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ARC provided in exchange for an honest review by Harper Collins Frenzy Thank youThis was such a great read So rich and vibrant I felt ike I could smell and taste each dish that Emoni made She was an easy to character to ove and root for and I enjoyed watching her journey throughout her senior year as a teen mom struggling to put herself first for once Overall I think this book was just as beautiful as the cover is and that s pretty damn beautiful Flawless Here s the thing these teachers forget that I have to make hard decisions every day With the Fire on High is all over the place on purpose we get brief chapters that are simply glimpses into Emoni s character and then get to continue on with the journey simply knowing about her This has the impact of course that it s not a very plot driven book But for a story this character driven it is a brilliant choice Sometimes focusing on what you can control is the only way to essen the pang in your chest when you think about the things you can t Emoni Santiago is a senior in high school considering the rest of her future with imited options after all she is the single mother to a child she had three years previous with her ex boyfriend But with the help of her grandmother her best friend a new boy at school and a new cooking class she might have further places to go Emoni as a heroine is instantly compelling strong brave but also at times vulnerable She is unsure of her readiness to participate in either her dreams or in emotional openness but also full of ambition Some of the arc of this book comes in her earning to ean into her vulnerabilities and risk things for her future happiness Emoni s passion for cooking is so incredibly well written and I genuinely think it should be used as an example of how to write passion We are so in deep with her ove for cooking that we immediately root for her to ive her dream we see her talent and see her potential and see how much she wants it but we also see the obstacles in her way and it just makes us want it for her I genuinely rooted for Emoni to become a chef on a evel I barely feel for Fairytale Food: Enchanting Recipes to Bring a Little Magic to Your Cooking like will they won t they romantic couples Emoni x happiness otpI reallyiked Malachi Emoni s endearing bad boy exterior good boy interior Unnatural (Enlightenment, love interest Iove that Emoni doesn t take his shit and keeps her role in the narrative this romance is not her character arc but one part of her development into someone willing to participate in emotional vulnerability It is so about her That is not as common as it should be for female characters even Messengers from ancient civilizations: The fascinating story of canine archeology leads Emoni s grandmother father and best friend each feltike very fully realized characters as well and I oved seeing their interactions Maybe it s than just a tale of two cities it s a tale of two neighborhoods On the one hand people are scared to come over here because they say this part of town is dangerous undeveloped and a part of me thinks good keep out then But everyone knows that the good things ike farmers markets and updated grocery stores and consistent trash pickup only happen when outsiders move in What I oved most about this book is the deep and enduring respect it gives Emoni s dreams It s a book explores cultural identity and Afro Latina identity responsibility and motherhood and the social alienation THAT COMES WITH PARENTHOOD AND WITHIN ALL THAT comes with teen parenthood And within all that still allows itself to dream Every day it seems Buela is stepping back not just giving me full rein in Babygirl s ife but also in my own And I know I should ove the freedom but I And I know I should ove the freedom but I t think I m ready for all the safety nets to be cut Bara No Tame Ni: 5 loose Doesn t she know I still need her That I still wish someone wouldook at the pieces of my Lebanon life and tell me how to make sure they all fit back together The thing is I wrote this whole review and I don t think I m saying this right I don t think I can properly articulate what makes this book so good Except for this It is a book that is enduringly real but still hopeful and for that it will stay with me for aong Clarkesworld (Clarkesworld Anthology, long time Blog Twitter Instagram Spotify Youtube About With the Fire on High was soft enfoldingight as a dusting of snow upon my forehead the kind of novel that deadens the harshness of the world and takes the sting from any barb I floated through the story as if set adrift in a خداوند الموت lifeboat on a gently rocking sea Delight sluiced through me and I tingled with the giddy buoyancy of reading a book that made my heart feelike it had grown too Facing Redemption large for the confines of my ribs No wonder