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He atmosphere of the story ighter And #Also With Each Chapter The Direction Of # with each chapter the direction of story changed it was unpredictable which I Three Times the Love likedTo sum it up I m clearly not the target audience for this book and that is exactly why I don t want to rate it And I probably won t read Book 2 SorryDo I recommend it I guess if youike to read about very very very flawed and unlikable characters and their fucked up mind and ess than acceptable behavior then yeah go for itTriggers view spoiler Humiliation dom sub play blackmail rape sort of But also Levi is not a good person in general not a good friend he tries to use everyone and everything to his own advantage so *VERY SELFISH HIDE SPOILER WELL WHEN *selfish hide spoiler Well When author warns that this is NOT a romance they re not fucking kidding around Not badly written but I pretty much hated all the characters in this except for Josh and probably Jenny Interesting with a dark twistIt was a good read I found it a ittle disturbing that a guy would treat his mate the way Levi tried to treat Joshie But Levi got as my Grandpa Would Say A Hard would say a hard The Bride of Willow Creek lesson in the form of hoagies dad not oneikeable character kept hoping it would get better sexcapades just didn t win me over on this one A nice piece of erotica just bordering on rape Intense characters written well to fit the plot I was glad that Levi got his blog post and his just desserts 40 out of 5 starsCrazy goodFormat Kindle EditionSarcastically dark and poignant story with no very GREAT INVESTMENT, THE likeable MC and secondary charactersThis story isn t for everyone be aware of possible triggers Story it s unapologetic raw and thought provoking This is Not a romance and even though doesn t end in a cliffhanger this story it s set as a diary of sort 2 stars for decent writing the story was very dub con so I can t give it. Y is a twisty trashy delight It resides in a zone beyondove and sweetness and is designed to titillate tease and push the characters past their breaking point PLEASE NOTE Curious Candy contains coarse anguage sex scenes and ds dynamics that some readers may be uncomfortable with It does not contain any HEA or HFN ending. Y I thought that it was going to be Josh that had sex with Levi and showed him who was boss But the fact that it was Josh s father Ughh I was so unimpressed and did not ike this erotic one bit I am not a writer I ve never written a review before so bare *with me I am a straight woman with a major curiosity of gay men am a straight woman with a major curiosity of gay men absolutely oved this series *me I am a straight woman with a major curiosity of gay men I absolutely oved this series the dirtiness of it the taboo the danger the dark the breach into Non consent Loved it I can not wait for Twisted Candy to come out While I want to slap Levi upside his head sometimes my heart breaks for him too Thank you Zane How the fuck do I rate this book OOPlease read the blurb carefully and if you re still inclined to read this book then read the sample and if you still want to go with it then kudos to you And I guess to me too cuz I managed to finish it That s the good news The bad news is I didn t really ike itI didn t ike the story and I didn t ike the characters which is fine cuz the author warned us that this isn t a fluffy and sweet story with eually fluffy and sweet characters My fault for not isteningThe MC Levi Candy is a rich spoiled ungrateful and disrespectful ittle brat which you l immediately find out if you read the sample and don t even expect him to change He s an asshole Come to think of it that is actually how I imagine a 20 year old rich kid in real ife He was only missing a fire red Porsche from under his assBut I iked that the characters were very strong in their opinion and I iked the dialogues tooThere were some characters however who s appearance didn t really add to the story they didn t have a purpose I wonder if they show up in the second book and Levi somehow deceives them too The weird thing about this book is that it has dark themes but the writing style makes the moodt. Is his alter ego Candy Boy a pseudonym he uses online to post raunchy pictures and dish the dirty details about all his steamy encounters He cannot wait to give Josh the dubious honour of being the star of his next sexy story But Levi has forgotten one thing he isn't the only person who knows how to play dirtyCurious Cand.

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DNF at 14% I should have read reviews before I started this book The characters in this book are very unlikable and selfish I was thinking it was a nice fluffy book just because of the cover shame on me for judging a book on the cover Completely my fault sorry Levi Candy has set his plan into motion during his fishing trip with his best friend Josh he plans to finally seduce the man Of course during his fishing trip with his best friend Josh he plans to finally seduce the man Of course then plans to post all about their his best friend Josh he plans to finally seduce the man Of course then plans to post all about their encounter on his anonymous blog Candy Boy But despite going in with all this intentions Levi doesn t anticipate all the obstacles in his way Will he be able to make Josh his or is it just wishful thinkingDisclaimer This book is not what you would expect There is no HEA and this is absolutely not a best friends to The Leadership Gap: What Gets Between You and Your Greatness lovers novel This is a story about a depraved young 20 year old who is oress The Leadership Gap looking to get his friend drunk and then have sex with him Levi is extremely unlikeable and frankly there are absolutely no redeeming ualities about him He is a spoiled man child who thinks that just because he has money he can have everything he wants Now with some surprise twists Levi wil find out this is NOT true but how we get there is unexpected oress unconsensual and disturbing I would not recommend this book Despite this book not being for me I would direct you to Game Night and Power Play by Zane Menzy These novels are a bit ranchy but I found myself Zero to Five: 70 Essential Parenting Tips Based on Science (and What I've Learned So Far) liking the characters and the *plot aot MAJOR SPOILERS BELOWThe fact that Levi ends with having sex with Dwight has me twitching in disgust The *a ot MAJOR SPOILERS BELOWThe fact that Levi ends with having sex with Dwight has me twitching in disgust The encounter with his best friend s father felt slimy and yucky I get that this novel was not a romance but I just felt really mislead by the premise of the book It seemed that the whole set up was going to be Levi with his friend Josh Frankl. This is one piece of candy that is anything but sweetLevi Candy the poster boy for spoilt self centred brats is on a twisted mission to seduce his straight best friend Josh Stephenson; a handsome honest and all round nice guy unlike Levi who has plenty of dark secrets urking beneath his gilded surfaceOne of Levi's secrets. Curious Candy (Candy Boy, #1)