I d recommend to most writers This is one I think every writer should read It s an easy read Fun I really liked that the author never says never do this read It s an easy read Fun I really liked that the author never says never do this only do that when writing Rather he presents reasonable arguments practical advice that really makes sense to me anyway I m in love with Arthur Plotnik s brain Whenever younger writers ask me for the best books on the craft I always recommend The Elements of Style Yes it s stodgy and impractical at times but it gives new writers a great rules based foundation on which to build their careers Arthur Plotnik s Spunk Bite demolishes that building to construct something bigger and betterI m really not being hyperbolic Spunk Bite is a manual on rewriting the rules of sentence construction Plotnik employs and of course breaks his own instructions in a way that seamlessly teaches by example Each lesson is in fact an extended sample of writing under that particular guideline Because the author practices what he preaches without being preachy simply reading the book is enough to deeply plant Plotnik s writing tips in the mind Spunk Bite will be of particular help to those who write for disparate audiences If you are reporting straight and dry news all day the shift over to writing a whimsical fantasy novel may be of a code switch than you re prepared to deal with However Plotnik s how to guide has such a broad application that it will improve almost any style or genre of the craft It may not make the switch easier per se but when you re using the same set of guidelines for both your journalism and your fiction the shift between the two is bound to be less jarringUnlike the venerable Strunk and White Plotnik doesn t worry that making his lessons humorous will diminish his AUTHORITY HE S A COMMANDING WRITER AS SPUNK BITE He s a commanding writer as Spunk Bite Make this the second book on writing you ever read Certainly one of my top five favourite books for writers along with Stephen King and Anne LamottThere s no one proper way to write but if you re searching for a book about craft at the sentence level this is the one for you. Andra Cisneros Bill Bryson Maureen Dowd and many dozens Plotnik reveals the tricks and techniues that make prose fresh forceful and publishable For all types of writing novels articles poems ad copy blogs and even e mailsthis uncommon handbook reveals how to make your words so fetching that readers beg .

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Just as way to review and practice the techniues he explains For it is not just enough to read the book from cover to cover but importantly to practice what he preaches argues and demonstrates in each carefully crafted chapterHere s a break down of what he covers The list comes from Plotnik s own website undoing an EB Whitewash elements of surprise describing the extraordinary writing for Generations X Y and beyond stellar leads stunning endings choosing narrative tense diction be the word freshening the vocabulary words with beautiful music coining locutions hot nouns from verbs world class words from abroad mouthwatering better color for your colors finding the names of things intensifiers for feeble locutions your colors finding the names of things intensifiers for feeble locutions with confidence niceties worth preserving the feng shui of writing disinfecting your prose hunting down danglers modifiers with minus effects using ephemeral imagery achieving edge language and terrorism whom we write for I got this as a Christmas gift and thought the title was witty Unfortunately the title was the best part of the book Originally published in 2005 and reprinted in 2007 I have to wonder whether the author didn t realise that at some point the members of Generation Y about whom he was not particularly ind would potentially pick up the book in hope of some new insightsI was at a loss to find any new insights in this book It seemed that the book rehashed advice I ve read time and again in other style guides and how to manuals sometimes to the point where Plotnik directly uoted them for example his uotes from how to manuals sometimes to the point where Plotnik directly uoted them for example his uotes from Truss and Stephen King I may be personally biased here as I find Eats Shoots Leaves The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation and On Writing to be two of the most invaluable books in my reference library In fact I would suggest that instead of Plotnik s book which uotes from these and then picks them apart to just go straight to the sourceThe final jarring note was that there were so many spelling errors in the book Black Horse instead of Black House by Stephen King or Annie E Proulx instead of E Annie Proulx in fact this appeared as Annie E Proulx Annie Proulx and E Annie Proulx at different points in the text I realise proofreaders can miss things at times but Plotnik lists amongst his other works The Elements of Editing I don t think I ll read it if this finished product is anything to judge its advice by I really wanted to like this cheery bright yellow book Its subtitle is A writer s guide to bold contemporary style But it turned out to be a cute girl who Wouldn t Stop TalkingExample As every writer comes to learn producing a crop after crop of oeuvres exhausts the loam of expression Words become sapped by overuse Sentences descriptive passages and lines of poetry go limp Creative roots cry for infusion from Chapter 4 Writers Words Drop by DottleWoggle fluggle blonchwhat Weedy words and a fireworks style obscured Plotnik s points First a writer communicates If that goal is foiled by literary flourish the words are for naught Wilted my hopes will transfer to my next book Stopped reading for overly profuse hard to inhale writing Now reading a few of the 5 star And style The secret according to bestselling author and former publishing executive Arthur Plotnik is to embrace those ualities that composition rulebooks sidestep among them surprise personality engagement edge and fearlessness Drawing on selections from today's most exciting writers Jonathan Franzen .
A solid book on grammar and writing and MUCH engaging than the dry original by Strunk and White While I did get the sense the that author found himself very witty and humourous most of that fell flat for me or really dragged on the pace of the message there were still some helpful tips thoughts and suggestions in the book to warrant a read I like that the author takes the foundation set by such books as Strunk and White s Elements of Style and gives it a through examination with the message language evolves threading through every lesson And while thicker than Strunk and White it is somehow less intimidating Ironically Plotnik writers about and White it is somehow less intimidating Ironically Plotnik writers about danger of alienating their audience with niche references and bloated exaggerations then proceeds to use a few himself But otherwise his writing is exemplary And that s what his book is about anyway Being bold Taking risks Doing a cannonball into the stagnant pond of writingSpunk Bite is an uplifting read for any aspiring or practicing writer The book teaches that it s okay to break rules even if it means a blemi Spunk and Bite ReviewSpunk Bite is a rhythm and jazz resource of techniues and suggestions for bringing writing alive So much of my daily articles consist of actionless verbs have to be are would have should have with little consist of actionless verbs have to be are would have should have with little surprises or engaging fun for the reader While I may write straight forward and complex sentences my syntax and paragraphs simply tie one thought to the next My writing like this review is nice but not memorable or engaging You might think in the first few chapters of his book that Plotnik is showing off with a bunch of had to look them up in the dictonary words though admittedly reading the Kindle version of this book with the device s built in dictionary will be useful to the average reader that is not the case Plotnik just happens to be an intelligent teacher of writing Spunk Bite would make a cut above perfect textbook for any advance writing class For any writer has control of standard grammar and coherent writing might find this book a worthy next course for taking writing to its most engaging levelNearly each page contains examples of how to use what is called locutions locutions locutions my first introduction to the word which means to use a word the turning of a phrase in some stylistic mannerHe explains how to use elements of surprise diction narratives tense mouthwatering verbs color hot nouns from verbs ephemeral imagery stellar leads and stunning endings and much to add punch and juice to your writingIf you ve never used a thesaurus or specialized dictionary of words and lists you ll see how and why as you read Spunk Plotnik goes beyond the tired suggestion given to most writers eep a thesaurus on your desk No he actually shows why and how word books can be usefulI finished reading the book in about three days and I suggest you might get out of it if you give it a brisk first read and then come back to it again and again as a resource Yes I guess it could also sit right beside your copy of Strunk and White Elements of Style if you you indeed even have read it in yearsI plan to work through the exercises at the end of the book. When too tightly leashed writing chokes and loses its vitality Although the rules of composition popularized in William Strunk Jr and E B White's Elements of Style have been de rigueur for decades they won't exactly set your writing freeTo the rescue comes Spunk Bite a guide to bold and radiant language. Spunk Bite: A writer's guide to punchier, more engaging language style