then that when I turned theast page the entire world seemed to be oversaturated too bright too sharp swallowing the slice of ight and returning me abruptly to darknessAcevedo s second novel centers around 17 year old Afro atina Emoni Santiago whose cooking is an instrument of wonder When people taste Emoni s food something deep inside them once misaligned shifts back into its proper place An aspiring chef she dreams of attending culinary school where she can tend her skills through practice and diligence ike gardens until they gleamed beneath the sun But now whenever she sought those fantasies her 3 year old daughter s face would not et them take root Raised by her grandmother Gloria whom she calls Buela after her mother died and her father became a figurehead moving in and out of her The History of Provincetown life withittle permanence Emoni is determined to be the best mother she could beWhen Emoni s school announces a new culinary arts class that will culminate in a weeklong apprenticeship in Spain there was a ricochet of feeling in her a tentative swell of hope flinching back toward the firmer ground of hopelessness Emoni is not sure how Captured long she can grasp after the tail end of her dream when so many responsibilities echoed through her mindi. With her daughter to care for and her abuela to help support high school senior Emoni Santiago has to make the tough decisions and do what must be done The one place she can خاطرات یک زن توده ای let her responsibilities go is in the kitchen where she adds aittle. With the Fire on HighIstep book reviewing based plan for world dominationIf you are familiar with my reviews you know thisIf you are new here hello Also I plan to rule the worldNow that we ve gotten the introductions out of the way It has come to my attention that another step must be added to my complex and foolproof planClearly there is some sort of young adult contemporary convention that myriad writers attend and are given the reuirements for their young adult contemporary You know the old this book cannot contain the character doing homework unless she has a development arc in which at some point she no Is Government the Source of Monopoly? and Other Essays (Cato Paper ; No. 9) longer does it and bonus points for a summer setting andor a road trip andor an overly close best friendship that falls apart only to come back together You know the drillObviously this conference exists if only for one reasonEVERY SINGLE YA CONTEMPORARY HAS A ROMANCE SUBPLOT NO MATTER HOW UNNECESSARYAnd in this case I would rate it very unnecessaryI enjoyed reading about our main character Emoni Ioved her passion for cooking which is not something you see in YA a One Too Many Blows To The Head lot Ioved her relationship with her daughter and her grandmother which ditto and ditto I The Dressmakers Gift loved her dedication her ambition her willingness toearn I LOVED that this was set in Philly go BirdsI just didn t The Sudoku Code: 200 Sudoku Puzzles. One Answer. Can You Find It? love the romanceTo me it feltike an afterthought that took away from the masterfulness of the other plotlines and Street Without a Name: Childhood and Other Misadventures in Bulgaria left most characters I would haveoved to hear about as flat extras Examples Emoni s ex Tyrone does a sudden characterization al 180 and we have no reason to believe it because he only appears Running from Strangers like twice in the whole thing Emoni s child is apparently fully able to speak but has exactly oneine of dialogue Etc etcUltimately some parts of this just felt rushed and I didn t end up clicking with a ot of it even if I really iked the writing and the culture and the setting again go Eagles and I should read Acevedo books in the futureAnd that s thatBottom If It’s Monday It Must Be Madurai: A Conducted Tour of India line When I rule the world Il Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects like this book everyone else seems to be spending their uarantineearning to cook and here i am The Monk as Man: The Unknown Life of Swami Vivekananda living off of frozen pizza productsdesperately hoping this book motivates me to change my ways Given that I recently read a book about abortion I was particularly interested in this tale featuring a teenage girl who decides to keep her baby and struggles juggling school work and Babygirl The contrast between these two situations terminate a pregnancy and carrying it out is astounding but it just shows that we all should have the right to choose and in either situation we deserve respect and the freedom to work toward our dreams however high they may be A beautifully poetic story My favorite book of the month so far This was SO GOOD and Elizabeth Acevedo has definitely become an auto buy author for me Also side note I feel SO ATTACKED that all the food mentioned in this book is not currently in my mouth It all sounds so damn good I just Ioved this so much And I highly recommend the audiobook it s narrated by Elizabeth Acevedo herself 3 Please check out Johely s amazing ownvoices review And so at the

age of four 
of four earned someone could cry from a happy memory With the Fire on *High is an ownvoices story following an Afro Latinx main character named Emoni Emoni is a young *is an ownvoices story following an Afro Latinx main character named Emoni Emoni is a young who got pregnant her freshman year of high school but this book takes place during her senior year and her school just opened up registration for a culinary class Emoni has oved cooking and crafting recipes her entire ife but she is apprehensive to sign up for the new class because at the end of the year there is a trip to Spain that she doesn t think that she can afford Emoni ives with her abuela and even though her daughter s father is in her daughter s ife he does not help out with expenses and money is very tight along expenses and money is very tight along Emoni s free time She is always working part time at a burger joint and for sure doesn t have time to even think about dating until a new boy comes to the school and joins the brand new culinary class Elizabeth Acevedo s writing is just on another evel Her passages and one Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow linerseave me breathless and speechless You can tell that she puts her entire heart and soul into every ine she delivers and it just makes this entire book shines so very brightly And the themes from being a young parent and motherhood and what it means to be both of those things when people judge you for them constantly To how sometimes family aren t able to be what you wish they were whether that means closer in distance andor support To being mixed race and how Emoni s Puerto Rican half will never erase her Black half regardless of what ignorant people choose to say The whole of me is whole This is a story about connecting with your cultures and oving all of the parts of yourself through food and through family and it s honestly so expertly done and so beautifully executed Reading this entire story made me crave so many of the recipes that Emoni was making but it made me crave my family s food and company so very fiercely Upon finishing I actually went to the store came home and made Pancit and felt so very happy and so very wholeOverall this is just such a beautiful book with such a beautiful message From feeling the closeness to Emoni both naturally and her trying her hardest to seeing the closeness of a community come together it just made for such a powerful read and really Norte: A Novel left me feeling every emotion Elizabeth Acevedo is a gift to the world and I can t wait to read everything she will ever write Blog Instagram Twitter Tumblr Youtube TwitchContent and Trigger Warnings Abandonmentoss of a oved one in the past medical anxietyscares talk of abortion underage drinking and use of the word gpsy that is 100% completely challenged. Ldn’t still be dreaming of someday working in a real kitchen But even with all the rules she has for her ife and all the rules everyone expects her to play by once Emoni starts cooking her only real choice is to et her talent break fre. ,

SUMMARY With the Fire on High

Ke the tolling of a bell But Emoni s will has always been unwaveringly strong When she got pregnant and the rumors and the snide remarks came thick as biting flies Emoni pulled her fearlessness forth mantling it Everything Happens for a Reason: And Other Lies I've Loved like cream on every inch of her skin And she will be just as undaunted in the pursuit of her dreamsWith the Fire on High gripped me from the first couple chapters and I promptly slipped into the sheathing warmth within it Acevedo s voice is resonant warm with a pull to it that reminds me of ocean tides You can tell the author has a strong background in poetry because the way she utilizesanguage throughout the novel is masterful Her prose so full of The Prime Minister of Paradise lyrical subtlety searing clarity and an understated assuredness scintillates The novel is also separated into sections each of which is introduced with recipes so rich theyinger on the tongue it was such a Charlie O. and the angry A's lovely additionThe heart of the book though is motherhood At that it triumphs magnificently With the Fire on High is simultaneously ardent and deferent The graceful sense of sympathy and wonder and along with it a guarded hard won hope are what make this novel dazzle even as a haze of helpless despair begins to creep through the pages More intimate than a diary Emoni s narration wavers between funny and devastating Emoni is strong unyielding and there is a stunning vitality to her her character gleams pearlescentit up from within and it s a delight to spend time with herThere is tenderness wounded into this book ineffable and aching And there s despair thick in the air as winter mists But through it all threading them together The Sisters of Sinai like jewels on a golden string is a torrent ofove The bottom falls out of Emoni s dedication for her daughter proving it an abyss its depths unknown She carries her daughter s heart in her chest and even when it seems that she has no hope and no solution she revels in what she has instead a caring grandmother and a healthy child and she fights to protect it from the scolding eyes of everyone elseBut the novel doesn t shy away from the hardships studding Emoni s path so many wants and hopes ap at Emoni in a ceaseless tide but difficult things are thrown her way in clumps and batches unmanageable and messy Acevedo s touch however remains ight even when hopelessness encroaches on the story and she surrounds Emoni with an unbending support system which includes Angelica Emoni s ueer best friend Tyrone Emma s dad who is steadily present in his daughter s ife and Emoni s Buela with her uiet unremittent ove Even Emoni s father a genuinely kind and generous person but who is dogged by the Dark Passage loss of his wife the best of him Emoni says is reserved for strangers but over the course of the novel heearns to extend that benevolence to his own family Emoni also meets Malachi a kind and handsome new student who indefatigably pursues her affections but never crosses her boundaries and Emoni s heart thaws for him regardless of how much she tries to put her veneer of remoteness back firmly in place The romance that blooms between them is not only heart warming but also realisticOverall With the Fire on High is an immensely warm hearted treat that boldly gives voice to young women whose stories are often dismissed as cautionary tales It s a uniue hearty story that you can easily breeze through over a weekend Trust me I binge read most of this book and it was the best therapy session that I ve ever had Five distinguished magical tasty heartwarming poignant and definitely exuisite firing stars Since I *Ve Read Laura Esuivel S *read Laura Esuivel s water for chocolate I started to enjoy reading books about talented cooks who pour their souls their secluded emotions their hopes and happiness into their food to create an art and serving one of the most pleasuring things of American Military History and the Evolution of Western Warfare life by sharing their creativity Justike Emoni Santiago did with her gifted hands enduring soul Her food is her reflection of her Delivering Your Mail: A Book About Mail Carriers (Community Workers) love for her baby girl her Abuela who practically raised her her heritage her mom whom she never met her father even he abandoned her when she wasittle baby her pen Friend Aunt Sarah Who Loves aunt Sarah who The Vanishing Man: In Pursuit of Velazquez loves recipes and her best friend Angelica This book makes you smile feeds your soul touches and warms your heart It was an amazing also emotional journey to read the story of struggling Emoni She s taking responsibility of her baby girl at some parts she also takes care of her Abuela and they change their roles to give her best opportunities even if she is still too youngife pushes her growing faster to be a proper adult who also works after school to support her family When she starts taking culinary class she finally understands her Easy Breezy Miracle life purpose She wants to be a chiefShe works hard does whatever it takes sweats in pain for fundraising of their trip to Spain toearn about international kitchens working as an intern of Spanish chiefs broadening her horizon and her skills With her trip to Spain she earns what a dream means and what she should do to fight against all the obstacles to make her dream come true Finally she understands she is not only a baby mama who accepts what ife gives her if she wants something from deep in her heart she needs to work hard and Get Fast!: A Complete Guide to Gaining Speed Wherever You Ride learn to get what she wantsThe author achieves a perfect balance between realistic and poeticyrical fiction that makes you The Pleasant Light of Day love all the characters and accept them with their all flaws faults You feelike they re your real family members ifetime friends your school teachers your boss or your boyfriend This is real genuine sincere heart melting gripping storyThere is only one side effect of it You gotta eat something or try the recipes of Emoni as soon as you finish itBut it s worth to taste and definitely worth to read I have an elaborate mult. Something magical to everything she cooks turning her food into straight up goodness Still she knows she doesn’t have enough time for her school’s new culinary arts class doesn’t have the money for the class’s trip to Spain and shou. .